Being engaged in organization of medical tours in Ukraine for 5 years, managers of UAmedTOURS company decided to unite and answer the most frequently asked questions about Kiev by foreign patients.

First of all we decided to cover Kiev, as this city is the most popular medical tourism destination in Ukraine. People come here for dental treatment, vision correction, IVF procedures, surrogate mothers, as well as spa and wellness tourism.

We chose the questions that we answer practically every day and divided them into blocks according to their direction, so you can get a broader picture of Kiev and what awaits you upon arrival in Ukraine.

Geographic questions

  • Is Kiev a part of Russia?
  • Is Kiev Russian or Ukrainian?

For a long part of its history Kiev has been connected with the territory of modern Russia by various factors. The general period of formation as part of Kievan Rus, the inclusion of Kiev in the Russian Empire in the 18th and 19th centuries. A huge layer of Ukrainian history is generally associated with the period of the Soviet Union and the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, which was part of the USSR, centered in Kiev.

Since 1991, Kiev has been the capital of the independent state of Ukraine. But even after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the formation of the CIS, Ukraine and Russia have long maintained close economic and political ties.
Today, due to the military aggression of the Russian Federation in the East and South of Ukraine, the countries are in difficult diplomatic relations.

Kiev is a Ukrainian city and the capital of the independent state of Ukraine. The capital of Russia is Moscow.

  • Is Kiev and Kyiv the same?

Yes, there are indeed several variants of spelling of the name of the capital of Ukraine, which misleads many foreigners. But you should know, Kyiv, also spelled Kiev, Kyyiv, Russian Kiyev.

Kiev is one of the industrial, cultural and scientific centers of Ukraine. Since it is the capital, it concentrates some of the most interesting museums, galleries, parks and historical monuments of the country.

Kiev Airports and Hotels

  • How many airports are there in Kiev?
  • What is the main international airport in Kiev?

Since the majority of our patients choose to visit Kiev by plane the question of availability and number of airports is very popular. There are two airports in Kiev: "Boryspil" International Airport, airport "Kiev" named after Igor Sikorsky (also known as Zhulyany).

Boryspil Airport

The main international airport in Kiev and Ukraine is Boryspil, (alternative spellings include Boryspil and Borispol).  It is located 30 kilometers outside the city limits. You can get to and from it by bus or using cab services. The international cab company Uber, as well as its local analogues OnTaxi, Bolt and Uklon, which many foreigners know, operate in Ukraine. All cars of these companies can be called by downloading an application to your phone. There you will immediately see the waiting time of cab, travel time and cost.

In 2021 Boryspil airport served 9.4 million passengers, which is 83% more than in 2020, but is only 62% of the pre-crisis level of 2019. Over the past year, the airport received and departed 75.85 thousand flights (+62% over last year), including 64.5 thousand international (+68%), 11.35 thousand domestic (+34%).

There are 4 terminals in Boryspil: B, C, F, D. Inside the airport there are restaurants, cafes, bars and stores, as well as tourist information office, exchange office and first aid station.

"Kiev" or "Zhulyany" airport

Located within the city of Kiev, but is of secondary importance, most often it is used for flights within the country, but it takes international flights as well.
Airport "Kyiv" cooperates with more than 43 airlines that fly to about 140 cities in 48 countries around the world. In 2021 the flow of passengers was 1.4 million people.

To get to and from the airport is possible by public transport, the distance to the center of Kiev is 8 km, and by cab.

In the airport building there are stores, cafes, restaurants, currency exchange, information board for travelers and the first aid station.

  • Is there a hotel inside Kiev airport?

Airport "Borispol

There is a modern GettSleep capsule hotel for travelers at Borispol airport, in the new terminal D on the second floor.

The sleeping place may be single or double, the capsule is equipped with adjustable ventilation system, locker for storage, socket 220V and USB-connector, ergonomic mattress, fresh bed-clothes, towel and plaid. The hotel has showers and permanent Wi-Fi. All precautions and personal protective measures are taken.

Priority Pass, LoungeKey and Lounge Pass card holders enjoy bonus terms and a 3-hour free stay.

"Kiev" or "Zhulyany" airport

Inside Terminal B of Kiev Airport is the Terminal B Hotel of the same name. It is only less than 500 meters from the main airport building. 

Rooms are equipped with shower, free toiletries, refrigerator, Wi-Fi. There is breakfast in the morning and a 24-hour front desk. The city center is 8 km away.

Air travel

  • Can you fly direct to Kiev from UK?

Strangely enough, but the English are often interested in medical tours to Ukraine. And we hear this question regularly.

