Kharkiv is the second most populated city in Ukraine, is the country's scientific center, the center of the Kharkov region. It is the only city in Ukraine with a full set of the Council of Europe’s awards: the European Diploma, the Flag of Honour, the Plaque of Honour and the Prize of Europe.

About the city

Constitution Square in Kharkov Ukraine

Some interesting facts about Kharkiv:

• V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National Universit

Constitution Square in Kharkov UkraineThe oldest and the largest university in Ukraine and one of the oldest and largest universities across Eastern Europe.

Kharkov National University was founded near Veterinary Square (part of the current Freedom Square) in 1805. From 1936-1999, the university was named after A.M. Gorky, but from 1999 till present it is known as V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University.

• Three Nobel laureates lived in Kharkov

Not everyone knows that 3 Nobel laureates lived in Kharkov for some time: a biologist Ilya Mechnikov, an economist Simon Kuznets and a physicist Lev Landau.

• Kharkiv is the largest city on 50th parallel (latitude)

Kharkiv is not considered the largest city in Ukraine and neighboring countries, but if you draw an invisible line along the 50th parallel, then it really is the largest. Therefore, Kharkivites have the right to call themselves "residents of the largest city", but by what parameters you can not specify.

• The first atomic nucleus split was carried out in Kharkiv

The atomic nucleus was first split exactly in Kharkiv, in the Ukrainian Institute of Physics and Technology, this event occurred on October 10, 1932. The nucleus of a lithium atom was split by Kharkiv scientists George Latyshev, Anton Walter, Kirill Sinelnikov and Alexander Leipunsky.

• The first tram in Kharkov was horse dragged

The first streetcars in Kharkov UkraineThe first route was opened in September 1882. It started at the railway station and went to Konnaya Square. The cost of a single trip was five cents. The transport proved to be very popular. In the first year of its operation only, it transported more than two million passengers. With the invention of electricity, electric trams began to appear. In 1906, the first electric tram route appeared. New transport gradually replaced the slower competitor. Finally Konka (horse dragged tram) ceased its movement in 1919. By 1923, Konka was fully electrified. An electric tram began to go along the rails.

• Assumption Cathedral

Church in the center of Kharkov UkraineThe Assumption Cathedral and its slender bell tower, resembling a candle, can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary at 11 Universitetska str., is the oldest Orthodox church in Kharkiv. The church was built back in 1658, but soon the wooden structure was dilapidated, and a stone cathedral was built, which has not survived to this day. A modern baroque church with elements of folk architecture was built in 1777, and completed in 1783. The Alexander bell tower (89.5 m) is considered to be the decoration of the cathedral. For almost a century and a half, it remained the tallest building in the city. After restoration from 1980 to 2016, the Cathedral housed the House of Organ and Chamber Music. Recently, the church has been returned to the clergy, and a new organ hall has been opened in the Kharkov Philharmonic, at 21, Rymarska str.

• There is the first children's railway in Kharkiv

The first children's railway, called Malaya Yuzhnaya (Minor Southern), was built between the Cinema Park and the Forest Park in 1940. This is a unique narrow-gauge road where children work as guides, train drivers, and the transport passengers are also children. Young workers undergo special training in the corps at Malaya Yuzhnaya. The railway operates from May 1 to early October. The railway is not only engaged in the transportation of children and adults by train, it prepares future professionals for railway workers. In the club, the students of ordinary schools receive practical knowledge in basic professions, such as an engineer, an assistant engineer, a station attendant, a dispatcher and a guide.

Medicine in Kharkiv.

Medical workers and doctors successfully graduate from 5 higher educational institutions. There are 12 medical research institutions for children and adults. They work in various fields of medicine. This gives an excellent opportunity to medical students, future doctors to join medicine, to gain invaluable experience to enhance their professionalism.

Doctors perform surgery in the operating room

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