"Novy Zir" is one of the largest ophthalmologic structures in Ukraine, which has absorbed all the latest achievements of the world medicine. This is 7 modern centers, which are ready to provide services of the highest quality from vision diagnostics to solution of the most complicated problems of eye diseases treatment.

The main peculiarity of "Novy Zir"centers is the professionalism of the medical personnel. Here are consulted and conducted operations by doctors of the highest category, candidates of medical sciences. The core of the team is composed of specialists who have been practicing together since 1999. They stood at the origins of private Ukrainian ophthalmology.


Ophthalmology 1000 €
Corneal segment implantation 1100 €
Cataract surgery 300 €
VICH Phakic IOL implantation (+2.75D hyperopia) 1690 €
VTICMO Phakic Toric IOL implantation (toric myopia over -6D) 1995 €
VICMO Phakic IOL implantation (myopia over -6D) 1795 €
VTICM Phakic Toric IOL implantation (toric myopia) 1895 €
Vitreoretinal surgery 1165 €
Surgical treatment of glaucoma 395 €
Antiglaucoma surgery with the EX-PRESS device 1075 €
Phacoemulsification with IOL TecnisSymfonyToric implantation (flexible, with UV protection and astigmatism correction) 1560 €
Focal micropulse navigation laser photocoagulation 405 €
Phacoemulsification with IOL TecnisSymfony implantation (ZXR00) (flexible, UV-protected) 1285 €
Phacoemulsification with IOL TecnisSymfonyToric implantation (flexible, UV protection and astigmatism correction) 1735 €
Phacoemulsification with IOL TecnisSymfonyToric implantation (flexible, UV protection and astigmatism correction) 1980 €
Ophthalmology 1000 €
Laser eye surgery 380 €
Cataract surgery 300 €

Our doctors

Parkhomenko Georgy Yakovlevich
Chief physician of the Noviy Zir network of medical centers, ophthalmic surgeon
Mogilevsky Sergey Yuryevich
Scientific Director of the Noviy Zir Network of Medical Centers
Manoilo Tatiana Vladimirovna
Deputy chief physician of "Noviy Zir" Medical Center, ophthalmic surgeon
Parkhomenko Oleg Georgievich
Kulish Marina Anatolievna
Doctor of the highest category. Ophthalmosurgeon
Belyi Mikhail Vladimirovich
Gurbik Zoya Vasilyevna
Penchuk Valeriya Olegovna
Bakaev Igor Vasilievich
Mogilnaya Irina Viktorovna
Pediatric ophthalmologist
Levitskaya Tatiana Igorevna
Fedorov Leonid Antonovich
Farhat Hassan

Feedback from our clients

It could have been better
I flew to Kiev for vision treatment at the Novy Zir Clinic. We discussed everything in advance with the girl Olga. I was met at the airport and escorted to the hotel, I don't even remember the name, but not a bad budget option. The hospital was literally just a few steps away. Therefore there was no problem. The problem was the language. The doctor spoke mediocre English, and if it were not for the receptionist I am not sure that we understood each other. I had to call Olga and solve this issue, because I was promised that the doctor speaks perfect English. At my next appointment I was met by Mr. Parkhomenko who continued my treatment. Three days later I was operated on for my glaucoma. Although I hoped to do without it, but the doctor convinced me. I recovered at home, but I really feel better. Had it not been for the incident with my first doctor, I would have said everything was fine, but now I have to check and recheck the work of the staff. Keep that in mind!
Novy Zir
Jacob (Toronto, Canada)

Our certificates

Clinic overview “Ophthalmology Center "Novy Zir"”


  • 1999

The first private ophthalmological center is opened in Kiev, headed by Georgi Yakovlevich Parkhomenko. Painstaking work on the establishment of private domestic ophthalmosurgery began.
Ukrainian patients were offered what previously famous foreign medical centers could offer: high quality service and the latest eye disease treatment methods. State of the art equipment is being purchased.
Dr Parkhomenko has his constant helpers - surgeons, nurses, administrators, managers and engineers - working alongside him. Due to their proficiency and united work, in the same year, the ophthalmological school of Georgij Parkhomenko was acknowledged at the clinical training on laser correction in the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and at the Vienna Congress of the European Association of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons.
Painstaking scientific and practical work based on the first laser eye corrections is being started. Thanks to modern diagnostic facilities, quality and comprehensive diagnostic examinations of vision became available.

