Modern office in the clinic Misto Dent in Kharkov Ukraine
Dentistry "Misto Dent", Kharkiv
"Misto Dent" is literally the leading dentistry in Kharkov, located geographically in a convenient area of the city. Just a few minutes from the "Botanicheskiy Sad" metro station you will see a modern business center, which is located in the Dental Center, where you can get comprehensive advice and undergo the necessary medical procedures.

How do we choose the best treatment?

1. Leave a request on the site (preferably with all tests, images and statements)
2. Have an online meeting with a leading therapist for initial diagnosis
3. Have your arrival, accommodation, food, stay and treatment arranged according to your preferences
4. Get the invoice and have your tickets, appointments with a doctor, a hotel room, etc reserved
5. Have transfers to the hotel and other visits: medical institution, hotel, restaurants, etc. arranged
6. After successful treatment get your bill and transfer to the airport

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Gluschenko Anna Romanovna
Gluschenko Anna Romanovna, Kharkiv

Anna Romanovna Glushchenko is an orthodontist at MistoDent Digital Orthodontics Center. She is a volunteer dentist of the TriZub Dental all-Ukrainian project.

Bondarenko Marina Sergeevna
Bondarenko Marina Sergeevna, Kharkiv

Marina Sergeevna Bondarenko is an orthodontist at the Center of Digital Orthodontics "MistoDent. She is a volunteer dentist of the TriZub Dental all-Ukrainian project.


Shevtsov Alexander Alexandrovich
Shevtsov Alexander Alexandrovich, Kharkiv
Dental Surgeon
Dentistry "Elite Denta"

Hello, my name is Shevtsov Alexander Alexandrovich! I want to tell my story about who I am and why I am here, what I strive for and why I chose this particular profession.

Borozdina Zhanna Andreevna
Borozdina Zhanna Andreevna, Kharkiv
Dentistry "Elite Denta"

I was born into a family of dentists. Maybe that's why I knew exactly what profession to choose. I remember my parents coming home from work, discussing their day, complex and interesting cases, consulting with each other, what would be the right decision. My dad told me that I was actively involved in the work of the dentist from the womb, because my mother worked while she was pregnant. Some of my favorite questions to my mom, down the road from school, were about dentistry. "What is pulpitis? How is " pulpitis" different from "periodontitis"? And how should it be treated?" And my mother, always told me: symptoms, treatment tactics, gave vivid and clear examples. I listened to her with great interest and enthusiasm.