Yes, there are several variants of direct flights from UK to Kiev. Let's take London as an example, as it is asked about most often.

  • STN Stansted - KBP Boryspil Intl
  • LTN Luton - IEV Zhuliany Intl

Direct flight time is an average of 3 - 3.5 hours. The cost varies depending on the month, date and airline. On average, you can find the ticket from 47 euros. You can book a ticket on any convenient website or contact the managers UAmedTOURS for assistance.

  • What airlines fly to Kiev Ukraine?

The list of airlines that fly to and from Ukraine is quite large:

Borispol Airport

SkyUp, International Airlines of Ukraine, Rosa Vitrev, Azur Air Ukraine, Turkish Airlines, Turkish Airlines, KLM, Air France, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Austrian Airlines AG, Eurowings GmbH, Czech Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, JanEir, Cyprus Airways, Swiss International Airlines AG, Ryanair, Laudamotion, EL AL Israel Airlines, Qatar Airways, Belavia, Air Baltic, Air Arabia, Flynas JSC, Air Astana, Georgian Airways, Aircompany Jonika LLC, Bravo Airways, Aegean Airlines, Air Malta, scandinavian airlines system denmark-norway-sweden, PEGASUS AIRLINES, VOYAGE AIR, Buta Airways, Air Serbia, Iraqi Airways, JSC "UZBEKISTAN AIRWAYS", Vueling Airlines S. A., QANOT SHARQ.

"Kiev" or "Zhulyany" airport

AIR OCEAN, Bees Airline, Wizz Air, Alitalia, LOT, Vueling Airlines, URGA, Motor Sich.

About Kiev

  • Is Kiev worth visiting?
  • What is Kiev known for?

Kiev is one of the most underrated capitals of Europe. This city can leave absolutely no one indifferent and to enjoy and feel its atmosphere you must visit it. The more days you spend in Kiev the more impression it will make on you.

Kiev is worth to visit for many reasons:

History and architecture. History of Kiev started in 5th century and it is still going on. The whole city consists of historical strata and while walking around you will see ancient architecture monuments such as the Golden Gates. There are many examples of Soviet architecture and of course the famous Eastern European churches with their golden domes that take your breath away.

The Pechersk Lavra complex, St. Sophia Cathedral, and the fabulous St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, St. Andrew's Church and St. Vladimir's Cathedral are all UNESCO World Heritage sites.

We always recommend our clients to take a private tour of Kiev Pechersk Lavra which is conducted in English and takes three hours. It will help to understand and see all the beauties of this place

You can book a tour here

In addition, Kiev is a reflection of modern Ukrainian history, so on Independence Square you can see photos of those who died during the tragic events of the "Revolution of Dignity" in 2014 and see the remaining traces of these recent events.

Motherland. An absolutely unique and majestic statue 102 meters high, at the base of which is the National Museum of Ukrainian History in World War II (until 2015 known as the Museum of the Great Patriotic War). After viewing the bas-reliefs and setting a certain mood in the museum, the view of the statue is stunning. For a full experience we recommend climbing up to the shield or pedestal of the statue, from there you have an unforgettable view of Kiev.

Street art. Kiev is rightfully considered the street art capital of Eastern Europe. The streets of the city, facades of houses are all decorated with drawings. Ukrainian street art has no single direction. The artists draw what bothers them: political events, Ukrainian identity, love, loved ones. It seems to us that in Kiev it's impossible to find a subject that hasn't already been painted about. Even world-renowned artists, including Fintan Magee, ROA or Vhils, have painted in Ukraine.

You can read more about Ukrainian street art and impressions of it here.

And see it all live with a guide here.

Food and cafes. Ukrainian food often seems peculiar to foreigners, but the fact that it is delicious is hard to deny. Kiev is full of different cafes and restaurants, where you can try homemade Ukrainian food as well as haute cuisine from the best establishments of the world. And of course you can try the real Chicken Kiev cutlet. If our cuisine is not to your liking, there are plenty of restaurants all over the city with different cuisines of the world: Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Indian, French - all of these are available in Kiev.

You can get to know Ukrainian cuisine better at a three-hour gastrotour with a tasting of Ukrainian cuisine. You can order it here.

And if you are a passionate coffee drinker, then Kiev will not disappoint you. People in Kiev love good coffee like no one else. To read tips about good coffee in Kiev, you can here.

