Medhair Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey
"Medhair" clinic, Istanbul
Medhair Clinic is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Istanbul, and possibly in all of Turkey. It's hard to imagine, but for more than ten years the team of our clinic has been doing everything possible to give people back their self-confidence and healthy-looking hair. Many people who haven't experienced hair loss don't understand how difficult it can be. It is impossible to put into words the hopelessness a person feels wh...
  • DHI hair transplantation
    2450 €
  • Hair transplantation (4000 grafts). All inclusive. Premium
    4700 €
  • Seamless hair transplantation using the FUE Sapphire method. All Inclusive
    2600 €
  • Seamless hair transplantation using the FUE method
    1900 €
  • Seamless hair transplantation by FUE method (5000 grafts). All inclusive. Premium
    2700 €
Clinic Estethica in Istanbul
Clinic "Estethica", Istanbul
The Estethica Clinic was founded as one of the foremost centers for providing medical services to correct aesthetic problems and improve the overall appearance of men and women. In today's world there is a tendency to return to the roots of human history, namely Ancient Greece. The human body is once again gaining sacred significance, and its beauty and attractiveness is becoming the focus of cultural currents. A healthy lifestyle helps...
  • DHI GOLD PLUS hair transplant
    1550 €
  • DHI hair transplantation
    2250 €
  • PERCUTANEOUS hair transplant
    1400 €
  • Painless transplants and unshaven hair transplants
    1650 €
  • Female hair transplantation
    1400 €
British Estetik Clinic
"British Estetik" Clinic, Istanbul
"British Estetik health group" is a joint venture between two countries and world experts in beauty and aesthetics. British and Turkish specialists have joined their efforts to create a medical center of wide profile, which would provide all necessary services to improve aesthetics, beauty and symmetry of the human face and body. The founders and doctors of British Estetik focus on several basic factors in their work: Advanced...
  • DHI hair transplantation
    2060 €
  • Seamless hair transplantation by FUE method (3000 grafts). All inclusive. Premium
    2200 €
  • Seamless hair transplantation by FUE method (up to 5000+ grafts)
    2900 €
  • Hair transplantation (2000 grafts). All inclusive. Premium
    2600 €
  • Seamless hair transplantation by FUE method (4000 grafts). All inclusive. Premium
    2900 €
Hall at HospitalXP in Istanbul Turkey
"HospitalXP" Clinic, Istanbul
HospitalXP is a multidisciplinary center that brings together all medical fields to improve your appearance, health, and well-being. If you are looking for world-class standards in plastic surgery and hair transplantation, Istanbul and HospitalXP are your best choice. HospitalXP values Professionalism. Ours are qualified professionals with years of experience working as a team. Innovation. We utilize advanced technology and the...
  • DHI hair transplant 1 session
    2200 €
  • FUE hair transplant 1 session
    2200 €
  • SAPPHİRE hair transplant 1 session
    2200 €
  • Maintenance kit (6 months)
    750 €

How do we organize your medical trip?

1. Leave a request on the site (preferably with all tests, images and statements)
2. Have an online meeting with a leading therapist for initial diagnosis
3. Have your arrival, accommodation, food, stay and treatment arranged according to your preferences
4. Get the invoice and have your tickets, appointments with a doctor, a hotel room, etc reserved
5. Have transfers to the hotel and other visits: medical institution, hotel, restaurants, etc. arranged
6. After successful treatment get your bill and transfer to the airport

DHI hair transplant

Dreaming of shiny hair, thick beard or spectacular eyebrows? DHI hair transplantation is an effective and modern solution. According to the International Travel Association, for the year 2022, hair transplantation was among the top 5 popular beauty practices.

The UAMEDTOURS team cooperates with leading hair transplant clinics all over the world. Turkey, Israel, European countries: we have the perfect solution for any request of any complexity.

Advantages of DHI-transplantation method

  • No shaving - provides the most natural-looking hair possible after transplantation;
  • Fast recovery - due to the smaller diameter of the puncture (when using a V-shaped blade);
  • Pleasant cost - on average, 20% lower than with other techniques;
  • Affordability is the most popular format of hair transplantation in foreign clinics;
  • Versatility - suitable for transplantation of any type of hair, for men and women of any age.

