Reproductive Medicine Clinic "Nadiya" was founded in 2006 by physicians who have extensive experience in treating infertility, using active methods of reproductive technology. The leading specialists can be rightly called the pioneers of this field in Ukraine. The institution is in the historic part of Kiev - at the St. Andrew's Gate, which also takes a remarkable place in the history of medicine. In 2012 the clinic "Nadiya", due to the expansion, has changed the address to 19A, Maksim Kryvonos street .


In vitro fertilization, "Optimal - 1" program 2155.00 EUR
In vitro fertilization, "Optimal - 2" program 2225.00 EUR
In Vitro Fertilization, "Reliable" program 4755.00 EUR
"Oocyte Donation + Genetics"program 7390.00 EUR
In vitro fertilization, full cycle and ICSI 1290.00 EUR
In vitro fertilization, natural cycle 1210.00 EUR
Endometrial aspiration (cytological examination) 690.00 EUR
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis, comparative genomic hybridization, 24 chromosomes, number of embryos no more than 8 1490.00 EUR
DNA diagnosis of microstructural chromosomal anomalies by comparative genomic hybridization 1190.00 EUR
PrenaPlan Plus - DNA testing for carriers of hidden gene pathology (NGS) 520.00 EUR
Pregnancy Care: "Maximum Care" package, for post-ART patients (6 to 40 weeks), multiple pregnancies 1620.00 EUR
Pregnancy Care: "Maximum Care" package, for patients after ART (6 to 40 weeks), singleton pregnancy 1445.00 EUR
Pregnancy Care: "Maximum Care" package, for patients after ART (from 6 to 30 weeks), singleton pregnancy 1240.00 EUR
Pregnancy Care: "Maximum Care" package, for patients after ART (from 6 to 30 weeks), multiple pregnancies 1365.00 EUR
Program for expectant parents: examination of the couple 430.00 EUR
Reproductology 1500.00 EUR
IVF 1500.00 EUR

Our doctors

Physician of ultrasonic diagnostics
Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Diagnostics
The Chief of the Women's Clinic
Head of Fetal Medicine Department
Physician in ultrasound diagnostics
Prenatal Psychologist, Family Counselor.
Laboratory technician of the embryological laboratory
Physician-laborator of the embryological laboratory
Laboratory technician in the embryological laboratory
Head of the Embryological Laboratory
Laboratory technician of the embryological laboratory
Laboratory technician of the embryological laboratory.

Our certificates

Clinic overview “Reproductive Medicine Clinic "Nadiya"”

"Nadia is the only clinic in the world that returns the entire amount of money paid for the treatment and medications if pregnancy does not occur (program "Result"). That is, the patients receive free "trial" treatment and only pay for the results!

Due to the high level of professionalism of the staff and first-class equipment the clinic has consistently high treatment results. These are the factors that allow us to confidently take responsibility for your health and guarantee positive results.


Nadiya Clinic applies all the most advanced technologies used in assisted reproductive technology in world practice:

  • Preimplantation genetic diagnostics by comparative genomic hybridization
  • Embryoscopy
  • IMSI
  • Cryoconservation of eggs

The clinic is constantly implementing innovative technologies. We are investing in equipment and staff training, constantly working on increasing the efficiency of treatment of patients.


 More than 4,800 children were born in 34 countries of the world after being treated at the Nadia clinic!

The quality of our services is known far beyond the borders of Ukraine. The clinic has tremendous positive experience in treating patients in the most hopeless cases!


"Nadia is the only clinic in the CIS that offers the "One Embryo Transfer" program, which allows you to achieve a high rate of pregnancy with no risk of lactation or related complications.

The program uses embryoscopy, a modern method of selection of embryos, which allows us to achieve high results in obtaining a pregnancy without the risk for maternity.


 The Nadiya Clinic has developed a large number of different fertility treatment programs using DRT methods based on their extensive experience. New ones are emerging all the time.

We are constantly working on increasing the availability of highly qualified medical care. Every patient can find a cost-effective and efficient option for themselves!


According to patient satisfaction surveys with Nadia Clinic, 96% of patients recommend the clinic to their friends and acquaintances.

The clinic provides a high level of medical and paramedical care to satisfy the most demanding patients.



Clinic contacts “Reproductive Medicine Clinic "Nadiya"”

Maksim Kryvonos street 19A, Kyiv, Ukraine

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