The desire to have a child is one of the most sacred for any family, especially for women. The happiness that a baby brings to its parents, its first steps and smile, words and achievements fill our lives with meaning.

Unfortunately, today's world statistics show that most couples of mature age have difficulties with having a baby and cannot get pregnant during the first year of attempts.

The age at which a couple may have fertility problems is getting younger and younger and this is certainly alarming. But, modern technology, namely medicine, comes to the aid of all parents who want to know the happiness of having and raising a child.

Surrogacy with already created embryos (1 ET) 43500 €
IVF program is standard 1390 €
Surrogacy with own oocytes (2 ET) 40700 €
Become a surrogate 13700 €
Become an oocyte (egg) donor 1090 €
Segmentation Protocol Programme 1375 €
Transport Programme 1335 €
Program "Oocyte donation" 4700 €
Program of transfer of thawed donor embryos 765 €
Insemination with donor sperm (ISD) 740 €
Complex vulval-vaginal treatment (laser treatment) 275 €
Thawing of cryopreserved embryos / oocytes 210 €
Reproductive consultation (comprehensive consultation of a leading reproductive specialist, geneticist, gynecologist-endocrinologist, embryologist, etc.) 89 €
Primary consultation by reproductive specialist N. V. Vladykina 37 €
Repeat consultation with reproductive specialist N. V. Vladykina 29 €
Primary consultation by a reproductive specialist of the highest category 20 €
Online consultation of a reproductive specialist of the highest category primary 20 €
Egg (oocyte) donation 4500 €
Reproductology 1500 €
IVF 1500 €
First reproductologist consultation 40 €
Sperm bank 600 €
Surrogacy 10000 €
Intrauterine insemination (IUI) 300 €
Embryology 300 €

Our doctors

Vladykina  Nataliia Volodymyrivna
Reproductologist, geneticist
Deineko Tetiana Serhiivna
Reproductologist, obstetrician-gynecologist
Savchenko Iryna Stanislavivna
Reproductologist, obstetrician-gynecologist

Feedback from our clients

The services are ok. But its been a long road for us
We had a surrogacy programme and our child was born on 20.02.2022 in Ukraine in Kiev. We had bought tickets for 26.02.2022, but on 23.02.2022 air communication with Ukraine was cancelled. We had to fly first to Warsaw, rent a car there and drive to Kiev to pick up our child. In general, we are grateful to сlinik Lita, because it was not their fault. Everything went according to plan and the contact was good.
Li Wei (China)
Владыкина - бриллиант!
Как только узнали про проблему, так сразу и к Владыкиной. Наталья Владимировна - это не врач, а волшебница! Подход у нее такой личный, словно ты единственный пациент. С нами сидела, все разжевала, какие шаги будем предпринимать. И вот, спустя пару месяцев лечения - положительный результат. Не верилось, глазам своим! Скажу так, если бы не она, то и счастья нашего сейчас не было бы. Владыкина - это шанс, который должен быть у каждой пары с такой проблемой. Рекомендую от всей души!
Валерия (NY, USA)
Дякуємо за народження нашої донечки
Низький уклін Владикіній Наталії Володимирівні! Ви виріли в успіх нашого лікування, мабуть більше ніж ми самі! Після другої невдалої спроби ЕКЗ, ми опустили руки, однак Наталія Володимирівна, підтримувала нас та бачила шлях до успішного результату. За цей рік, Ви стали для нас, як рідна людина! Ми вдячні безмежно, за те, що допомогли здійснити нашу мрію, стати батьками нашої крихітки!
Клініка ЛІТА
Задорожна Юлія (Київ)

Our certificates

Clinic overview “Clinic of reproductive medicine "LITA"”

The" LITA" Reproductive Medicine Clinic has been diagnosing and treating infertility and other reproductive problems for many years.

The main areas of work of our clinic:

  • Consultations of specialists on infertility treatment
  • Planning and management of pregnancy
  • Diagnosis and treatment of infertility of all forms
  • Conducting IVF programs and other ART methods
  • Surrogate motherhood
  • Egg donation
  • Gynecology

Our advantages

Full cycle of treatment. LITA Clinic offers its patients treatment from the moment of diagnosis of the disease to the birth of a child. You will not need to contact outside specialists in search of advice. You will receive a full range of services in one place and can be sure of their high qualification.

Alternative treatment options. In addition to treating the disease itself, our clinic is qualified for IVF with your and donor eggs, as well as surrogacy issues.

High qualification of doctors. Our doctors are highly qualified, experienced in working with cases of varying complexity and are members of the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine and the European Association of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). Each doctor constantly undergoes advanced training, participates in seminars and specialized conferences, exchanges experience with foreign colleagues and monitors the development of approaches to infertility treatment around the world.

Modern equipment. We carefully monitor the technical equipment of our medical center, because modern equipment not only makes it possible to introduce new types of treatment, but also significantly improves the quality and effectiveness of procedures such as IVF. For example, we are the only ones in Ukraine who work with a modern system of micromanipulators of the latest version and a Lykos laser, thanks to which it is possible to carry out auxiliary laser hatching and embryo biopsy.

Excellent service. Our staff is well aware of the degree of physical and emotional stress that couples undergo during IVF treatment or procedure, so we put the comfort of patients first and strive to facilitate this emotionally difficult period for them and become a support on the way to a long-awaited pregnancy.

"LITA" Reproductive Medicine Clinic - care and high technology combined in one to make as many families happy as possible!

Clinic contacts “Clinic of reproductive medicine "LITA"”

м. Kyiv, 28 Dniprovska embankment street


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