Quick answer: definitely the best country to get dental work is Ukraine. Ukraine has the lowest prices for dentistry services and the level of doctors and their number is very high, often higher than in Europe.

Healthy radiant smile is the goal of almost every third inhabitant of the planet. But harmful habits, bad heredity and injuries make their adjustments. And often, the patient spends from a year to 5 years looking for a good dentist, undergoing the necessary procedures and recovering from treatment.

UAMEDTOURS wants to help you make your dream of a Hollywood smile come true. We have prepared a mini-guide on dental medical tourism for you.


5 reasons to choose dental treatment abroad

  1. Similar technologies

    If you choose Israel or Turkey as the countries with the most technologically advanced medicine, we are in a hurry to tell you a secret: Ukraine buys equipment and consumables in the same countries. For example, you come for ZOOM whitening in Tel Aviv clinics for $1300. But did you know, that there is a similar installation in Kyiv clinics, and the procedure value ranges from $400-650?
  2. Costs saving

    By choosing dental treatment abroad, you save from 60 to 90% of the cost of similar procedures in your country. Also, the saved amount can be spent on a short but bright vacation: a great reward for going to the dentist. Ask our consultant “which country has the best dentists in the world?” and get a detailed answer.
  3. Strict certification of clinics

    Before obtaining a license to enter the niche of medical tourism, the clinic adapts to several strict IAMT requirements. Choosing a clinic abroad in the UAMEDTOURS catalog rest assured of the high level of services provided. Leave a request: we’ll help you choose the best place for dental work in Europe and or anywhere else. 
  4. Positive emotions

    Who would have thought that a routine visit to the dentist could be part of a big trip? That's right: by choosing medical tourism, you not only take care of your health but also get positive emotions from contact with the cultural traditions of the new country. Restore health and seeing the world: sounds like a great solution.
  5. Easy travel organization

    In the dental tourism industry, Europe is a leader in ratio “terms of simplicity - quality - affordability”. For example, to enter Ukraine for treatment, you do not need to apply for a visa or a large package of documents: you just need to request an invitation from the clinic you like. Want to know more? Leave a request: the consultant will process your request and tell you about the best European country for dental work.

What dental procedures are implemented abroad?

Foreign dentistry performs a full range of services to create a Hollywood smile, such as:

  • Treatment of caries and gum disease;
  • Manufacturing of removable prostheses;
  • Installation of implants;
  • Correction of the bite with aligners;
  • Installation of braces;
  • Delicate whitening;
  • Preventive oral hygiene;
  • Gnathologist consultations;
  • Diagnosis of diseases of the oral cavity and anomalies of the teeth.

Read more about dental services

Looking for the best country for dental work? Leave a request and we will send you a catalog of the best foreign clinics!


Best country for dental tourism

UAMEDTOURS prepared for you top-list of the popular destinations for dental tourism. Check it and plan your trip!


Mexico is worth a visit not only for the pyramids and tequila but also as a cheap center for dental tourism. According to statistics, more than 40% of US and Canadian citizens have already visited dental centers in Tijuana and Mexico City. In addition to the exceptionally low cost of services (especially compared to prices in the US), Mexico is famous for creating a “Hollywood smile” from lumineers. Although this trend is gradually becoming a thing of the past, the flow of those wishing to use the service is not decreasing.


As the reviews on specialized resources shows that Ukraine is the best European country for dental treatment. Arriving at clinics in Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv and other cities, medical tourists are amazed by the unique vibe and high quality of medical care. Ukrainian dentists perform all types of interventions. We have compiled the top 3 ratings of the most popular procedures:

  • installation of veneers;
  • restoration of the dentition with the help of implants (in 2019, Ukraine was the cheapest country for all-on-4 dental implants);
  • delicate whitening.

Also, all services of therapeutic dentistry, consultations with gnathologists, and orthodontic treatment (aligners, braces) of any complexity are available in the country.