Want to know more?

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Doctors See all doctors

Gulsum Gencoglan
Gulsum Gencoglan, Istanbul
Dermatologist, trichologist
"Medhair" clinic

An experienced and competent doctor in hair transplantation of any complexity. 

  • Hair Transplantation
  • Skin aging and cosmetic dermatology
  • Dermatological surgery, nail diseases and surgery
  • Dermatological allergy, inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis
  • Skin Cansers
  • Hair transplantation (5000 grafts). All inclusive. Basic
    2500 €
  • Seamless hair transplantation by FUE method (2350 grafts). All inclusive. Standard
    2100 €
  • Hair transplantation (4000 grafts). All inclusive. Premium
    4700 €
  • Seamless hair transplantation using the FUE Sapphire method. All Inclusive
    2500 €
  • Seamless hair transplantation by FUE method (5000 grafts). All inclusive. Premium
    3600 €
Vedat Tosun
Vedat Tosun, Istanbul
Dermatologist, trichologist
"Medhair" clinic

He is one of the founders of the MedHair Clinic in Istanbul, which has been performing hair transplants of any complexity for more than 10 years.

  • Seamless hair transplantation using the FUE method
    1900 €
  • Seamless hair transplantation by FUE method (4500 grafts). All inclusive. Standard
    2400 €
  • FUE Sapphire Hair Transplant Program
    2100 €
  • Seamless hair transplantation by FUE method (3000 grafts). All inclusive. Premium
    2300 €
Hikmet Yıldırım
Hikmet Yıldırım, Istanbul
Reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon
"HospitalXP" Clinic

Reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon

Highly skilled Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon with extensive background in Medical Surgery. Proven success coordinating with multidisciplinary teams to achieve Aesthetic targets.

Indications and contraindications for hair transplantation

Alopecia can either be an independent condition or accompany other conditions. Therefore, it is important to understand what caused the hair loss and whether DHI transplantation will be effective.

Hair transplantation is indicated for the following conditions:

  • standard marginal alopecia;
  • hair loss due to changes in hormonal background;
  • skin injuries with hair (burns, abrasions, etc.).

Contraindications to the procedure are:

  • Autoimmune forms of alopecia;
  • Skin neoplasms in the intervention area;
  • Decompensated diabetes mellitus;
  • Seborrhea, psoriasis, severe dermatitis in the transplant area;
  • Hemophilia and other blood clotting disorders.

The final decision to perform the procedure is made by a doctor, based on the results of a general examination and diagnosis.

Hair transplantation by DHI method: how to perform the procedure

One of the main advantages of DHI-transplantation is the absence of hair shaving before transplantation. As a result, transplanted grafts look as natural as possible and blend in with the surrounding hair after skin healing.

The method is based on the extraction of the graft (hair follicle + body of the hair) using a special scalpel. Depending on the shape of the extractor blade, there are 2 formats of DHI hair transplantation:

●    Classic - grafts are extracted using an instrument with a rounded U-shaped blade. The doctor pierces the skin in the donor area, extracting several follicles. Then the skin is pierced in the donor area, and under optical control the grafts are inserted into the follicle bed. The thickness of the puncture is 0.7 mm - a standard diameter for such procedures.

●    The minimally invasive DHI Sapphire is the optimal method for hair transplantation in women as well as for hair transplantation in areas with thinner skin. In this format of the procedure, the transplant blade has a sharp V-shape. Due to the shape, the tool is less traumatic for the skin: the diameter of the puncture is only 0.5 mm. The recovery period in this format of the procedure is shortened by 2-3 days on average, and the number of hairs in the scheduled rejection period is reduced.

DHI Hair Transplantation in Turkey

The cost of hair transplantation using the DHI method

The price of DHI hair transplantation depends on:

  • the format of the transplant (classic or Sapphire DHI technique);
  • number of grafts;
  • the need for advanced diagnostics (in the presence of chronic diseases).

The average procedure ranges from $620 (clinics in Turkey) to $5,000 (Israeli clinics).

