The human body contains organs such as bones the brain, heart, and reproductive organs. The basic cells that give rise to all of the different cells in these organs are called stem cells. One type of stem cell is an egg cell from a woman the husband fertilised by a sperm from a man. This single cell called a zygote is the first cell in a developing human being it's also called a totipotent stem cell because it can form any type of cell in the body as well as the umbilical cord and placenta. After a zygote has divided a few times it becomes an early stage embryo called a blastocyst. 

Embryonic stem cells come from the cells inside the blastocysts. Embryonic stem cells are pluripotent. This means they can form any cell in the body. But not the cells in the umbilical cord, or placenta.

In the lab embryonic stem cells are donated from leftover embryos created during in vitro fertilisation in vitro fertilisation is a procedure to help a woman become pregnant.

types of stem cells

Another type of stem cell is an adult stem cell small groups of these cells are found in some organs such as the skin after birth and into adulthood. 

Adult stem cells are multipotent. This means they can only become a few different cell types related to the organ where they're found for example the skin contains a small number of adult stem cells that can divide to create new skin adult stem cells. Or they can become more specialised skin cells to replace those that are lost due to cell ageing or damage.

In the lab scientists can now in do or cause irregular body cell such as a skin cell to change into a pluripotent stem cell.

Like embryonic stem cells these induced pluripotent stem cells can become any type of cell in the body. Scientists study stem cells to learn how and why they become many different types of cells.  

In the future these cells may be used to regrow tissues and organs that have been damaged by injury or disease. Stem cell therapy is a procedure that uses stem cells to treat a disease or condition. Currently stem cell therapy only treat diseases and cancers of the blood. In leukaemia for example the patient's bone marrow makes many abnormal white blood cells that can't do their job to fight infection. Over time these abnormal cells crowd out the production of healthy white blood cells. 

 In stem cell therapy for leukaemia cold hematopoietic stem cell transplantation a doctor will take a sample of blood or bone marrow from the patient or a donor. In some cases donor blood may come from a baby's umbilical cord after it's born.

Stem Cells In Ukraine. About the Institute of cell therapy (in Kyiv).

In 2003, The Institute of cell therapy was founded in Kyiv. The clinic of The Institute of cell therapy is recognized internationally. Is the only Clinic holding State registration status within Europe, as well as certification and membership in International Association. The Institute, has two modern clinics in the city of Kiev. In our clinics we offer individual service and support 30 comfortable standard and Deluxe patient rooms, A zone of comfortable amenities including separate procedure rooms, Cosmetology room, Wellness Zone, gym and restaurant.

Or each patient individual therapeutic programs are developed using the latest diagnostic equipment and practices of world leading medical technologies. We accept and treat patients from all over the world. Our doctors are highly qualified specialist in the field of regenerative medicine.

goog cells stem cellsclinik in Kyiv Ukraine

A highlight of the Institute of cell therapy is its own license. Cryobank equipped with the latest technology, the cryobank provides a full cycle of processing including extraction processing testing in cryopreservation, do stem cells, all processes meet the international requirements GMP and GLP. Based on 40 years of experience in the study and application of stem cells the Institute of cell therapy, help develop treatment regimens for various diseases. Using cellular technologies that helped restore Health in the most complex political situations.

Among the programs of the clinic is anti a therapy. The main purpose of which is the effective prevention of Aging processes. During the course of anti-age therapy treatment programs are carried out using biologically Active Solutions, including the elixir of Life, the placenta extract. Our Wellness Zone with a wide range of spa procedures will provide rest complete relaxation, and will fill the body with new strength and health during the course of therapy and rehabilitation. Professional fitness trainers will develop a program of physical therapy for restoring the body's tone and excellent health. We pay special attention to the health and nutrition of our patients: individualized meal plans, taking into account. All patients wishes will supplement the stay at the clinic.

Are medical and service staff will provide the greatest care and will ensure you are comfortable stay at the clinic.


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