Israeli dental implants are economy class products, available in almost all Ukrainian clinics. Among the most common on the Ukrainian market implant systems from Israel are Alpha Bio, Mis. Consider the features and advantages of each system.

MIS dental implants (Israel): characteristics

Medical Implant Systems launched its first MIS implants in 1995, and to this day its products are continually being improved. MIS implants are currently one of the ten most popular implant brands.

The indication for MIS implants is the loss of one or more teeth. The procedure is recommended immediately after extraction or no later than 2-3 months later. However, MIS implants can also be placed in cases of long-term dental absence, as they are equipped with a special coating and a specific shape, so they have an increased rate of healing, approaching 99%.

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Among the features of MIS implants are:

  • The material is high-strength titanium, which has maximum biocompatibility with the human body tissues, making MIS implants quickly and easily take root in all clinical cases;
  • cone-shaped design - provides firm fixation and primary stability of the MIS implant, protects the gingiva and bone tissue from subsidence, and promotes fast healing;
  • Hexagonal connection with abutment - tightly fixes the crown on the post, provides reliable protection of the post from bacteria and food particles, eliminates micro-movement of the MIS implant during use;
  • SLA surface etching - the implant surface is acid-etched, which makes it roughened and better bonded with the bone tissue;
  • a huge range - with the MIS implant models available, you can choose the ideal option for any patient, taking into account their preferences and requirements.

MIS dental implants, judging by the reviews, do not cause any problems in the process of engraftment and during operation. This is why implant systems made in Israel are considered to be the best not only in Ukraine, but also in the world.

MIS Implants: Varieties

The product range of MIS (Medical Implant Systems) is amazingly diverse. The following implants are currently available for patients:

  • C1 is a classic tapered dental implant that mimics the natural root, with a 20-degree connection. Recommended for patients with overly dense teeth.
  • Due to its compact size, it is easy to insert even in small gaps in the dentition. Implants in this series can be placed to create immediate or delayed loading.
  • Seven is a self-tapping dental implant.
    Seven has a tapered shape with a hexagonal connection. The microthread on top of the Seven model simplifies the implantation process. The Seven series is suitable for all bone types. Seven implants do not require complex bone grafting in bone deficits, as they fit relatively deeply. The ergonomic shape of Seven implants helps to distribute the load evenly and prevent tissue atrophy. That is why the Seven line is preferred by many dentists. Seven implants are also affordable, which is not unimportant.
  • V3 is a revolutionary development by MIS. These dental implants intelligently distribute pressure on the bone and are securely fixed, thus ensuring high stability. The triangular coronal part prevents gingival recession and tissue atrophy in the neck area. The V3 series is recommended for implantation of missing teeth in the smile zone, where aesthetics are particularly important.
  • M4 are special implants designed for especially loose bone tissue. Often used to restore upper row teeth. They have a flat base to ensure a secure fit. The combined shape simplifies the implantation process and the self-tapping thread minimizes the trauma of the surgery.
  • UNO - implants for one-step implantation (when the implant is placed immediately after extraction). The UNO series is ideal for restoring lost incisors. The implants can be easily placed in the narrow bone and are stable thereafter, so that they can be used for fixed bridges.
  • Link is a helical series of mini prostheses that are commonly used as a support in orthodontic treatment for bite correction.

Israeli MIS implants: advantages

MIS dental implants are the optimal choice for budget dentures. The advantages of MIS products (Israel) are undeniable:

  • Extra-fast engraftment - the duration varies from 4 to 6 months depending on the jaw (in the upper jaw the engraftment process is slower);
  • Longevity - all MIS implants have a 5-year manufacturer's warranty, but practice shows that these implants often last up to 20 years;
  • no contraindications - only 1% chance of rejection;
  • optimal ratio of cost, quality and aesthetics.

How is an MIS implant placed?

Prior to the placement of MIS dental implants, it is necessary to have an oral cavity treated: treat decayed teeth, remove teeth that cannot be treated, and get rid of gum disease. Dental health is the key to a good fit. An MIS implant takes up to 30 minutes and is placed under local anesthesia:

  • First, access to the bone is provided;
  • then a hole is drilled for the dental implant;
  • the implant is placed and covered by the mucosa.

The technology for placing an MIS implant can also be less complicated. It all depends on the clinical situation. If the MIS implant is implanted immediately after extraction, then the process is simplified and accelerated.

After engraftment, the implant is connected to the crown. Any crown can be placed on the MIS product and regardless of this, the result will be stunning.

Where to install MIS dental implant in Ukraine at an affordable price?

Contact to us - we use only original MIS implants with an official guarantee. Our clinics are staffed by professionals with extensive experience who will carry out the implantation in an absolutely painless and high quality manner. Cost of the service is calculated individually, depending on the complexity of the case, condition of the bone tissues, chosen implant and number of missing teeth.


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Israeli implants "Alpha Bio"

The Israeli manufacturer produces more than 10 types of Alpha Bio implants. Our clinic has:

  • ATID - rough along the entire length of the rod, attached inside the bone to a centrally located screw;
  • Dual Fit - features increased fixation, designed for patients with problematic bone tissue;
  • SPIRAL - suitable for people with narrow jawbones and high sensitivity, can be fitted at the same time as a crown;
  • ICE - implanted into both hard and soft bone tissue;
  • NEO, NICE and Arrow Press rods for non-standard cases and aesthetic restorations.

