"Perio Center" is the only periodontal center in Ukraine!

The main focus is on the treatment of periodontal tissue diseases. The dental clinic successfully diagnoses and treats: periodontitis, periodontal disease, gum recession, peri-implantitis. The clinic has its own microsurgical department. If necessary, treatment can be carried out during sleep (sedation).

"PerioCenter - Periodontology Center" is the only dental clinic in Ukraine, which is engaged in high-quality diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases according to European protocols, as well as surgical treatment of various complexity. The Center started its work in 2013. About 8000 patients have entrusted their health to the clinic. Doctors have helped to save about 50,000 teeth.

Consultation/online consultation with a periodontist 18 €
Primary periodontal diagnostics (includes consultation, filling out a periodontal chart, analysis of X-ray diagnostics, drawing up a treatment plan and a treatment prognosis for each tooth) 48 €
Dental treatment under general anesthesia (1 hour) 88 €
Dental treatment under the microscope 200 €
Treatment of gingivitis (including consultation, determination of hygiene indices, filling out a periodontal chart, periodontal cleaning, air-abrasive polishing and deep fluoridation of teeth) 363 €
Basic periodontitis treatment (including consultation, determination of hygiene indices, filling out a periodontal chart, periodontal cleaning, subgingival cleaning (scaling), air-abrasive polishing and deep fluoridation of teeth) 451 €
Maintenance therapy (follow-up visit after the main treatment) 70 €
Treatment session with Biolase Epic laser (biostimulation), ozone therapy (1 segment) 15 €
Treatment of periodontitis with the VECTOR system 65 €
Plasma therapy (one session) 78 €
Photodynamic therapy 58 €
Laser therapy in the area of one tooth (dental implant) 30 €
Dentistry 1000 €
Gum treatment 1000 €
Dental treatment under general anesthesia 200 €
Dental care using microscopes 200 €

Our doctors

Clinic overview “"Perio Center" – center of periodontology”

The main directions of the PerioCenter are:

  • prevention;
  • oral hygiene education for adults and children;
  • treatment of periodontal tissue diseases;
  • training of dentists;
  • participation in social projects.


The center employs experienced doctors with higher education. The specialists constantly improve their skills through training courses, seminars, workshops, and scientific and practical conferences. The doctors of the PerioCenter Medical Center also undergo internships in Europe; in addition to treatment, the center trains Ukrainian doctors. This allows them to apply modern methods in their work.

Treatment of diseases and pathologies

Medical institutions provide treatment of the following diseases and pathologies of the oral cavity

  • gingivitis
  • periodontitis
  • gum recession
  • peri-implantitis
  • periodontal disease;
  • other gum diseases;


In the medical center "PerioCenter" specialists conduct accurate diagnostic examinations of periodontal tissues on modern, certified equipment of foreign production. In their work, they use such equipment as:

  • Florida Probe - diagnostics for periodontal mapping;
  • OZONE DTA J-500 - a device for ozone therapy;
  • Vector - a device for the treatment of periodontitis;
  • devices for plasma therapy;
  • apparatus for photodynamic therapy;
  • microscope and optics for microsurgery.

High-quality and professional gum treatment in Lviv is provided by the PeriodoCenter clinic. Our specialists will take care of the health of your gums and oral cavity!

Clinic contacts “"Perio Center" – center of periodontology”

м. Lviv, 287 Horodotska St.