Dental clinic "Uzmanlar" is a place where thanks to modern technologies and experience of our team your dreams of healthy teeth and a radiant smile become a reality. Since our foundation in 1995, we have never stopped improving, discovering new techniques and areas of work, as well as improving our service. All this is done to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible and get exactly the result they were hoping for!

All on 6. Fixed Hybrid Acrylic Bridge per jaw 4700 €
Titanium implant abutment + crown (Straumann Roxolid, Astra, Implant Direct, NucleOSS , Osstem) 660 €
Porcelain Bridge per jaw (permanent bridge) 1600 €
Zirconia porcelain crown 200 €
E.max. Laminate/empress veneer (Per unit) 240 €
Cleaning + Whitening 190 €
Cleaning +Whitening +Home bleaching kits 250 €
Tartar Removal 60 €
Composite veneer (Per unit) 110 €
All on 4. Fixed Hybrid Acrylic Bridge per jaw 3500 €
All on 8. Fixed Hybrid Acrylic Bridge per jaw 5800 €
Titanium Implant + Abutment 440 €
Zirconia porcelain crown 200 €
Metal fused porcelain crown 120 €
Porcelain emax crown 250 €
Porcelain fused to Metal Bridge (3 crowns) 360 €
Composite veneer (Per unit) 110 €
Dentistry 100 €
Dental implants 200 €
Veneers placement 200 €
Teeth whitening 70 €
Dental crowns 120 €
Dental implantation All on 6 5000 €
Dental Implants All on 4 3800 €

Our doctors

Clinic overview “Dental clinic "Uzmanlar"”

Our benefits:

  • Expert team. Our doctors are top-level professionals with years of experience and continuous professional development.
  • State-of-the-art equipment. We use advanced technologies and latest generation equipment for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.
  • Individual approach. We take into account the needs and wishes of each patient, developing a personalized treatment plan.
  • Comfort and safety. We have created a cozy and safe atmosphere in our clinic to make you feel comfortable and confident at every stage of treatment.
  • Wide range of services. Uzmanlar Clinic offers a full range of dental services from prevention and treatment to aesthetic correction and reconstructive surgery.

Services we offer:

  • Dental implants. We specialize in the placement of quality dental implants from the world's leading brands. 
  • Orthodontics. Our orthodontists provide customized treatment plans to correct various bite problems and align teeth so you can achieve a healthy and attractive smile.
  • Aesthetic Dentistry. We help you achieve the perfect smile with procedures such as porcelain veneers, cosmetic corrections for tooth shape and color, and other aesthetic procedures.
  • Teeth Whitening. Our professional whitening techniques can help you get rid of pigmentation and restore your smile to its natural whiteness and brightness.
  • Root Canal Treatment. Our skilled professionals provide effective root canal treatment using modern techniques and equipment to save your teeth from extraction.
  • Dentures. We offer a wide range of dentures, including fixed and removable dentures, that will blend perfectly with your natural teeth and provide you with comfort and confidence when chewing and speaking.

Each of our services is based on each patient's individual needs and goals.

Make an appointment at Uzmanlar Dental Clinic and trust your smile to world-class dentists. We are ready to help you achieve the healthy and beautiful smile you've always dreamed of!

Clinic contacts “Dental clinic "Uzmanlar"”

Türkali, Ihlamurdere Cd. No:92 D:3, 34357 Beşiktaş/Istanbul, Turkey