Welcome to Pavliv Vision Clinic - your visit to clear vision!

Pavliv Vision Clinic is a blend of what your family stands for in a healthy lifestyle. Our clinic offers a wide range of services for laser diseases and other ophthalmic procedures. We return to our own standards of living, standards with an individualized approach to each patient to ensure the need for higher treatment.

Laser treatment is an innovative method that today opens up great opportunities to open your eyes. I hope that at Pavliv Clinic you will have a unique opportunity to find brightness and the ability to realize the world through your own eyes.

Consultation 23 €
Laser retinal coagulation (focal) 65 €
Panretinal laser retinal coagulation 1 stage 39 €
Prophylactic peripheral laser retinal coagulation - one eye 78 €
Preventive peripheral laser retinal coagulation - two eyes 142 €
Laser trabeculoplasty - one eye 78 €
Laser trabeculoplasty - two eyes 142 €
Laser iridoplasty - one eye 65 €
Laser iridoplasty - two eyes 116 €
Screening package (optic disc + macula) both eyes 26 €
Glaucoma package of both eyes (thickness of the nerve fiber layer and the number of ganglion cells in the macular area, pachymetry, anterior chamber angle) 34 €
Orthokeratological night lenses - 1 lens 258 €
Orthokeratology night lenses 393 €
Hardware treatment 1 course (10 sessions) 57 €
Initial home visit by a doctor 39 €
Ophthalmology 1000 €
Laser eye surgery 400 €
Cataract surgery 350 €

Our doctors

Pavliv Oleksandra Borysivna
Ophthalmologist of the highest category, ophthalmic surgeon, chief ophthalmologist of Lviv region.
Pavliv Sofia Andriivna
Leading ophthalmologist, ophthalmic surgeon
Gernaga Yuliana Omelyanivna
Ophthalmologist of the highest category, specialist in night orthokeratology lenses
Kolos Diana Ihorivna
Ivaskevich Maria Yurievna

Feedback from our clients

Все добре
Звернувся до офтальмолога в "Клініці Павлів" у Львові, бо почав замічати проблеми з зором. Лікар був досить уважний, зробив всі необхідні перевірки та обстеження. Особливо сподобалось, як детально мені все пояснили, що до чого і чому виникають такі симптоми. Професіоналізм на рівні, і в клініці все дуже чисто і сучасно. Порадили кілька варіантів лікування та профілактики, які допоможуть покращити зір. Поки задоволений і продовжую слідувати їхнім рекомендаціям.
Клініка Павлів
Мирослав (Львів)

Clinic overview “Ophthalmology Clinic "Pavliv"”

Diagnosis is the first step

Preliminary diagnosis is the most important step in the treatment of any disease. Our ophthalmologists perform an eye examination using modern equipment, with pupil dilation for a more accurate assessment of the retina. This allows us to pinpoint the exact nature of the disease and choose the best treatment method.

Laser treatment - your path to brighter vision

Laser treatment is an effective method for patients with varying degrees of retinal disease. Our team of experienced specialists ensures that the treatment is tailored to your specific features and needs.

Speed and results

One of the main advantages of laser treatment is the speed of recovery and noticeable improvement in vision. Many patients notice positive changes after a short period after the procedure.

Long-term effect

We create an individualized treatment plan for you, which guarantees not only effectiveness but also long-term preservation of quality vision. After laser treatment, it is important to follow the recommendations of our specialists and regularly visit an ophthalmologist.

Trust the professionals

Laser retina treatment at Pavliv Clinic is your chance to make your life brighter and of higher quality. Trust the experience and knowledge of our ophthalmologists. You deserve only the best!

If you still have questions or doubts, don't hesitate, just call our clinic and make an appointment for a consultation with an ophthalmologist. We are ready to provide comprehensive answers, dispel your doubts, and help improve your vision. Come visit us at the Pavliv Clinic. Your bright future starts here.

In addition to laser eye treatment, our specialists practice other treatment methods. If your vision has fallen or you are experiencing other difficulties, we are waiting to see you. Our specialists will do everything possible to return you the joy of seeing the world with your own eyes!

Pavliv Clinic is a place where modern medicine and sincere care for patients do the impossible - return clarity of vision to patients.

We look forward to seeing you at the Pavliv Eye Clinic!

Clinic contacts “Ophthalmology Clinic "Pavliv"”

Lviv, st. Yuriy Rufa, 45a


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