Thailand is the best foreign country for dental work if you want to combine a scheduled visit to the dentist with a vacation. Over the past 7 years, Thailand has gradually risen in the ranking of the Medical Tourism Association from 15th position to the top 10. The most demanded services of dentists in this country are the installation of veneers, ZOOM whitening and the manufacture of aesthetic overlays. Some specialized clinics in Thailand also deal with maxillofacial surgery (implant placement, jaw reshaping, etc.).


The most expensive (starting from ticket and accommodation prices) and high-tech country for medical tourism. Israel has been accepting patients from all over the world in its clinics for many years, and there are many stories in the media about the miracles that Israeli doctors perform. Dentistry in Israel also belongs to the premium segment. Patients in their reviews call Israel the best country for all-on-4 dental implants. But although the quality of medicine is at the highest level, many medical tourists have questions about overcoming the language and cultural barrier, which makes it somewhat difficult to stay in treatment.


Although Turkey indirectly belongs to Europe, an increasing number of patients call it the best country in Europe for dental treatment. Cheap consumables, famous doctors, and low prices for accommodation during treatment: Turkey is one of the favorite countries among European medical tourists. But, unfortunately, the level of service in Turkey leaves much to be desired. A negative bonus is that not all Turks speak English well, so when contacting the clinic, we recommend using the services of a personal curator.

Prices for dental treatment abroad

Check out the approximate prices* for the most popular services:







Implants installation 

from 13000$

from 7500$

from 8000$

from 28000$

from 11000$

Veneers installation 

from 6500$

from 5300$

from 8200$

from 10600$

from 7000$


from 900$

from 400$

from 750$

from 1300$

from 620$

*Prices are valid for the first half of 2022.

Prices for dental treatment abroad

The cost of dental implants abroad

Dental implants is the most popular request from medical tourists. If we compare all-on-4 vs all-on-6 cost, then we remind you that the cost of implantation does not include a diagnostic program (CT of the jaw and other examinations if necessary). Also, the cost depends on the type of implant (material, manufacturer, etc.). Therefore, you can compare prices for all-on-4 or all-on-6 implants only after talking with your doctor. And in order not to waste time - leave your contact details in the feedback form. Our manager will contact you and tell you about the best country in Europe for dental implants.


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Bonus: frequently asked questions from medical tourists

Is dental free in Europe?

For medical tourists, dental care in Europe can be free only if they have an insurance policy and only if the procedure is included in the insurance list. In other cases, assistance is provided at a standard price list. Leave a request and get a price list for dental services in the best clinics in Europe.

If I choose a foreign clinic for dental implantation, how long do all-on-6 dental implants last?

If the doctor used original implants and the procedure was carried out according to the protocol (pre-implantation diagnosis, adherence to the installation technique, correct selection of anti-inflammatory therapy), the implant will last 15-20 years. In order not to waste time searching for a “verified” clinic, leave a request: we will contact you and send you information about licensed medical centers.

Is it worth going to foreign clinics for dental implantation?

Compare the results of all-on-4 implantation, before and after: it's amazing how people's lives change for the better after the procedure. But unfortunately, we cannot make a decision for you about treatment abroad or in your own country. We can only help you compare data on available services and provide information of interest.

In conclusion

An unequivocal answer to the question “Where is the best place for dental tourism?” does not exist. So, when you choosing a country for treatment, it is necessary to rely not only on the budget and reviews, but also on the symphony of your heart. And when you make a decision, UAMEDTOURS managers will be there to take care of all organizational issues.


This content is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or to be a substitute for such advice or treatment by a personal physician. All readers of this material are advised to consult their own physicians or qualified health care professionals. UAmedTOURS is not responsible for the possible health consequences to any person or persons reading or following the information contained in this educational content. All readers of this content, especially those who take prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before making any changes in their diet, lifestyle, taking pills, or other facts that may affect your physical and psychological health.

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