Our list of the top 3 excursions for tourists in Kiev includes:

  • Excursion to Chernobyl. You can book it here.
  • Urbex underground and bunker tour. You can order here.
  • Three hour sightseeing tour around the city by foot or by private car. You can book here.
  • What is the best area to stay in Kiev?
  • Places to stay in Kiev?
  • How many days should I stay in Kiev?
  • Is Kiev an expensive city?

The best place to stay in Kiev depends on the purpose of your trip, its duration, budget, and preferences. Most often, when choosing accommodation options for foreign tourists, we suggest hotels or apartments close to the medical center, where the treatment will take place, or in the center of the city.

Good clinics with high level of service and qualification of doctors are usually located in the city center. So you in any case will be close to a concentration of restaurants, cafes, stores, architectural monuments and the subway.

The period of stay also depends on treatment and recovery period. In most cases, patients come for 7-14 days.

Kiev has one of the best quality/price ratio for accommodation in Europe, as well as a large choice of hotels in different price ranges, scattered around the city.



Luxury or 5 star hotels in kiev:

Many people are concerned about the cost of accommodation, food and rest in Kiev. Kiev, as well as all Ukraine, is a very cheap city for foreign tourists. For example we can compare some prices in the USA and Ukraine.

For more information on accommodation, transportation, and meals in Kiev, visit Numbeo's website.

About the weather and the best time to visit

  • What is the coldest month in Kiev?
  • Does Kiev Ukraine have snow?
  • What is the warmest month in Kiev Ukraine?
  • What is the best month to visit Kiev?

The weather in Ukraine can be very changeable, but the lowest temperatures occur most often in December and January. During this period the temperature can drop to -20C. It snows almost every winter in Kiev, and if you haven't seen it yet, it might come as a surprise. Ukraine's hottest months are July and August.

Watch the weather in Ukraine and know the approximate forecast for the time of your trip you can on any site with a weather forecast. For example here.

We consider the best months for travel and treatment in Ukraine to be April, May, September and October. It is still warm outside, but the summer heat is already gone, this weather is most comfortable for people undergoing treatment or rehabilitation.


  • Is it safe to walk in Kiev at night?
  • Is Kiev safe at night?
  • Is Kiev safe to visit 2022?
  • Is it safe to travel to Kiev Ukraine right now?
  • Is Kiev safe for tourists?

According to the Crime Index for Country in 2021 Ukraine ranks 57th out of 137 countries in the world on the crime rate. Our crime index is 47.42, which is classified as "moderate. By comparison, this same crime rate includes countries such as:

  • Italy - crime index 44.85
  • UK - 46.07
  • USA - 47.81
  • Sweden - 48.00
  • France - 51.99

Despite of some fears of foreign tourists about Ukraine and Kiev, our country and the city remain safe enough place for rest and treatment.

As well as when traveling in any country of the world we advise our clients: avoid walking alone in small and not illuminated streets; carry with you identification card; know the number of your country's embassy; hide money and phone in hard to reach places in large crowded places and public transport; avoid communication with suspicious people.

The center of Kiev is one of the safest areas of the city, the streets are constantly patrolled by policemen who can be approached for help and it is almost always lively and crowded.

We never tire of repeating that a trip to Kiev is safe for tourists.

Where is the best and where to go

  • Is Lviv or Kiev better?
  • Is Lviv cheaper than Kiev?
  • How long is the train ride from Kiev to Lviv?
  • How long is the train ride from Kiev to Odessa?

The answer to the question "Is Lviv or Kiev better?" depends on the purpose of your visit. Lviv, as well as Kiev, is one of the largest cities in Ukraine and the level of medicine there meets high European quality standards.

If we are talking about medical treatment Kiev is better in this regard, as it can provide a wider range of dental, ophthalmologic, gynecological clinics.

But if we were able to find the right clinic for you in Lviv, then you will not regret, because this city also has a lot to see.

To visit Kiev and Lviv in one trip to Ukraine is a great idea. To get to Lviv from Kiev you can:

  • By train: travel time from 5 to 9 hours
  • By plane: journey time 1 hour
  • By Bus: 7-8 hours trip time
  • Car: time of trip is about 7 hours.

Another popular destination for medical treatment, rehabilitation and recreation is Odessa. You can get to Odessa from Kiev:

  • By train: travel time from 7 to 9 hours
  • By Airplane: travel time 50 minutes.
  • By Bus: 6-7 hours trip time
  • By Car: travel time 5-6 hours

UAmedTOURS specialists have tried to answer the frequently asked questions of foreign patients who plan to visit Ukraine. We hope that the information we gathered was useful for you, if you have any questions, please contact our managers, we are always ready to help you. Ask a question UAmedTOURS.


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