Leave a request, and UAMEDTOURS coordinator will calculate the approximate cost of the procedure for you.

What is included in the price of DHI-transplantation

  • Consultation with a plastic surgeon (primary and at discharge);
  • Transplantation of a fixed number of grafts (on average, up to 3,500 units) under local anesthesia;
  • Dressing and control inspection;

Transportation costs, extended test package (if necessary) and other related costs are not included in the price of the procedure.

How to make an appointment

  1. Leave a request in the feedback form;
  2. Voice your wishes to the coordinator;
  3. Expect personalized offers by mail or messenger.

The UAMEDTOURS team will find the best hair transplant deals for you in the shortest possible time.

DHI hair transplantation in Turkey result

FAQ more

Most often medical tourists come to Turkey for hair transplantation. Modern clinics, no visa regime, and excellent prices - these 3 factors make Turkey the leader among other countries offering hair transplants.

Yes, this type of transplantation can be used in women. Doctors prefer to use the DHI Sapphire modification, which reduces skin trauma by about 30%.

The active rehabilitation period (skin healing) for DHI transplantation takes up to 10 days. This is followed by the first controlled hair loss with the beginning of a new recovery period. The final result of the procedure is noticeable on average 21-28 days after transplantation.

Re-transplantation may be necessary in the following cases:

  • the rules of care in the transplant area have been violated;
  • stress hair loss during the rehabilitation period exceeded the recommended norm;
  • the patient has comorbidities that complicate skin healing and the process of hair engraftment.

The need for a second transplant is determined by the doctor based on the results of the examination.

The easiest and most reliable way to save money on baldness treatment is to choose a package offer from UAMEDTOURS. A package offer is the creation of an individual package for your request. It includes:

  • flight, transfers, and lodging if necessary;
  • the best commercial offers from several clinics;
  • additional services (e.g., a tour or an additional doctor's consultation).

Find out more! Leave a request in the feedback form, and get a personalized package offer for your request.

Feedback from our clients

British Estetik Klinik to dobry wybór na przeszczep
Pojechałem do Turcji z polecenia znajomych i wybór kliniki zajął mi ponad miesiąc. Naprawdę zależało mi na efektach. Wybrałam British Estetik Clinic i byłam zadowolona. Właściwie myślę, że przesadziłam z planowaniem i mogłam wybrać klinikę o niższym statusie. Zależało mi jednak na tym, aby wszystko poszło gładko i cenię sobie komfort, a w tym są na najwyższym poziomie. Byłam też zadowolona z personelu, nie są tacy jak polscy lekarze. Są bardzo mili, przyjaźni i wszyscy naprawdę rozumieją angielski i mogą się z tobą płynnie komunikować. Mogłem zapytać o wszystko, co chciałem wiedzieć i uzyskać normalną odpowiedź. Polecam.
Jan (Płock, Polska)
Hair transplantation - my mistakes
Not that I regret the transplant, because there was actually more hair on my head, but I'm not sure I'd want to repeat the experience. It was a dream come true that I didn't prepare for. My girlfriend organized a medical tour, paid for everything, and nothing depended on me. So I was not ready for the specifics of the surgery, the subsequent discomfort, and the questions at work. I really regretted that I didn't prepare for the transplantation properly, read the information, and talked to people who had already been through it. My impressions are very mixed. I advise you to think seriously before you decide to take this step: You have to be prepared for things to look very ugly for a while, you have to wait a few months. Be prepared for discomfort immediately after surgery. It is also very important to consult beforehand and get all the necessary tests.
Javier (Terrassa, Spain)
Bald man in Turkey
I started losing my hair when I was 16 and it didn't bother me much at first, but by 40 it became a real problem. I work as a manager and catching the constant stares of clients at my bald spots became unbearable. Then I just googled what can be done about it and came up with several Turkish clinics, as the price there is the most adequate, but the communication sucks. I was afraid to go to Turkey without any guarantees and then I found Uamedtours, who took care of all the arrangements. In the end, everything went well, although I can't say that the transplant completely solved my baldness problems.
JB (Reno, USA)


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