  • 2000

A real breakthrough this year was the introduction of outpatient cataract treatment by phacoemulsification. The surgery now takes no more than 10-15 minutes and does not require hospitalization. With the introduction of phacoemulsification, the long lines have been forgotten. The procedure has become quick and painful. The recovery period has been shortened considerably. People start seeing already in the operating room and go home immediately after the surgery. Some of them are even driving their own automobile.
Successful cataract treatment inspired the team to begin outpatient glaucoma surgery with non-penetrating sclerectomy. In September 2000, at the congress of the European Association of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons in Brussels, the world community commended the achievements of the young Ukrainian private ophthalmosurgery. Since then, the clinic has been continuously exchanging experience with American, French and Italian colleagues.

  • 2001

We are introducing a new method of myopia and hyperopia correction - implantation of phakic intraocular Artisan lenses. Now the specialists of the clinic can improve eyesight of patients with contraindications for laser correction, for example, with thin cornea or high degrees of refractive error (more than 8.0 diopters).
The Medical Center receives a Certificate of Advanced Course in Phakic Intraocular Lens Implantation Artisan (Groningen, The Netherlands). Leading doctors take part in Russian Symposium on Refractive Surgery (Moscow). This year we are introducing a new method of anesthesia during surgeries - drop anesthesia (without injections).

  • 2002

This year the medical center started offering children's ophthalmology.

And in the clinic itself the implantation of monoblock IOLs, the latest development of the artificial lens, is started.

  • 2003

Two new specialties were opened at the medical center: reconstructive and vitreoretinal surgery. But the main event is the opening of a branch in the city of Khmelnitsky. Now the citizens of this city can get ophthalmological care of metropolitan level at home.
From May 22 to 24, 2003, the International Ophthalmological Symposium was held in Kiev in President Hotel Kievsky, organized by American company Alcon. The Live Cataract Surgery is part of the symposium. About two hundred participants from different countries of the world observed the course of the most complex operations. Dr. Parkhomenko shows his skills "live". Everything going on in the operating room was broadcasted on a big screen in the conference hall of the President Hotel.
In December of the same year, Georgy Yakovlevich repeated the same master class in the Eye Microsurgery Center for Moscow and regional ophthalmologists. During the year, he participated in the congress of the European Association of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (Munich), became a member of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons and a member of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

  • 2004

The New Zir Medical Center opened in October 2004.
Great experience and wide opportunities allowed to introduce new services: "Super Lasik", "Garant Feiko", "Optimal" system. Thanks to them it is possible to restore not only high acuity of vision, but also its optimum quality: clearness, brightness, contrast.
Staying in the "Novy Zir" Eye Center is extraordinarily comfortable. Diagnostic and treatment system sharpened during the long years of practice becomes even more perfect. In the same year the Khmelnitsky Center joins Gheorghe Yakovlevich's medical center that also starts working under the brand "Novy Zir".
It also starts operating under the brand "Novy Zir". Investments are made for improvement of technologies and material and technical basis, the continuous training of medical personnel is provided. The specialists of "Novy Zir" center are permanently updating their knowledge at international conferences and congresses. This makes it possible to develop and implement a number of important projects and programs: creation of a training center for ophthalmologists and cooperation with famous medical centers.

  • 2005

Thanks to the Super LASIK method of laser correction we managed to restore visual acuity above 100%. Now vision of 120-150% after laser correction is common practice. Implantation of Artisan phakic lenses is also used in everyday clinical practice. This method is used when there are contraindications to laser correction as an alternative to it or in cases of very high degrees of visual impairment.
The real event of the year was the introduction of multifocal surgery. Thanks to ReSTORE lens implantation it became possible to correct age-related hyperopia. Since this year our doctors constantly consult in the regional centers of Ukraine. Our management is implementing a specially designed social program for pensioners.

  • 2006

That same year doctors of our medical center received a patent for the joint development with the Russian Academy of Sciences of a video computerized treatment of strabismus. This system makes it possible to achieve the correct position of the eyes, to restore binocular vision in 70% of cases without surgical intervention.
Implementing the latest achievements of the world ophthalmology in the practice, in June 2006 "Novy Zir" Medical Centers started to use a new development of Alcon Company - AcrySof IQ Natural intraocular lens. Implantation of these lenses provides a fundamentally new quality of vision in different lighting conditions. Their special manufacturing technology allows seeing clear and sharp images even at night time, eliminating glare and flare in bright light.
Expanding its presence in the regions of Ukraine, in October 2006 the medical center "Novy Zir" was opened in Dnepropetrovsk. Residents of Dnepropetrovsk region got an excellent opportunity to have their eyes treated with modern techniques and state-of-the-art equipment in the regional center. Thanks to the opening of this medical facility a vitreoretinal surgery was performed.

