HospitalXP is a multidisciplinary center that brings together all medical fields to improve your appearance, health, and well-being.

If you are looking for world-class standards in plastic surgery and hair transplantation, Istanbul and HospitalXP are your best choice.

HospitalXP values

  • Professionalism. Ours are qualified professionals with years of experience working as a team.
  • Innovation. We utilize advanced technology and the latest techniques in hair transplantation.
  • Work about the patient. Individual approach to everyone and comfort at all stages of treatment.
  • HospitalXP Medical Center is located in Istanbul, which is rightly considered one of the centers of medical tourism in the world. Every day thousands of patients from all over the world visit Turkey in order to receive high-quality and affordable specialized care.

Our clinic has been helping with procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction, facelifts, intimate plastic surgery, and hair transplants for over 25 years.

We offer our patients hair transplantation using DHI and FUE technologies, which have proven themselves as procedures with the highest rates of hair engraftment.

DHI hair transplant 1 session 2200 €
FUE hair transplant 1 session 2200 €
SAPPHİRE hair transplant 1 session 2200 €
Maintenance kit (6 months) 750 €
Hair transplantation 2000 €
FUE hair transplantation 2000 €
DHI hair transplant 2000 €

Our doctors

Hikmet Yıldırım
Reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon

Clinic overview “"HospitalXP" Clinic”

Why choose HospitalXP

  • World-class quality. Istanbul is recognized as the international capital of hair transplantation, and HospitalXP is proud to be among the best clinics in the industry.
  • High Standards. Our specialists are regularly trained and keep their qualifications at a high level. We keep a close eye on all innovations and implement only proven and effective techniques.
  • Full support. From the moment of the first consultation to the completion of rehabilitation - we are by your side. Our team provides comfortable rest and treatment.
  • State-of-the-art equipment. "HospitalXP" is equipped with the latest technology in the field of hair transplantation, which guarantees high accuracy and quality of procedures.
  • Personalized approach. We understand the uniqueness of each patient and develop treatment taking into account individual features and wishes.
  • Thorough Diagnosis. Before offering a specific treatment, we perform a complete medical examination to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the procedure.
  • Affordable prices. HospitalXP's prices remain competitive due to the high quality of our services, making treatment affordable for most patients.
  • Transparency. We provide complete information about procedures, risks, and possible outcomes so you can make an informed decision.
  • A wealth of experience. For more than 20 years we have been working with patients from all over the world and have learned to find an approach to absolutely everyone. Patients from other countries always feel comfortable within the walls of our clinic.

Istanbul has long established itself as a world center in the field of hair transplantation. Thanks to the combination of top-class specialists, advanced technology, and affordable prices, many patients from all over the world choose Turkey and HospitalXP to regain their lost confidence and youthfulness.

Dreams of luxurious hair can become a reality - we are waiting for you at HospitalXP in Istanbul!

Clinic contacts “"HospitalXP" Clinic”

Hakkı Yeten Cad. No:11 Terrace Fulya Centre-1 K:7, D:24, 34372 Sisli/ Istanbul