"Docart" Medical Center is one of the most popular and qualified clinics in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Since its establishment in 2015, the clinic has established itself as an institution that provides its patients with high-quality medical care at the highest level.

We are always responsible in recruiting staff for our center; each of them has to correspond to at least three qualifications: professionalism, love for their work, and empathy. We believe that a doctor should not only be able to diagnose the patient correctly and choose effective treatment, but also be able to say the right words of support and take care of the comfort of the patient at every stage of treatment.

Cataract treatment and refractive lens replacement AS-IOL LLASY60, Spain 310 €
Comprehensive examination and consultation by an ophthalmologist 11.5 €
Laser vision correction according to the N.A.S.A. method using TOPOguided Extra technology (Myopia > 10.0 D; Ast > 4.0 D) 516 €
Repeated gynecological consultation 10 €
Intimate rejuvenation on the CANDELA CO2 vaginal device (1 session) 142 €
Cataract treatment and refractive lens replacement with ARTIS Y PL, Cristalens, France (with high myopia correction) 485 €
Multifocal lenses with astigmatism correction Acrysof® IQ Panoptix Toric TFNT40 Alcon, USA 1660 €
Monofocal lenses with intermediate vision and astigmatism correction TECNIS Eyhance Toric IOL (DIU800), Johnson & Johnson, USA 930 €
Treatment of glaucoma. Sinustrabeculoectomy (one eye) 197 €
Multifocal lenses. TECNIS Synergy. Johnson & Johnson. USA 1200 €
Cataract treatment and refractive lens replacement. HOYA iSert® 251, Japan 479 €
Laser correction according to the N.A.S.A. method using TOPOguided technology (6.0 D < Myopia < 10.0 D; Ast > 2.0 D) 443 €
Monofocal lenses with intermediate vision and astigmatism correction. TECNIS Eyhance Toric IOL (DIU100), Johnson & Johnson, USA 834 €
Medical abortion 105 €
Primary gynecological consultation 11 €
Selection of contraceptive methods 5 €
Examination before vaccination with Gardasil 190 €
Consultation with a trichologist 13 €
Hair transplant using the seamless FUE method for less than 1499 grafts 1593 €
Seamless hair transplantation by FUE method (3000 grafts). All inclusive. Premium 2693 €
Hair transplant using the seamless FUE method (Basic) 236 €
Gynecology 200 €
Medical abortion 100 €
Ophthalmology 100 €
Cataract surgery 200 €
Laser eye surgery 300 €
Hair transplantation 500 €
FUE hair transplantation 300 €

Our doctors

Vitokhina-Lesnaya Tatiana Petrovna
Khomchenko Elena Mikhailovna
Obstetrician-gynecologist, doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics
Lyashenko Yana Anatolievna
Ivzhenko Lyudmila Igorevna
Novikova Olena Petrivna

Feedback from our clients

Очень довольна результатом!
Делала в клинике Докарт лазерную коррекцию зрения! Понравилось, то что врач был настроен мне на самом деле помочь, а не просто взять с меня деньги. Зрение у меня начало падать с 18 лет, с каждым годом становилось все хуже. На момент, когда я обратилась в клинику, мне диагностировали динамику ухудшения зрения, и врач предупредил, что в данной стадии не имеет смысла делать лазерную коррекцию, поскольку идет активное снижение зрения. Мне было предложено сначала лечение, и только после того, как зрение будет стабильно на одном уровне без скачков, целесообразно делать лазерную коррекцию. Я целый год проходила лечение и наблюдение в клинике, на каждом приеме доктор Яна Анатольевна фиксировала показатели моего зрения. И в конце концов, врач дала зеленый свет, на лазерную коррекцию! Операция прошла успешно. Спасибо за индивидуальный подход!
Клиника Докарт
Ирина Колодяжная (Харьков)

Clinic overview “Medical Center "Dokart"”

In addition, we monitor the constant personal and professional growth of our doctors, all of them regularly undergo training, attend lectures and seminars, and exchange experiences with colleagues from other clinics and foreign experts.

Maintaining a high level of treatment success is ensured not only by our doctors but also by regular equipment upgrades. Medicine does not stand still; our goal is to provide patients with the best and most modern treatment.

The most popular directions of work at our clinic:

In addition, you can be examined and get qualified help in the following areas:

  • Outpatient Surgery
  • Gastroenterology
  • Endoscopy
  • Proctology
  • Internal Medicine and Cardiology

At "Docart", we strive to provide our patients with the highest level of quality medical care, while caring for each of our patients and ensuring that each case is treated individually. If you have any questions or need medical attention, contact "Docart" Clinic - we're here to help!

"Docart" Clinic has experience working with international patients and has a number of benefits to ensure your comfort and convenience.

Here are a few of the benefits we provide for our international clients:

  • Individual approach to each patient and consideration of their culture and religious beliefs.
  • Opportunity to receive consultation and treatment from leading specialists in different fields of medicine.
  • Safety and reliability of medical care, which meets international quality standards.
  • The full medical treatment cycle includes consultations with doctors, medical examinations, treatment, and rehabilitation.
  • Availability of an interpreter for consultations and procedures.
  • Part of the staff speaks English.
  • Convenient location with the possibility of comfortable accommodation in close proximity to the clinic.
  • More affordable prices than in most clinics abroad.
  • Availability of online consultation.

At "Docart" Clinic we strive to provide our international patients with high-quality treatment and comfort during their stay in Kharkiv. Our team is ready to provide comprehensive support and assistance to ensure the best medical experience.

Clinic contacts “Medical Center "Dokart"”

Kharkiv, 24 Mayakovsky St. (m. University, m. Pushkinskaya)


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