Hair transplantation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. According to ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery), about 15% of patients (regardless of gender) visit foreign clinics to undergo this procedure. Ease of execution, fast recovery, noticeable effects, and long-term results: are just a few of the benefits of hair transplantation. Our team is ready to help you choose the best hair transplant clinic abroad in one click!

5 reasons to choose hair transplantation abroad

  1. Innovative Techniques
    Foreign doctors are constantly improving their clinical skills and learning new methods for alopecia correction. Specialists use less traumatic transplantation methods, work with new equipment, and use powerful local anesthetics. As a result, 1-2 procedures are enough for a noticeable effect, with a total rehabilitation period of up to 50 hours.
  2. A wide range of hair transplant methods
    Foreign doctors study the patient's clinical history thoroughly and offer him 2-3 most suitable methods of hair transplantation. The final decision always remains with the patient and is unconditionally accepted by the doctors. Preserving the right to choose is one of the key criteria for foreign medicine focused on patient comfort.
  3. Possibility to combine treatment with rest
    What could be better than to realize the dream of thick hair and at the same time have time to relax, enjoy the local flavor and just escape from the daily hustle? Many foreign clinics offer the option of combining treatment with domestic tourism: do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of it.
  4. Continuous support of a personal manager
    Faced with medicine in your own country, in 90% of cases you solve all organizational issues (schedule a consultation, prepare documents, etc.) on your own. In a foreign clinic, an individual coordinator is assigned to you, whose tasks include:
    doctor's appointment
    preparation of all necessary documents
    buying plane tickets and booking accommodation
    solving current organizational issues.
    To learn more about the tasks of a personal coordinator, leave a request in the contact form on the website.
  5. Extensive price range
    When looking at prices for treatment abroad, you may be surprised that the cost of the service you are interested in may be lower than in your country. For example, Ukraine and Turkey are leaders in terms of the ratio "low cost - high quality of services", which annually attracts tens of thousands of foreign patients to these countries.

What types of hair transplantation are performed abroad

Foreign clinics use the following modern methods of hair transplantation

FUE transplant

Previously, the hair in the extraction area is shaved to a length of 1 mm. The doctor's binoculars evaluate the area of the operation. Then, one by one, the hair grafts are removed from the donor area and washed in saline. Implantation is carried out using a U-blade.

Sapphire FUE transplant

Transplantation is performed using an ultra-thin "handle" with a V-shaped blade made of sapphire ore. The doctor individually extracts the donor's hair and immediately transfers them to the area of baldness. According to patients, this transplantation method is the easiest to tolerate.

DHI transplant (without shaving)

A classic technique for correcting simple forms of alopecia. With a special tool, the doctor transfers unchanged hairs to the transplant area. As a result, the result of the operation is noticeable already in the first days after the reduction of local edema. The transplanted hair does not differ externally from the hair growing in the transplanted area, due to which the patient can very quickly return to a normal lifestyle.

fue hair transplantation

Best countries for hair transplantation


The country of the premium segment for any medical manipulation - from cancer treatment to plastic surgery. Ichilov and Assuta are the largest clinics with a wide range of hair transplantation procedures. Also in Israel, there are several private plastic surgery offices, in which the prices for the procedure can be lower than in large hospital funds. When choosing this country, it is also necessary to take into account the high prices for accommodation, as well as the obligatory presence of an invitation from the clinic for the procedure. Tourist programs include the following popular destinations: the shrines of Jerusalem, private wineries, and the Dead Sea.


The combination of a mild climate, a high level of medical services, pleasant prices, and the opportunity to visit vibrant tourist locations makes Turkey a favorite among other countries for medical tourism. Popular clinics among medical tourists are

MEDICANA HASTANESI, Medipol and Anadolu (Istanbul). Turkey is in the middle price segment, due to which it annually attracts more than 18,000 medical tourists. Also, to enter Turkey, you do not need an invitation from a clinic or a visa, which saves time and money for medical tourists.


Ukrainian clinics continue to work in any conditions and accept foreign patients (mainly from Eastern and Central Europe). Today, the most popular cities for medical tourism are Uzhgorod, Lviv, and Kyiv. Ukraine is known in Europe for its high level of service, exceptional empathy for patients, and affordable prices for almost all types of medical services. You can check which clinics are currently accepting foreign patients with an online consultant. Ask a question in the chat or contact form and get a detailed answer.

Prices for hair transplantation abroad

Check out the approximate prices* for the hair transplantation:





Aver. spend




Per graft

7.00 -10.00$

3.00 - 6.00$

1.75 - 5.00$

*Prices are valid for the last half of 2022. Also, the indicated price does not include the costs of transfer, accommodation and interpreter support.

How to choose a country for hair transplantation?

You can choose a country for hair transplantation both by patient reviews and by the following criteria:

  • The general profile of the clinic;
  • The level of qualification of specialists;
  • Average prices for the procedure in the clinics of the country;
  • Availability of local and international certificates.

Dreaming about shiny and healthy hair? Leave a request in the feedback form on the website! A personal manager will contact you as soon as possible and answer your questions.

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