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The starting point in the formation of the health care system in Ukraine is considered to be the creation of the Kiev Academy in 1632. It concentrated all the most innovative knowledge on medicine at that time and provided the country with doctors of the highest class. Such famous scientists and doctors as epidemiologist D.S. Samoilovich, obstetrician N.M. Ambodik-Maksimovich, pediatrician S.F. Shotovitsky, anatomist A.M. Shamlonsky and many others emerged from the Academy.

In the 18th-19th centuries there was an active development in the system of medical education. There were opened the medical departments in the largest cities of the country: Kharkov, Kiev, Lvov and Odessa. The number of medical professionals was growing every year. And the medicine itself did not stand still, so in 1886 the first bacteriological station was opened in Odessa, where such luminaries of the time as Mechnikov and Gamaleya worked. Kiev School of Physicians was founded, and in Odessa - Institute of Eye Diseases.

The 20th century was a real breakthrough for the development of the medical industry in Ukraine. During the Soviet Union the Ukrainian medical school was finally formed. A powerful financial support, staff exchange, and internships in different regions gave doctors the opportunity to grow and develop professionally.

By 1941, the Ukrainian SSR health care system employed 29,000 doctors and 91,000 nurses. In 1945, there were 4 780 out-patient polyclinics, over 800 sanitary and epidemiological stations, about 6 700 feldsher and feldsher-midwife stations, mother-and-child care establishments and pharmacies.

By the end of 1950 there were 48 600 doctors and 136 400 nursing staff in Ukraine, and in the early 1970s there were 157 100 doctors. At the same time there were created specialized ambulance crews. The ambulances were equipped with the most modern technology.

With the disintegration of the Soviet Union Ukraine faced a surplus of medical facilities, staff stagnation, sluggishness and outdated approach to the provision of medical care.
There is no point in saying that the reconstruction process was quick and easy. Of course not. The establishment of a modern Ukrainian medical care system was slow, with a number of mistakes and a loss of trust in the medicine in the country.

The most difficult years for the country passed in the 1990s, under the auspices of the decline and the rethinking of new ways of development. This period was necessary in order to formulate a new medical strategy of development, to enlist the support of foreign specialists, to involve them not only in the reconstruction of the system itself, but also to provide doctors with the opportunity to obtain advanced knowledge. To raise the level of education, to revise the methods of work of already practicing doctors. To create medicine for people and preserve their health.

The first serious steps towards changes were made in 2008. They approved the National Plan of Health Care System Development in 2008-2010, prepared and submitted to Verkhovna Rada a new edition of the Fundamentals of Health Care Legislation in Ukraine, approved the Concept of Primary Health Care Development on the basis of family medicine, prepared draft laws on health care institutions and on compulsory health insurance system.

In 2011 a law on reforming the healthcare system was signed, aimed at providing quality free medical care, establishing the institute of family doctors and state control over the quality of medical services.

The main objectives of the reform were:

  • Improving the quality of medical services.
  • Separation of primary, secondary and tertiary care, development of the institute of a family doctor.
  • Improvement of efficiency of budget financing allocation in medical institutions.
  • Popularization of healthy and sporting lifestyles, active recreation. Creation of sports grounds, bicycle paths and other.

Based on the experience of advanced countries of the world, the health care system in Ukraine has been divided into four levels:

  • Primary (institution of family medicine). It includes feldsher-midwife stations, family medicine outpatient clinics and medical posts. At this point the main task is to re-train general practitioners and pediatricians as family doctors and fully upgrade the equipment. The primary stage deals with the treatment and prevention of the most common diseases, as well as prescribing referrals to a specialized doctor.
  • Secondary (specialized). In this case, medical care is provided in outpatient clinics or hospitals. This may be a planned or emergency case, provides consultation, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of disease, trauma, poisoning, pathological and physiological conditions. It is provided by doctors of appropriate specialization.
  • Tertiary (highly specialized). A narrower focus of specialization, higher complexity and advanced technology than at the secondary level.
  • Emergency. There is an increase in the number of ambulance crews and dispatch bases, and an upgrade of ambulances. The main goal is to make emergency care really fast and efficient.

All health care reforms in Ukraine are aimed at improving the quality of medicine itself and the way these services are provided.

If we've done away with the general concept of health care, now let's discuss the medical institutions in our country. And they are divided into public and private. If the first ones are not of much interest for us, then the second ones are just what thousands of foreigners come to Ukraine for.

Every year the flow of tourists visiting our country is increasing. What is the reason for such increased popularity of Ukrainian private medicine?

  • Price. The main reason that provides our doctors with clients from abroad is the low cost of treatment. If we compare the cost of the same surgery in Israel, Germany and Ukraine, it turns out that the cost of the latter will be up to 70% lower. Even when using European or American insurance that covers up to 75% of treatment, it will be many times cheaper to come to Ukraine for treatment, especially when it comes to a field like dentistry.
  • Loyalty. Ukraine is one of the few countries that have a high level of medicine and loyal legislation to many controversial or prohibited in the world medical practices.
    For example, in Ukraine you can get stem cell treatment, there are fewer bans on reproductive medicine and surrogacy.
    Also the loyalty of the state is manifested in a simplified visa regime. There is no need to put as much effort to enter the country and get medical treatment as in Japan or Great Britain.
  • Urgency. As strange as it may sound, yes. In some countries, even in private clinics is impossible to get an appointment with the right specialist immediately or strictly on the desired day. Only by schedule and not the fact that your turn will not be in two weeks.
    In our clinics there is no such problem. Most often you will be able to get to the doctor the next day, and sometimes on the day of the appointment. And if we are talking about a patient who made an appointment in advance, flying in from another country, there can be no problem with the visit at all.

The most popular medical tourism destinations in Ukraine are:

  • Dentistry. Almost 30% of all medical tourists visit Ukrainian dentists.
  • Ophthalmology.
  • Reproductology. There is a very high percentage of foreigners.
  • Surrogate motherhood.
  • Stem therapy.
  • Treatment of children with CPD.

More than 100 thousand foreign citizens visited Ukraine last year, before the pandemic of Coronovirus. Now, in the conditions of the epidemic, it is especially important to maintain your health, not to start the disease, to cure it in its initial stages and to do it only at specialists.

Ukrainian doctors have established themselves as top specialists in many fields of medicine over the years. Internships with foreign colleagues, international conferences and seminars, the latest equipment, use of advanced technology, and wide application of unique practices guarantee the high level of medicine in Ukraine.

We look forward to seeing you in Ukraine, with best wishes and good health to you!