Features of implants from Israel

All of the above Alfa Bio dental implants have a number of features in common:

  • the presence of a self-tapping effect;
  • ease of installation;
  • high primary engraftment rate (up to 90%);
  • minimal pressure on the bone tissue;
  • tight fitting of the construction to the gum.
  • Advantages and disadvantages

Pros of Alpha Bio implantation:

  • durability;
  • safety during implantation and use due to quality control by the manufacturer;
  • The possibility of installation on any part of the tooth row;
  • low risk of rejection;
  • You can put them in immediately after a tooth extraction;
  • quick rehabilitation after the procedure;
  • a small number of contraindications.

Due to the low cost of the material, the Alfa Bio turnkey implant placement is quite a budget-friendly procedure. There is no need to prepare the jaw before implanting the artificial root. Among the disadvantages of using Alfa Bio posts is the inability to install them without surgical manipulation through the soft tissues of the gum.


Despite the safety of using Alpha Bio, there are contraindications to implantation:

  • blood clotting disorders and other diseases of the circulatory system;
  • nervous system disorders;
  • oncological diseases;
  • gnashing of teeth;
  • connective tissue pathologies;
  • inflammation of the oral cavity;
  • disorders in the structure of the dentoalveolar system.

Some contraindications are temporary and can be treated. The possibility of implantation is determined by the doctor. The price of the service in our clinic includes the entire surgical stage: anesthesia, placement of the implant, suturing/removal of sutures and the work of specialists.

Alfa Bio implants engraftment

Israeli Alfa Bio implants take root in 99 cases out of 100, as they have a special double coating, a special size and shape. These design nuances help the bone to envelop the artificial root as tightly as possible. Therefore, Alfa Bio implants are firmly fixed in the jaw and last for decades.

Artificial roots of this brand receive a special conical shape. The cone-shaped product is easily inserted into the bone without destroying important sinuses and numerous blood vessels. Therefore, Alfa Bio implants are quickly anchored in the bone.

The products are hypoallergenic, suitable for different types of bone: hard, thin, weak. They have self-tapping properties, so they enter the bone tissue without any problems and are firmly fixed immediately after insertion.

All types of Alfa Bio implants are well acclimatized for express implantation and classical two-step implantation, withstand any masticatory load.

Care after implantation

Implantation is a complex surgery that will be successful if both the doctor and the patient work together. To prevent complications such as tissue infections, bruising, severe pain, fever, and rejection of the artificial root, it is important for the patient to learn and follow the postoperative care rules exactly.

Immediately after surgery. Do baths. Do not rinse your mouth with antiseptic solutions: the doctor must first remove the stitches. Brush your teeth with a new brush with soft bristles, and directly around the operated area to pass with a cotton swab. Dip the swab in 3% peroxide. Do not sneeze and cough sharply: it will hurt the traumatized bone and maxillary sinus, the implant could move. Baths and saunas are not permitted. It is better to refrain from flying until the stitches are removed.

What to eat. Drink and eat warm, soft, pureed food at least 4-5 hours after surgery. Avoid coffee, alcohol, smoking, salty, spicy and hard foods. For 10 days try to eat more dairy products - they are rich in calcium, from which the body builds new bone.

What to do in case of complications. Most often after implantation, a person experiences pain, inflammation, hemorrhages, and loose stitches. Pain relievers are used as recommended by your dentist. If they do not help, you need to call your doctor and go to the dentist immediately. The same is worth doing if there is heavy bleeding that is not relieved by cotton swabs, and a temperature increase to 37.5 * - these are symptoms of inflammation, which can not be allowed to develop. Swelling is well relieved by a cold compress: ice in a towel for 5 minutes, a break for 20 minutes, again ice in a towel for 5 minutes.

How long do dentures fitted with Alfa Bio implants last?

The service life of artificial roots from the Israeli Alfa Bio brand is not limited. But the installation of a perpetual implant does not exclude the replacement of the crown part, which is wearing out:

  • metal-ceramic lasts 10 years;
  • ceramics retain their original appearance for 7 years;
  • zirconium dioxide will look like new for 20 years and longer.

In what cases are indefinite implants replaced

You should see your dentist and discuss placing a new Alpha Bio implant in these cases:

  • The artificial root is movable;
  • the jaw and gums at the implant site are sore, and the soft tissues are swollen and red;
  • The titanium root itself falls out of the jaw;
  • there was a maxillofacial trauma.

The doctor will refer you for examinations and comment on the results.

What to do to make the implant last longer

Choose an experienced doctor. 70% of the surgery's success depends on it.

Get an irrigator. This device will wash away small particles of food and plaque and reduce the chance of
of pathogenic bacteria between the gum and the crown, keeping the patient safe from reimplantitis.

Come in for professional dental cleanings at the clinic. These procedures reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth and promote the longevity of the implants.

Installation cost

The cost of Alpha Bio implant placement in Ukrainian clinics is euro 400. It includes implant, anesthesia, sutures and surgery.


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Prices of MIS dental implants or Alfa Bio implants in Ukraine starts from 400euro for one tooth

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