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Sokolov Nikolai
Sokolov Nikolai, Kyiv
Chief Physician, Institute of Cell Therapy
The Institute of Cell Therapy

Sokolov Nikolai - MD, PhD, Chief Physician of the Institute of Cell Therapy, cell technology specialist, leading cardiologist, has extensive experience in anti-aging and preventive therapy.

Galina Lobintseva
Galina Lobintseva, Kyiv
Director of the Cryobank of the Institute of Cell Therapy
The Institute of Cell Therapy

Galina Lobintseva is the co-founder and director of Ukraine's first Cryobank of the Institute of Cell Therapy, Candidate of Biological Sciences, winner of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology.

Gladkikh Yury
Gladkikh Yury, Kyiv
First chief physician and scientific advisor of the Clinical Therapy Institute
The Institute of Cell Therapy

Yury Gladkikh - President of the Association of Banks. First chief physician and scientific advisor of the Clinical Therapy Institute.

Gazda Maria Vitalievna
Gazda Maria Vitalievna, Kyiv
Medical therapist
The Institute of Cell Therapy

Maria Vitalievna Gazda is a general practitioner, a certified physician in dietetics, anti-aging medicine, preventive medicine.

Shabliy Vladimir Anatolievich
Shabliy Vladimir Anatolievich, Kyiv
Deputy Director of the Cryobank
The Institute of Cell Therapy

Vladimir Anatolievich Shabliy - deputy director of the Bank, head of the laboratory of placental cell proteins, candidate of biological sciences.

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The doctors in this category come from different medical specialties, but what they have in common is that they all carry out treatments in their field using stem cells.

Stem cells are one of the most modern trends in medicine, which has not yet been fully explored, but even at this stage shows phenomenal results.

Every year the number of procedures in which stem cells are used is increasing, indicating that perhaps in a few years this method can significantly reduce the need for surgical intervention and stop the development of many diseases.

 To date, the use of stem cells is a controversial topic for some countries, so clinics that are qualified in this direction are not represented in all countries.

Stem cell therapists

However, for those who are already familiar with the amazing results of this technology and want to undergo several procedures, there is a huge selection of options in different parts of the world.

Stem cells can be used to treat the following diseases, organs and body systems:

  •     Some cancers are susceptible to stem cell therapy.
  •     External and internal tissue regeneration.
  •     Cardiovascular diseases.
  •     Diseases of the brain.
  •     Cell deficiency treatment.
  •     Type I diabetes treatment.
  •     Blood diseases.
  •     Plastic surgery.
  •     Anti-aging therapy.
  •     Recovery therapy courses for professional athletes.
  •     Rehabilitation after COVID-19.

You can get more information about stem cells application by leaving an application form on our website. The manager of UAmedTOURS will contact you in the nearest future.