  • 2007

Expanding the range of services, since 2007 every "Novy Zir" Center has opened an optician's shop. Now everyone who wants to buy high-quality glasses, frames and contact lenses can do it directly in the Medical Center.
In March 2007 the medical center "Novy Zir" was opened in Zaporizhzhya.
In May 2007 the operating system Infiniti was installed in Kiev "Novy Zir" Medical Center together with the Ukrainian representative office of American company Alcon. The main achievement of the Infiniti is the reduction of the incision to a record breaking 2.2 mm. Aqualase technology (lens washout) ensures that there is no risk of thermal complications and reduces the risk of tearing the posterior capsule of the eye.
In May 2007 the "Novy Zir" Medical Center in Kiev was successfully accredited by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and was recognized as a medical center of the highest category.
In 2007 "Novy Zir" Medical Center Kiev was announced the best in the national ranking "100 best products and services" for 2006.

In May, 2007 the new center "Novy Zir" in Cherkassy was opened. It is equipped with up-to-date medical equipment made in USA, Europe and Japan. Doctors of the medical center are experienced in progressive methods of eyesight recovery which allows to choose treatment according to individual indices of each patient.
In July 2007 the "Novy Zir" Eye Center in Kiev got a new diagnostic equipment - an endothelial microscope SP-3000P by Topcon corporation (Japan). This device is designed to analyze the endothelium, the inner cells of the cornea responsible for its transparency.

  • 2008

Our specialists were also able to achieve significant results in laser eye correction. A patient suffering from -6D myopia (20% of vision) got visual acuity of up to 150%! Cases of visual acuity increase up to 100% are becoming a matter of routine in the everyday ophthalmosurgical practice of the doctors of the "Novy Zir" medical center. Now, thanks to the latest achievements in the world of ophthalmology, patients are able to receive exceptional accuracy, safety and the highest results of treatment which were not available before.
Another significant event took place at the end of the year. The government of Ukraine has highly appreciated the achievements of the specialists of "Novy Zir" Medical Centers. For a significant contribution to the development of health care in Ukraine and significant labor achievements, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine awarded our team with a diploma of honor!

  • 2009

In 2009 a new method of laser correction Super Lasik Thin Flap (Super LASIK with ultrathin flap) was implemented in daily medical practice by the specialists of "Noviy Zir" medical center.
The expansion of the "Noviy Zir" medical centers is also continuing. Another branch opened in October in Sumy. The Sumy Medical Center provides precise diagnostics of the whole visual system and professional consultations from experienced ophthalmologists.

  • 2010

A new modern medical center "Novy Zir" was opened in Kharkov. It is equipped with modern diagnostic and treatment equipment made in the USA, Germany and Japan. The well-known Ukrainian ophthalmologist, professor, chair of eye diseases of Kharkov State Medical University Pavel Andreevich Bezdetko becomes the head consultant of the Kharkov "Novy Zir" Medical Center.

  • 2011

According to the official data of State Committee of statistics of Ukraine, in accordance with EUROPEAN STANDART RATING, "Novy Zir" Medical Center took the 5th place among 350 000 diversified enterprises and was recognized the leader among ophthalmological centers of Ukraine.
In April, 2011 two innovative models of IOL by American company Alcon have become available at "Novy Zir" Medical Center. These are AcrySof CACHET phakic lens which will help those for whom laser correction of vision is restricted or contraindicated. And the last model of the top ReSTOR line is multifocal toric AcrySof IQ ReSTOR IOL that is used for cataract treatment and correction of age-related hyperopia (presbyopia).

  • 2012

The modern diagnostic and treatment center "Noviy Zir" was opened in Krivoy Rog in September 2012.
For the last two years the quality of ophthalmologic services of "Noviy Zir" Medical Center has been appreciated by Kharkov citizens. In 2012 the high level of medical personnel training, excellent technical equipment of the center and precise organization of the treatment process were highly praised by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. After the successful accreditation, the center was given the highest category. Such accreditation is an assessment of a medical institution's compliance with all the necessary standards of higher state accreditation!

The year 2011 has not passed without appearance of new medical establishment under the brand of "Novy Zir". In October in Kiev, at 3v Sribnokilska str. (m. Poznyaki, TC Silver), was opened a center of non-surgical correction of vision "Novy Zir".

  • 2013

In May this year Khmelnitskiy medical center "Novy Zir" received its first patients at the new address - 108, Chernivola str. The new building is twice as big as the previous one. The first floor contains the rooms for diagnostics, consultation, laser procedures, optician's and pediatric department. The second floor is equipped with a modern operating room where experienced surgeons of the "Novy Zir" Medical Center perform treatment of cataract and glaucoma. Also on the second floor is located and mini-hotel, which will certainly be appreciated by residents of other cities and villages of Khmelnitsky region.

