Stem cell in reproductive medicine

Reproductive medicine does not stand still. It is probably one of the most progressive medical fields. Scientists are constantly discovering new things and giving hope for healthy offspring. New methods of combating infertility allow couples who are faced with this strange diagnosis to hope for the birth of a baby.

We are already familiar with such popular methods as IVF, surrogacy, and egg or sperm donation, but the new discovery is something revolutionary. Chinese scientists have conducted a series of studies with stem cells and have discovered a new, absolutely revolutionary method of combating infertility.

Discovery of Chinese scientists

Researchers from a Chinese university have been working on their discovery for a long time and finally they managed to turn stem cells into cells that function like sperm cells. The test material was embryonic stem cells from mice. They were used to fertilize eggs and produce healthy offspring.

Why is this scientific work called a real breakthrough? The point is that it allows a big step forward in the treatment of male infertility. After all, everyone who has faced this diagnosis knows that the male factor is very difficult to treat. And if all the methods offered by reproductive clinics were aimed at treating women, this development - gives hope to men.

Germ cell reproduction in vitro is the basis of reproductive medicine, the foundation upon which everything is built. And for the first time, a new development has allowed normal-functioning gametes to be formed in stages. Researchers have found a method that makes it possible to repeat cell division, resulting in a normal reproductive cell with a single set of chromosomes.



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