"Ophthalmica" is an international center of advanced ophthalmic technologies. It is the only center for people with vision problems in Ukraine, where the main principles of qualitative and effective medicine are united:

  • Doctors. Our doctors attend annual advanced training courses and trainings abroad, gain new theoretical and practical experience.
  • The newest and multifunctional equipment. This allows us not only to perform operations that are unavailable in most clinics, but also to increase the chances of a positive outcome.
  • High standard of service.  All hospital staff understands that for a person with vision disabilities there are a lot of difficulties in everyday life. That is why we try to create the most comfortable conditions for our patients and are always ready to help them.


Consultation before laser vision correction 10 €
Preliminary examination before laser vision correction 13 €
Phacoemulsification of cataract with AS-IOL implantation. AJL. Spain 330 €
Opti-Q LASEK laser correction for myopia and hyperopia (one eye) 355 €
Non-contact laser correction using TransPRK (StreamLight) method for myopia and hyperopia (one eye) 415 €
Complete ophthalmologic examination 23 €
Laser additional correction of residual astigmatism after cataract phacoemulsification with IOL implantation (one eye) 184 €
Phototherapeutic keratectomy. PTK (one eye) 330 €
Corneal collagen crosslinking procedure using riboflavin (crosslinking). UVX (one eye) 355 €
Phacoemulsification of cataract with IOL Acrysof® MA60AC implantation. Alcon. USA 433 €
Opti-Q LASIK laser correction for myopia and hyperopia (one eye) 453 €
Phacoemulsification of cataract with IOL Acrysof® SA60AT implantation. Alcon. USA 483 €
Phacoemulsification of cataract with IOL Acrysof® MA60MA implantation. Alcon. USA 483 €
Topoguided OptiLASIK laser correction for myopia and hyperopia (one eye) 551 €
Phacoemulsification of cataract with IOL Acrysof® Natural IQ implantation SN60WF, AU00T0. Alcon. USA 576 €
Ophthalmology 1000 €
Laser eye surgery 380 €
Cataract surgery 300 €

Our doctors

Kovtun Mikhail Ivanovich
Principal Consultant
Medvedev Boris Nikolayevich
Klimenko Vadim Leonidovich
Head of the surgical department
Strelets Oksana Igorevna
Chief physician. Ophthalmologist of the highest category
Sardarian Vartui Vahagnovna
Medical Director. Ophthalmologist of the highest category
Chugai Elena Vladimirovna
Surgeon, Department of Aesthetic Surgery. Ophthalmologist of the highest category
Selivanova Natalia Alexandrovna
Head of Children's Department. Ophthalmologist of the highest category
Ganysh Alla Viktorovna
Head of the diagnostic department. Highest-category ophthalmologist
Fesenko Sergey Ivanovich
Doctor of the surgical department. First-category ophthalmologist
Zavalnyuk Natalya Anatolievna
Doctor of the department of laser methods of treatment. Ophthalmologist of the highest category
Ohremenko Larisa Vasilyevna
Consultant physician of the diagnostic department. Highest-category ophthalmologist
Tkachenko Ekaterina Nikolaevna
Doctor of the diagnostic department. Ophthalmologist of the highest category
Mityuk Lesya Anatolievna
Doctor of the diagnostic department. Ophthalmologist of the highest category
Olkhovskaya Victoria Olegovna
A pediatric ophthalmologist. Highest-category ophthalmologist
Zhilyaeva Anna Yevgenyevna
Pediatric ophthalmologist. First-category ophthalmologist
Khatsenko Igor Aleksandrovich
Pediatric ophthalmologist. Ophthalmologist
Kovtun Natalia Mikhailovna
Consultant physician in the diagnostic department
Nikitina Lydia Alexeyevna
Ophthalmologist in the diagnostic department
Skrinnik Svetlana Anatolievna
Physician in the diagnostic department
Shebanov Roman Vyacheslavovich
Physician in the diagnostic department
Kachanova Alyona Igorevna
Physician in the Department of Aesthetic Surgery
Prikhodko Daria Olegovna
Physician in the Department of Aesthetic Surgery
Nikulina Olga Mikhailovna
Physician in the diagnostic department
Klischevskaya Anna Vladimirovna
Physician in diagnostic and aesthetic departments

Clinic overview “International Medical Center "Ophthalmica"”

Today, "International Medical Center Ophthalmicа" working in Kharkov for eleven years, is the most advanced center for the diagnosis and treatment of vision problems. Here you can find the best in Ukraine ophthalmic equipment and leading doctors of the region and the whole country. Most of them are members of European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS).

The history of the center began in 2006 on the basis of the City Clinical Hospital No. 14 named after Professor L.L. Girshmanwhen when six enthusiastic doctors decided to create a place with absolutely new approach to the organization of work, standard of service and quality of care for patients.

On the basis of the clinic, they implemented the practical experience of the British school of ophthalmology, the knowledge acquired by the doctors while working in the Arab Emirates, and all available knowledge of their foreign colleagues at that time.

While initially the "International Medical Center Ophthalmicа" worked solely as a diagnostic center, in 2008 the first in-house operating room was opened. It was designed according to the world's GMP quality standards for clean rooms. The room has no windows, and sterile air is supplied through a German supply and exhaust system, which includes: three-stage purification filters, filters that can only be found in modern pharmaceutical plants. It guarantees a high standard of hygiene and safety of procedures, in terms of asepsis and antisepsis.

The creation of the operating unit, which was absolutely new in Ukraine and had equipment unavailable elsewhere, made it possible to significantly raise the level of treatment of such diseases as cataract and glaucoma. Virtually at the same time, the center started performing laser eye correction. During a  year, colleagues from other countries more experience in this area trained and corrected the work of the center's doctors to achieve ideal results.

Every year "Ophthalmicа" developed and expanded its range of services. For example, in 2012 a children's department and its own optics were opened. In 2013 the center started performing retinal surgery (vitreoretinal surgery).

In 2015 - a department for the visually impaired was set up. This is a unique place for Ukraine. It is here that patients suffering from vision problems, who have been denied treatment in other hospitals, are given hope of recovery.  State-of-the-art equipment and the colossal experience of the center's doctors give such patients the opportunity to see again.

  • Experience.

Doctors at the Clinic constantly receive training in the U.S. and Europe. Specialists from Germany, Israel, and the U.S come to the center to share the latest world technologies.

We not only train specialists, we also share our experience with the rest of Ukraine. Medicine is not a place where you have to keep secrets. Our mission is to help as many patients as possible and to bring the level of medicine in Ukraine to a qualitatively new standard.

  •  Equipment

High efficiency of the Center is determined not only by qualification of our doctors, but also by the equipment which has almost no equivalent in Ukraine.

No matter how competent the doctor is, without quality tools he is unable to help. That is why we do everything for the patient to get help and defeat the disease.

  • Comfort

Our clinic has created the most comfortable conditions for patients. Beginning from the consultation, where the task of the doctor is not only to diagnose the disease, but to create a comfortable atmosphere, to the operating and postoperative period.

Service, food, comfortable conditions, friendly staff - all this is designed to provide the best conditions for the patient.

We strive for European standard of medicine in everything.

The main purpose of work of the "International Medical Center Ophthalmica" is to help people, to develop Ukrainian medicine and supply it with highly qualified personnel.


Clinic contacts “International Medical Center "Ophthalmica"”

Kharkiv, st. O. Yarosha, 16 G

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