"British Estetik health group" is a joint venture between two countries and world experts in beauty and aesthetics. British and Turkish specialists have joined their efforts to create a medical center of wide profile, which would provide all necessary services to improve aesthetics, beauty and symmetry of the human face and body.

The founders and doctors of British Estetik focus on several basic factors in their work:

  • Advanced technology.
  • Modern equipment
  • High efficiency of manipulation.
  • Safety for the patient.

This helps the clinic to be in the list of the best among private medical institutions in Istanbul.

In recent years, Turkey has become one of the countries where people come for cosmetic procedures, as local doctors showed a high level of professionalism, and prices in Turkish clinics are much lower than in hospitals of the same class in America or Western Europe.

Seamless hair transplantation by FUE method (3000 grafts). All inclusive. Premium 2200 €
Seamless hair transplantation by FUE method (up to 5000+ grafts) 2900 €
Hair transplantation (2000 grafts). All inclusive. Premium 2600 €
Seamless hair transplantation by FUE method (4000 grafts). All inclusive. Premium 2900 €
Hair transplantation by the FUE method. All Inclusive 3000 €
Hair transplantation using the Sapphire FUE method. All Inclusive 3400 €
Female hair transplantation 1300 €
DHI hair transplantation 2060 €
Hair transplantation 2000 €
FUE hair transplantation 1550 €
DHI hair transplant 0 €

Our doctors

Yusuf Cinar
Dermatologist, trichologist

Feedback from our clients

British Estetik Klinik to dobry wybór na przeszczep
Pojechałem do Turcji z polecenia znajomych i wybór kliniki zajął mi ponad miesiąc. Naprawdę zależało mi na efektach. Wybrałam British Estetik Clinic i byłam zadowolona. Właściwie myślę, że przesadziłam z planowaniem i mogłam wybrać klinikę o niższym statusie. Zależało mi jednak na tym, aby wszystko poszło gładko i cenię sobie komfort, a w tym są na najwyższym poziomie. Byłam też zadowolona z personelu, nie są tacy jak polscy lekarze. Są bardzo mili, przyjaźni i wszyscy naprawdę rozumieją angielski i mogą się z tobą płynnie komunikować. Mogłem zapytać o wszystko, co chciałem wiedzieć i uzyskać normalną odpowiedź. Polecam.
Jan (Płock, Polska)

Clinic overview “"British Estetik" Clinic”

"British Estetik" is one of the clinics that constantly works with foreign patients and provides a wide range of services.

Services at British Estetik Clinic:    

Non-surgical aesthetics:

  • Skin rejuvenation.
  • Facelift.
  • Treatment of increased sweating.
  • Mesotherapy of hair.
  • Laser hair removal, etc.

Aesthetic surgery:

  • Breast aesthetics (augmentation, reduction, lift).
  • Liposuction.
  • Nose aesthetics.
  • Gynecomastia.
  • Facelift.
  • Ear manipulation.
  • Eyelid surgery.
  • Lip plasty.
  • Bicectomy.
  • Tummy tuck, etc.

Hair transplantation:

  • FUE hair transplant.
  • Hair transplantation DHI
  • TDF hair transplantation
  • Robotic hair transplantation, etc.

Advantages of working with British Estetik Clinic in Istanbul

  • High professionalism. All staff members of our clinic are highly qualified and constantly perfecting themselves in their profile field.
  • Care before and after procedures. We continue to counsel and support your patients after their treatment. Their well-being and their opinions about the work done are extraordinarily important to us.
  • Free Online Consultation. Most patients are not ready to jump right away and go to another country for treatment, they need to get answers to their questions and make sure that the chosen medical facility is reliable. You can ask all your questions for free by contacting us on WhatsApp at the following numbers: +90 (532) 352 43 88 or +90 (533) 152 38 93.
  • Free examinations. You can also come to us for check-ups and get recommendations or find out the exact cost of the procedures in your case at a free visit.
  • Hotel Reservation. If you need our help in finding a good hotel near the clinic, we are ready to take care of it.
  • - Transfer. We can also pick you up at the airport and accompany you to the hotel or clinic, if you need such assistance.
  • Multilingualism. Because our clinic is international and we work a lot with foreign patients, our doctors speak English, Turkish, and German.
  • We offer wide variety of medicine. We provide 28 treatments at 6 disciplines. By choosing to work with us, you can undergo a complete rejuvenation and recovery during one visit, without the need to come several times or to look for another clinic.

"British Estetik health group" is one of the best clinics in Istanbul and can guarantee its patients luxurious results and safety of procedures for their health.

Clinic contacts “"British Estetik" Clinic”

Meşrutiyet, Rumeli Cd. No:4, 34363 Şişli/İstanbul

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