Faced with the need for an implant and finding out its cost, the first thing that comes to mind is the question "why are implants so expensive?". Indeed, even in Ukraine, a country with very affordable prices for dental services, their price remains impressive. So today let's analyze what affects the price of dental implants and whether it is justified at all.

The price of a dental implant - how is it formed?

Depending on your circumstances, the price of a single dental implant can be several thousand euros. Even if insurance covers part of the cost, it is still a major expense for your wallet. Which begs the question, what is included in the price of an implant?

1.    Scientific research

Let's look at pricing with dental implants from Straumann

Straumann dental implants are made in Switzerland and are considered among the most expensive, highest quality and most successful implants available today

To meet all the basic conditions and ensure good aesthetic and functional results in the long term, the Straumann implant manufacturers have invested millions in research and development to improve the implant system and prosthetic components.

Budget implant systems cannot afford to invest in research, they "assume" that their implant design, shape, size and prosthetic components are capable of distributing the load, but they have no scientific basis. They cannot guarantee the quality of the materials used and the long-term results.

Starting with the procurement of raw materials, the entire production chain is subject to extremely strict quality control standards. Straumann is one of the oldest implant systems in the world, which is naturally recognized worldwide. It is a premium implant system. Every year the manufacturers of the Straumann system invest in serious scientific research, which cannot be done by the manufacturers of budget implant systems.

dental implants nanostructured

2.    Selecting the best materials

Dental implants are titanium posts that are screwed into the jawbone to mimic the shape and function of natural roots. Titanium is a strong, lightweight and durable metal.
If you're dreaming of something that should last in your mouth for years to come, strength and durability are key. You don't want to use cheap materials that won't last a lifetime and will need to be replaced.

The second part of the dental implant is a porcelain crown, which is placed over the post and resembles a natural tooth. Crowns are custom-made so that they fit over other teeth. They must match other teeth in shape and color.

3. Custom development

To replace a missing tooth, an implant-based dental crown is created individually for each patient. Each of us has different teeth (not without reason, people can be identified by their teeth and fingerprints), which means that there is no mass production of ready-made dental crowns that can be used in prosthetics. Each dental crown is made specifically for each patient and is created by the dentist in collaboration with a dental technical laboratory. 

Behind a single tooth is the work of an entire team, which, of course, is reflected in the overall price for the treatment. The natural appearance and durability of the prosthetic structure depends on the materials and the precision of the "manufacturing" steps of the entire dental crown. The creation of a dental crown on the basis of a dental implant takes several days. At least five specialists are involved in its creation.  Unfortunately, not all patients are aware of this and think that it is not a labor-intensive job.

healthy teeth vs implants

4. Labor-intensive and responsible implant placement process

Another factor to consider is the team involved in creating your smile. The cost of the dental implant procedure is also determined to some extent by the work of the doctor - his skills, experience and knowledge of the specialist in both the placement of the implant and the subsequent fabrication and placement of the dental crown. Implantation itself takes on average about 1 hour, but it is a very responsible process for the doctor, which requires a high degree of accuracy. During the healing period and during integration, the doctor checks and monitors the implant integration processes and provides supportive therapy.

By taking all of these factors into consideration, we can understand the cost of dental implants and the cost of medical manipulation. When it comes to health, we care about the quality we can count on because it directly affects our health.

Of course, dental implants are expensive! But it is also reliable, aesthetic and long-lasting. Implants are guaranteed for up to 20 years.

In Ukraine, we provide a full range of services for dental implants of any complexity using dental implant systems of different manufacturers, from luxury to very low cost and accessible manufacturers.

 Prices for some of the implants in Ukraine listed, including installation

Prices for dental implants in Ukraine
Implants manufacturer Price all-inclusive
Straumann implant (Swiss production) 800 euro
In-Kone Tekka implant (Swiss production) 535 euro
Mis implant (Israel) 490 euro
Alfa Bio implant (Swiss production) 400 euro
Simple Swiss implant (Swiss production) 380 euro
Nobel Biocare implant (Swiss production) 800 euro

The average survival rate of implants

Implants manufacturer Survival rate
Alpha Bio (Israel) 99,6%
Osstem (South Korea) 99,2%
Implantium (South Korea) 98%
Astra (Sweden) 98%
MIS (Israel) 97%
Nobel Biocare (Switzerland) 99,7%

Implant prosthetics, of course, has many advantages over its older counterparts. One of the main advantages is its durability. The titanium post itself is installed for more than 30 years, and the dental crown from 3 to 20 years.
In rare cases, the stated period may be several times shorter. 

Straumann implant (Swiss production)In-Kone Tekka implant (Swiss production)	Mis implant (Israel)Alfa Bio implant (Swiss production)Simple Swiss implant (Swiss production)Nobel Biocare implant (Swiss production)







 Additional costs for dental implantation

Additional auxiliary procedures, such as bone grafting or bone augmentation, may also be necessary for an effective and reliable implantation to restore and replace some of the bone tissue that may have been lost over time. Only if there is sufficient bone volume will the implant take root reliably and be able to withstand the daily stresses without the chance of falling out and damaging neighboring tissues. In these cases, the cost of implantation in Ukraine may be $200 or more, not including supplies. In the US and Europe, the cost of restoring one section of bone to place an implant starts at $600-700 and can go as high as $4000-5000.

If a patient requires multiple implants, the total cost of the medical procedure will increase depending on the number of missing teeth and the number of implants needed. There is a common misconception that an implant is needed for every missing tooth. Often, if there are large gaps in the tooth row, when, for example, three teeth are missing in a row, only two implants may be needed. However, to restore three teeth with two implants, you will need an intermediate or "dummy tooth" that connects the two implants. Costs may vary depending on the individual patient's oral needs, associated costs, the number of dental crowns needed, and the materials used.

 What if I don't get a dental implant?

Given the cost, it is tempting to simply remove the bothering tooth and not replace it with a dental implant. However, we still recommend that you don't make this decision too lightly. In the end, not replacing it can cost you a lot more.
A missing tooth can damage your self-esteem, as you will constantly feel ashamed of not having a tooth.

However, it can also lead to more serious dental problems. Over time, neighboring teeth will shift in place of the missing tooth toward each other, trying to fill the gap. This can cause problems with the surrounding teeth and even complicate your bite.

Gum disease is another common problem that can occur if the teeth and gums surrounding the extracted tooth are not well taken care of. And this will lead to the fact that instead of one implant, you will soon have to have several implants.

Lack of teeth can also cause digestive problems. If food is not chewed properly, it causes acid reflux and a lack of nutrients that are not absorbed into the body. All of your teeth are necessary for proper chewing, no matter how useless they may seem.

The possibilities of dentistry today are staggering. Every day thousands of people regain the ability to live, eat, and smile normally. It is frightening to think that just a couple of decades ago, a removable jaw was the only way to solve the problem of missing teeth.

Dental implants, despite their high price, are a real opportunity to continue enjoying life and not feeling uncomfortable with every smile. 

Come to Ukraine, we'll help you to live every moment of your life with a beautiful and sincere smile!

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