"Kiymedical" is a modern multidisciplinary medical center, where you will find help from qualified experts.

The clinic is located in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, and this gives it a number of significant advantages. For example:

  • Kyiv is the concentration of all the latest medical technology, it is in this city they appear first and begin to be used on a permanent basis.
  • The capital has a huge number of doctors with extensive practical experience, which includes international cooperation programs.
  • Most medical tourists who come to Ukraine are treated precisely in Kyiv.

Thus we can say that Kiymedical team consists of Ukraine's best doctors working in various fields, and we have significant experience working with patients from other countries.

Medical abortion 138 €
Vacuum abortion (gynecologist examination, 2 ultrasounds, sedation, procedure included) 252 €
Primary gynecological consultation 20 €
Initial pediatric consultation 18 €
Gynecological Check-up 90 €
Re-consultation with a pediatrician 13 €
Diagnostic scraping of the uterus and cervical canal 102 €
Cervical diathermoconization 51 €
Laser coagulation of the cervix 72 €
Removal of Bartholin cysts with marsupialization 115 €
Polypectomy of the cervical canal 26 €
Radiofrequency treatment of cervical abnormalities (erosions) 87 €
Vaginal cyst dissection 46 €
Surgical defloration 82 €
Cervicoscopy diagnostic 38 €
Repeated gynecological consultation 12 €
Gynecology 60 €
Medical abortion 90 €
Vacuum Aspiration Abortion 90 €

Our doctors

Latysheva Inna Vasilyevna
Highest-category obstetrician-gynecologist, candidate of medical sciences
Pillipchenko Oksana Nikolaevna

Clinic overview “"Kiymedical" Medical Center”

One of the main activities of our center is to provide gynecological services. This list includes:

  •     Gynecological Check-up.
  •     Primary and repeated gynecological consultations.
  •     Colposcopy
  •     Cervicometry
  •     Diagnosis and treatment of cervical erosion.
  •     Biopsy of the cervix.
  •     Vacuum-aspiration of fetal egg (mini-abortion).
  •     Medical abortion.
  •     Radiowave condyloma and papilloma removal.
  •     Installation and removal of an intrauterine device.
  •     Hysteroscopy and hysteroresectoscopy.
  •     Diagnostic scraping of the uterus and cervical canal.
  •     Diatermoconization of the cervix.
  •     Laser coagulation of the cervix.
  •     Removal of the cyst of the Bartolin gland with marsupialization.
  •     Separation of synechiae of the labia
  •     Excision of a vaginal cyst.
  •     Surgical defloration.
  •     Echohysterosalpingography.

In addition to the fact that in our medical center you can get the full range of services relating to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the female body. At the same time you can get a consultation from our specialists and other areas.

You may consult with the following physicians at "Kiymedical" Medical Center

  •     Otolaryngologist.
  •     Ultrasound diagnostician.
  •     Therapist.
  •     Plastic surgeon.
  •     Vascular surgeon, phlebologist.
  •     Cosmetologist.
  •     Masseur.
  •     Proctologist.
  •     Urologist.
  •     Pediatrician.
  •     Orthopedist-traumatologist.
  •     Dermatologist.

By choosing Kymedical you can get not only high quality gynecological services, but also a comprehensive examination and medical care in several areas simultaneously.

Advantages of "Kiymedical":

  •     The latest methods of diagnosis and treatment.
  •     Experienced doctors.
  •     Modern equipment.
  •     Individual approach to each client.
  •     Comfortable wards.
  •     Friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

We save your money and time, leaving more opportunities for a wonderful holiday in Ukraine!

Clinic contacts “"Kiymedical" Medical Center”

V. Getman St., 1-A, Kiev. Ukraine


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