  • 2014

2014 was the most tragic year in the history of modern Ukraine. "Novy Zir"medical centers were not left out of the important events taking place in our country. Since the beginning of the Anti-Terrorist Operation in the East, various assistance is provided to Ukrainian heroes - free treatment is introduced for servicemen and volunteers who suffered during military operations in the ATO zone, in cases where their injuries and diseases are related to ophthalmology.

The challenging year of 2014 ended with the introduction of the latest Femto LASIK laser correction technique. This "stemless" technique is performed using the WaveLight® FS200 femto laser, launched by the American company Alcon in 2014. The beam of this laser is very gentle on the corneal tissues. It ensures the formation of a corneal flap that is perfect in all parameters, guarantees a quick and painless rehabilitation process and gives the highest postoperative vision scores!

  • 2015

The year 2015 was a year of dynamic development for the "Novy Zir" network of medical centers and was marked by a number of important events.
First of all - recognition from the American company Alcon. Kiev "Novy Zir" has become a reference center of one of the world's leading companies for the production and development of materials, equipment and technologies for ophthalmology! The status of the Reference Center implies various training activities for ophthalmologists from Ukraine and other countries. Seminars, practical demonstrations, master classes based in "Novy Zir" will give doctors the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest achievements of Alcon in the field of ophthalmosurgery. The "Novy Zir" specialists will always share their clinical experience and knowledge.

  • 2016

The high class of ophthalmologic services of all "Novy Zir" centers was confirmed by the award "Enterprise of the Year 2016" from the international rating "League of Beauties".
Also "Novy Zir" centers were awarded with a sign "recommended" by Ukrainian Association of Laser Medicine. This organization marks those medical institutions where laser equipment and technologies are perfectly used.
The main event of 2016 for "Novy Zir" Medical Centers has been charity program, according to which more than 50 people have been operated free of charge. Among those operated were heroes of ATO, their relatives, relatives of deceased Ukrainian heroes, and just poor people who cannot afford to pay for such an expensive operation themselves. The project's sponsors paid for all the medical supplies for the operations. The team of "Novy Zir" medical centers, including some of the best surgeons, acted as volunteers - they examined and operated the patients free of charge.
In the future the "Novy Zir" medical centers will do their best to provide high quality eye treatment to socially unprotected people.

  • 2017

In 2017, a new method of keratoconus treatment - implantation of corneal segments - was introduced into the daily medical practice of "Novy Zir" medical centers. The use of this technology has made it possible to achieve good postoperative results even for patients with complicated forms of keratoconus.
The main technological novelty of 2017 was the implementation of the "Operational Suite" project. Two modern lasers from the famous American company Alcon were installed in the Kiev center. They are united in a single complex, which allows offering an innovative level of refractive surgery: automated laser vision correction without the use of knife cuts - Femto LASIK WaveLight.

  • 2018

In 2018, "Novy Zir" Medical Center was recognized as the best ophthalmology center in Ukraine! Victory in the independent voting conducted by the All-Ukrainian national project "Ukrainian People's Award" became possible thanks to the hard work of a large team of professionals. Constant striving to always meet the highest standards of modern medicine, has found the deserved recognition of the most demanding jury of the competition - the Ukrainian consumer!

  • 2019

In 2019, for the second year in a row, Medical Center "Novy Zir" became the winner in the category "Ophthalmological Center of the Year".

The most important component of constant progress, is the renewal of the material and technical base of our centers and the introduction of new methods of treatment of eye diseases. 2019 was truly a year of novelties for many "Novy Zir" centers! So, a new vitreoretinal CONSTELLATION Vision System was installed in Dnepr. In Kharkov the newest excimer laser WAVELIGHT EX500. Khmelnitsky has introduced laser for transscleral laser coagulation of glaucoma and cross linking for keratoconus treatment.

  • 2020

The clinic once again became a winner in the category "Ophthalmology Center of the Year" in the authoritative national competition "Ukrainian People's Award".

Receiving this award for the third time in a row, especially in the conditions of the global pandemic, is a valuable and deserved recognition of high professionalism of the entire staff of "Novy Zir" Medical Centers. It is a new impetus for not resting on our laurels and constantly improving the level of our ophthalmology services!

Clinic contacts “Ophthalmology Center "Novy Zir"”

Glubochitskaya str. 17. Kyiv, Ukraine

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