"Expert" Hospital is a new highly specialized hospital, which provides comprehensive medical services with the provision of modern and quality medical care in the center of Lviv.

Our hospital offers new standards of treatment and patient care based on impeccable service and safety.

Our goal is to create a new image of modern private medicine in Lviv by introducing unified standards of treatment. We value each patient who entrusted us their health.


Medical interruption of pregnancy up to 4 weeks 110 €
Online gynecologist consultation 13 €
Vacuum abortion 327 €
Primary gynecological consultation 13 €
Laparoscopic removal of ovarian cysts 675 €
Removal of paraovarian cysts 450 €
Vaginal stump suturing 240 €
Suturing of Vesicoureteric fistula of category 3 1030 €
Hysteroresectoscopy category 3 305 €
Laparoscopic uterine extirpation category 3 1290 €
Vaginal narrowing plasty of category 2 710 €
Laparoscopic tubectomy 580 €
Uterine tubal plasty 805 €
Transvaginal uterine extirpation 805 €
Medical abortion 60 €
Reproductology 1500 €
Gynecology 60 €
Vacuum Aspiration Abortion 50 €
Medical abortion 60 €

Our doctors

Martyn Taras Yulianovich
Melnichin Nikolay Yaroslavovich
Bula Irina Igorevna
Mokra Natalia Ivanovna
Bryn Vladimir Mironovich
Obstetrician-gynecologist, Oncogynecologist

Clinic overview “"Expert" Hospital”

We are a full-service hospital: consultation, diagnosis, surgical intervention, minimal postoperative rehabilitation period.

Our hospital provides medical services in the following areas:

  • family medicine;
  • gynecology;
  • urology;
  • cardiology;
  • otolaryngology;
  • gastroenterology;
  • proctology;
  • neurology;
  • endocrinology;
  • surgery;
  • pediatric surgery;
  • pediatrics;
  • phlebology;
  • nephrology;
  • ophthalmology;
  • dermatology;
  • allergology;
  • chemotherapy;
  • oncology;
  • traumatology;
  • orthopedics;
  • bariatric surgery;
  • mammology;
  • ENT surgery;
  • vascular surgery;
  • aesthetic surgery.

The hospital also has a day hospital.

We value your time and comfort, so we do not have any queues and long waits - everything and now in one place and with an individual approach to each patient.

Our specialists have many years of experience - MDs and PhDs, who are well known in their fields, both in the region and abroad. These are luminaries of modern medicine, who perform unique operations.

Our surgeons use minimally invasive intervention and new surgical techniques that minimize postoperative rehabilitation, and help to get rid of a number of serious diseases and many other health problems of varying complexity.

Within the walls of the medical institution operations of all kinds of complexity are performed:

general surgery, gynecology, urology, proctology, bariatric surgery, breast surgery, otolaryngology, vascular surgery, phlebology, pediatric surgery, orthopedics and traumatology, ophthalmology, oncology and aesthetic surgery.

Hospital "Expert" is equipped with modern high-tech equipment and equipment of leading European manufacturers. Also, we have our own laboratory, which allows you to avoid the appointment of unnecessary tests and examinations, and conduct urgent examination and save your precious time when you identify certain diseases.

The laboratory conducts the following types of tests:

  • general clinical studies;
  • cytological studies;
  • biochemical studies;
  • Indicators of the blood clotting system;
  • thyroid hormones;
  • reproductive hormones;
  • immunological studies;
  • allergologic examinations.

The medical staff of the hospital is always polite and friendly. We are always clean, sterile and bright. For a comfortable and convenient stay in our hospital, we offer spacious rooms equipped with quick call buttons, Internet, 4 meals a day from a choice of dishes, 24-hour medical staff support and much more.

Our hospital provides emergency medical care out of the queue and without fail!
It is important to us that everyone has access to quality services with a European approach to treatment and care, and therefore we offer affordable prices for everyone.

Our benefits:

  • Expert is a one-stop family hospital that provides all types of medical care for adults and children.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of all areas of modern medicine.
  • Emergency medical care.
  • Surgical interventions of any complexity.
  • We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Professionalism and well-coordinated team, the highest level of safety, modern operating equipment, cleanliness and comfort - all this is a hospital "Expert".

One of the leading areas of the hospital is gynecology. Expert" hospital boasts a team of high-class gynecologists with an extensive experience of work and training in Ukraine and abroad.

We are concerned about women's health and do our best to prevent development of serious diseases in our patients and to free them from the slightest discomfort related to women's health.

A gynecologist helps with diseases that are unique to the female body. A gynecologist solves problems related to women's health, and for women it is always a sensitive topic.

You need a consultation with a good gynecologist if you are concerned about any of:

  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Thickening of the pelvis or breasts
  • Itching, burning, discomfort during intercourse
  • Pain when urinating - Unpleasant smells
  • Disorder of the cycle
  • Other possible symptoms

Modern gynecology treats women with different diseases and at their different stages. In modern medical practice, the most common treatments are:

  • Inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary tract.
  • Infectious diseases.
  • Menstrual disorders.
  • Treatment of erosions and dysplasia.

In addition, our physicians are qualified to treat:

Inflammatory diseases

  • vulvovaginitis
  • vaginal candidiasis
  • colpitis
  • endometritis

Tumors and neoplasms

  • polyps
  • uterine myoma
  • ovarian cyst
  • cervical cyst

Infectious diseases

  • trichomonosis
  • chlamydia
  • HPV
  • condylomas

Other types of diseases

  • cervical ectopy
  • dysmenorrhea
  • endometriosis
  • dysplasia

"Expert" Hospital strives to help every woman, every patient of ours to preserve her health and get the best, most up-to-date treatment.

Clinic contacts “"Expert" Hospital”

Sholom Aleichem Street 11, Lviv. Ukraine

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