Welcome to «ViraDenta» dental clinic. We are originally from Istanbul and taking care of your smile — is our main goal. Our team offers a wide range of top quality services to make your smile bright and healthy.

Nobel biocare active All-on-6 – dental implants full arch (per jaw) 5226 €
Nobel biocare active All-on-4 – dental implants full arch (per jaw) 4300 €
Laser whitening 447 €
E.max crown / full veneer (sirona smile design and cad/cam technology) 312 €
Treatment of periodontitis with the VECTOR system 70 €
Nobel dental implant + abutment 765 €
Straumann dental implant + abutment 893 €
Bone grafting 638 €
Home teeth whitening kit 163 €
Metal porcelain crown/ full veneer 188 €
Zirconium porcealin crown/ full veneer 254 €
E.max laminate veneer (sirona smile design and cad/cam technology) 312 €
Celtra duo crown / full veneer (sirona smile design and cad/cam technology) 395 €
Consultation/online consultation with a periodontist 20 €
Plasma therapy (one session) 88 €
Alpha bio dental implant + abutment 614 €
Dentistry 100 €
Dental implants 800 €
Veneers placement 300 €
Teeth whitening 50 €
Dental crowns 200 €
Dental implantation All on 6 800 €
Gum treatment 300 €
Dental care using microscopes 50 €
Dental treatment under general anesthesia 50 €
Dental Implants All on 4 4500 €

Our doctors

Behye Kyun
Ilker Ozdemir
Orthopaedic dentist

Clinic overview “Dental clinic "ViraDenta"”

At «ViraDenta» Clinic, we specialize in treating and restoring teeth using advanced technology and advanced equipment. Our team of professional dentists has extensive experience and expertise in various fields of dentistry.

All of our team of professional dentists have extensive experience and expertise in various fields of dentistry.

Directions of work of «ViraDenta»:

  • Implantology. This is a branch of dentistry that deals with restoring teeth by placing implants – artificial roots that are placed in the bone tissue of the jaw. Implantology solves the problems of replacing lost teeth, restoring chewing function, improving the patient's appearance and self-esteem.
  • Orthodontics. Corrects the bite and alignment of teeth. Orthodontics helps to solve the problems of misaligned teeth, malocclusion, misalignment and misalignment of teeth, which helps to improve the aesthetics of the smile and chewing function.
  • Dental crowns or dentures. Restoration of dental defects with removable or fixed dentures. Dentures address missing teeth, damaged teeth, bad bite and other problems, restoring the attractiveness of your smile.
  • Maxillofacial surgery. This is a field of dentistry that deals with the treatment and correction of pathologies of the maxillofacial region, such as tumors, cysts, fractures, facial asymmetry and others. Oral and maxillofacial surgery solves functional and aesthetic problems related to the maxillofacial region, providing the patient with facial health and beauty.
  • Tooth whitening. It is a procedure to improve the color of teeth by removing plaque and pigmentation. Teeth whitening helps to address tooth discoloration due to smoking, drinking coffee or tea, and the natural aging of enamel.
  • Endodontics. The treatment of tooth root canals and the tissues within the roots. Endodontics solves root canal disease, dental pulp inflammation and other problems, saving the tooth and preventing tooth extraction.
  • Pedodontics. A branch of dentistry that specializes in the treatment of children's teeth and early prevention of oral diseases in children. Pedodontics addresses the problems of tooth decay, deciduous and permanent teeth, and the development of a proper bite in children.
  • Parodontology. It deals with the treatment of periodontal disease – the tissues surrounding the teeth. Periodontics addresses periodontitis, gingivitis, gum recession and other pathologies, keeping the gums and bones that support the teeth healthy.
  • Restorative Dentistry. This is a branch of dentistry that deals with restoring the function and aesthetics of teeth and oral tissues. Restorative dentistry addresses tooth damage, enamel defects, tooth loss, and other problems, restoring smile and chewing function.

Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and we are constantly monitoring innovations in the dental industry to provide our patients with the most advanced treatments.

We strive to take a personalized approach to each patient by understanding their unique needs and desires. Our goal is not just to treat teeth, but to make our patients' dreams come true by helping them achieve the perfect smile they will be confident in.

Visiting Turkey is not only an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this amazing country, but also to receive first-class dental treatment at ViraDenta Clinic. Our team is ready to welcome patients from different countries and provide them with care and attention at the highest level!

Clinic contacts “Dental clinic "ViraDenta"”

Istanbul, Umraniye, Reshit Pasha Street