ELITE DENTA Dentistry is not just a set of services for patients of different age groups. It is a comfortable and cozy, almost home atmosphere, full of attention, care and understanding.

We are accustomed to paying attention to every detail, so in addition to high-class specialists and equipment, we always pay tribute to the atmosphere: polite staff, pleasant music and a cup of fragrant tea or coffee will help to make any wait more comfortable.

We are equipped with special parking places, so you will not need to think where to leave your car.

You can also always get a tour of the clinic, and after the consultation and diagnosis we give you a presentation, which will indicate all the areas of concern with a diagnostic report.

In addition, this presentation will include recommended treatment plans with a prognosis that you can discuss with the head dentist.

We do everything to turn treatment into a SPA procedure. Our equipment allows even the introduction of anaesthetics to make treatment painless.

During treatment, your doctor will work while you relax with a cushion, video glasses, and a list of films to choose from.

After the session is over, you get a full set of recommendations and a full understanding of what to do next.

Veneers placement 260 €
Dental treatment under general anesthesia (1 hour) 86 €
Dental treatment under the microscope 150 €
NOBEL implant placement 1125 €
Consultation with an individual treatment plan 30 €
Straumann Roxolid implant (Roxolid® - a unique titanium-zirconium alloy, this implant is used in case of high loads) 850 €
Tooth extraction is complicated 105 €
Invisalign treatment 6150 €
Treatment with a metal self-ligating bracket system 2095 €
Treatment with a ceramic self-ligating bracket system 2240 €
Aesthetic tooth restoration with "WAND" anesthesia 140 €
Tooth re-treatment using a microscope 520 €
Treatment of pulpitis using a microscope 455 €
Straumann BLX implant (ideal choice for one-step implantation during tooth extraction) 1010 €
Plaque removal for periodontal disease 155 €
Metal-free ceramic crown, veneer 292 €
Ceramic crown (zirconium oxide) 244 €
Clip-on prosthesis 387 €
Raising the floor of the maxillary sinus (open sinus elevator) 1130 €
Dentistry 100 €
Dental implants 800 €
Veneers placement 260 €
Teeth whitening 50 €
Decorations for teeth 15 €
Dental crowns 100 €
Dental implantation All on 6 10000 €
Dental treatment under general anesthesia 200 €
Dental care using microscopes 200 €

Our doctors

Pchelnik Larisa Victorovna
Chief physician, orthopedic dentist
Pchelnik Vitaly Vitalievich
Dental surgeon, implantologist, prosthodontist
Krivoruchko Karina Yurievna
Dentist-therapist, endodontist
Borozdina Zhanna Andreevna

Clinic overview “Dentistry "Elite Denta"”

Customer safety is one of the tenets of our business. We have a number of procedures and business processes in place to maintain it:

We monitor the health of our employees, they systematically undergo medical examinations and receive vaccinations.

Disinfectants in "Elite Denta" dentistry comply with European ISO standards and are able to disinfect all known viruses and germs. All instruments undergo a multi-step procedure of disinfection and sterilization using professional equipment.

Sterile instruments are packed in single-use sterile packaging equipped with an individual sterilization quality indicator. The package with instruments is opened by the doctor in the presence of the patient before treatment.

We work with disposable gloves, masks and caps. The daily systematic work on infectious safety at Elite Denta Dentistry has been recognized by the SOIC Association. Elite Denta" stomatology successfully passed hygienic audit and received "Pure clinic is safe for patients" status, that was recorded in Ukrainian register of medical institutions with the highest degree of infectious security.

Your personal information is protected. All the results of your analyses, diagnostic reports, X-rays, photopictures, as well as treatment plans and records of the already provided dental services are stored in your personal Patient Card. No one but you and your doctor has access to this information. You can be assured that information about you will not leave Elite Denta Dentistry.

All materials and treatments used at Elite Denta Dentistry are properly certified. All treatments that are available at our dentistry are compliant with the current license.

The medical staff has specialized education and a documented permit to practice medicine. All doctors of Elite Denta Dentistry regularly receive training at the best training centers in Ukraine, Europe and the United States.


Clinic contacts “Dentistry "Elite Denta"”

Faninsky lane 3B, Kharkov, Ukraine

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