In April 2022, the Academician V. Gryshchenko Clinic opened a branch in the city of Lviv, Ukraine. The opening of such a comprehensive reproductive medical center opens up many opportunities for Lviv residents and guests of the city.

Gryshchenko Clinic is considered one of the strongest and most advanced medical institutions in Ukraine, which deals with the problems of conception and infertility.

The history of the clinic began in the 80s of last century in Kharkov, which means that it is more than 40 years old. During this time, experts of the center were very active and pioneered in the development of in-vitro fertilization and other assisted reproductive technologies.

Gryshchenko Clinic is:

  •     Ukraine's first assisted reproductive technology (ART) clinic.
  •     Ukraine's first successful cycle of IVF treatment and birth of a healthy child in 1991.
  •     Ukraine's first sperm donor bank.
  •     First in the CIS countries successful surrogacy program.

First reproductologist consultation 12 €
Primary gynecological consultation 12 €
Egg (oocyte) donation 969 €
Become a surrogate 13000 €
Surrogacy service 38500 €
Infertility treatment program by IVF method "Basic" 1610 €
Infertility treatment program by IVF method "Optimal" 2080 €
Infertility treatment program by IVF method "Intense" 2183 €
In Vitro Fertilization (with ICSI, no medications) 920 €
In Vitro Fertilization (no ICSI, no medications) 707 €
Donor sperm insemination (class A) 97 €
Spermogram of andrology 10 €
Initial consultation with endocrinologist 13 €
Embryo biopsy 138 €
Complex "First acquaintance" (initial consultation of a reproductive specialist with ultrasound) 17 €
Repeated consultation with a reproductive specialist 11 €
Online consultation by a reproductive specialist 12 €
Reproductology 1500 €
IVF 1500 €
Egg (oocyte) donation 4500 €
First reproductologist consultation 40 €
Embryology 120 €
Sperm bank 600 €
Intrauterine insemination (IUI) 300 €

Our doctors

Alipova Elena Konstantinovna
Obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductologist, ultrasound doctor
Lutskaya Lyudmila Ivanovna
Obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductologist, ultrasound doctor
Lutsky Andrei Sergeevich
Obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductologist.

Clinic overview “Fertility clinic V.I. Gryshchenko Lviv”

Our clinic specializes in:

  •     Treatment of all types of infertility.
  •     Assisted reproductive technologies.
  •     IVF.
  •     Gynecology.
  •     Management of pregnancy.

We provide a wide range of services related to diagnosis and treatment of various reproductive problems which affect the ability of a couple to conceive and bear a healthy child.

First of all, by visiting the Clinic Gryshchenko, you will see a reproductologist with whom you can discuss your concerns. These could be:

  •     Not being able to get pregnant for more than a year of active attempts.
  •     Miscarriages.
  •     Female and male genital system diseases that affect conception.
  •     Menstrual cycle problems.
  •     Planning a pregnancy at a mature age (over 35).
  •     Suspicion of infertility.

After learning the reason for treatment, our doctors will be able to choose the best course of treatment for you.

List of the most demanded services at our center:

  •     Comprehensive reception by a reproductologist (acquaintance, consultation, ultrasound of the pelvis, bacteriological analysis of secretions and cytological examination of the cervix).
  •     In Vitro Fertilization.
  •     Cryoprotocol (IVF with "frozen" embryos).
  •     Intrauterine insemination.
  •     Infertility treatment.
  •     Management of pregnancy.
  •     Prenatal screening.
  •     Ultrasound diagnosis.
  •     Laparoscopy.

Advantages of the Gryshchenko Clinic

During such a long period of existence, we have been able to develop our own principles of working not only with clients, but also to form an understanding of our values, goals, and define a set of characteristics and requirements to be met by each of our staff.

  •     Constant development and desire to master new technologies and approaches.
  •     Honesty towards each other, clients and pricing.
  •     Regular professional development and advanced training of our doctors.
  •     International cooperation with experts from abroad.
  •     Comfortable emotional environment for patients and employees.
  •     Respect and tolerance.
  •     Continuous working experience.
  •     Communication and openness. Helps to make the right diagnosis and speeds up the treatment process.

Our clinic has managed to gather within its walls not only the most effective technologies of infertility treatment, but also a team who really cares about the fate of patients and strive to help each couple.

We are looking for an individual approach to patients, because we fully understand that the successful conception and pregnancy, not only depend on physical factors, but also the psychological comfort and willingness of future parents.

At the beginning of 2021 our doctors have helped 14 597 babies to be born, while the pregnancy rate is 75%.

Fertility clinic V.I. Gryshchenko Lviv - helping Ukrainian and foreign couples with the birth of a long-awaited child!

Clinic contacts “Fertility clinic V.I. Gryshchenko Lviv”

str. Shevchenko, 21, Lviv. Ukraine


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