In the heart of Lviv, where historical traditions and modern quality are combined, My Dentistry Clinic offers first-class service in accordance with international quality standards. Forget old stereotypes about dental procedures: our clinic is equipped according to the latest innovations in dentistry, which makes treatment as comfortable and safe as possible.

Advantages for our patients:

  • Convenient location. Our clinic is located in a convenient area of the city, which was chosen with the convenience of transfer. Nearby you will find everything you need if you decide to take a walk after your appointment.
  • Price to quality ratio. In "My Dentistry" we provide a wide range of dental services, each of which meets international quality standards at prices that are significantly lower than in the countries of Europe, America or the USA. This makes treatment with us not only effective, but also profitable.
  • Multilingual staff. Our staff speaks several languages, including English, which ensures comfortable and clear communication. We understand the cultural sensitivities and appeal to our international clients and are always ready to help.
  • Customized treatment programs. Recognizing that every patient is unique, we develop treatment plans based on the specific country and the desires of our clients.
  • Comprehensive services. If you come to us, you can count on comprehensive treatment. We offer all dental services, from hygienic cleaning to implant placement according to the method All on 6.

Choosing "My Dentistry" in Lviv, you choose quality, care and unique experience in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Consultation 10 €
Dental implantation All on 6 2300 €
Dental treatment under general anesthesia (1 hour) 138 €
Dental treatment under the microscope 230 €
Prosthetics with Cercon crown (taking impressions, making a crown, cementation. Anesthesia is paid separately) 155 €
Osstem implantation with Cercon crown 550 €
Removable prosthetics on 4 implants. 1 jaw, all inclusive: implantation + prosthesis + related manipulations (anesthesia, sutures, control examinations) 1630 €
Removable prosthetics on 2 implants. 1 jaw, all inclusive: implantation + prosthesis + related manipulations (anesthesia, sutures, control examinations) 985 €
Aligners. Individual aligners for teeth straightening, full course of treatment 2270 €
Prosthetics with a metal-ceramic crown. Impressions, crown manufacturing, cementation. Anesthesia is paid separately 90 €
Osstem implantation with a metal-ceramic crown 510 €
Osstem implantation with a metal-plastic crown 450 €
Gum treatment. Vector therapy (2 jaws) deep cleaning of periodontal pockets with the Vector apparatus 110 €
Bone augmentation. Bone grafting during immediate implantation (molar area). Bone grafting + bone material 245 €
Bone augmentation. Closed sinus lift (one side). Desensitization, bone grafting + bone material, sutures 310 €
Dental implantation All on 6 2300 €
Dental crowns 155 €
Dentistry 150 €
Teeth whitening 170 €
Dental implants 570 €
Jaw surgery 3000 €
Dental care using microscopes 30 €
Dental treatment under general anesthesia 200 €

Our doctors

Sprynsky Ruslan
Olekshy Natalia
Kurylyak Roman
Surgeon / Implantologist
Daskaliuk Andrii
Orthopedic dentist
Hladysh Anastasia
Dentist therapist

Feedback from our clients

Jestem zszokowany
Potrzebowałem wypełnić ząb i założyć koronę. W Warszawie, nie w najlepszej klinice, podali mi cenę 350 zł za samo wypełnienie jednego zęba. Korona pełnoceramiczna zaczyna się od 2000 zł. Podobne usługi na Ukrainie w klinice Moja Stomatologia wypełnienie - 120 zł, korona pełnoceramiczna - ok. 700 zł. Różnica w cenie mnie zaskoczyła. Jednocześnie dentyści w klinice mówią po polsku. Z Warszawy do Lwowa jechałem pociągiem, cena około 100 zł, czas podróży 9 godzin, żadnych problemów.
Моя Стоматологія
Mariusz Kaczyński (Warszawa)

Clinic overview “"My Dentistry" clinic”

We guarantee every patient:

  • High-quality materials. We choose only proven and safe materials that meet global quality standards to ensure safe and effective treatment.
  • Personalized care. Your health and comfort is our priority. Each patient is given careful attention to their design and wishes.
  • The latest innovations in dentistry. Using advanced technologies and techniques recognized by the world's community experts, we deliver restored dental health efficiently and quickly.
  • Expert Team. Our staff consists of experienced dentists and dental assistants who regularly upgrade their skills to stay on top of the latest medical advances and provide you with the best care possible.

Our core values are affordability, quality, systematic and individualized care. We will go you the best dental care in Lviv.

"My Dentistry" - your teeth deserve the best! We take care of your health at all stages of treatment.

Clinic contacts “"My Dentistry" clinic”

Lviv, Kulparkivska str. 93, bldg. 2

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