Medical Center «A-Medical.Pro» – is your reliable friend in taking care of your health. Our clinic is located in Kharkiv, one of the largest cities in Ukraine, and provides a wide range of high quality medical services. We are proud to offer our patients access to advanced treatments and services that meet international standards.

Primary gynecological consultation 14 €
Repeated gynecological consultation 13 €
Vacuum abortion (mini-abortion) 167 €
Medical abortion 107 €
Installation of an IUD (intrauterine device) 43 €
Removal of the IUD (intrauterine device) 24 €
Cervical biopsy 36 €
Colposcopy 12 €
Treatment of cervical pathology by radio wave/laser method 238 €
Intimate contouring plastic surgery 238 €
Restoring the tone of the vaginal walls 190 €
Plastic surgery of the labia minora 238 €
Clitoral plastic surgery 205 €
Treatment of vaginismus 167 €
Treatment of postcoital cystitis 167 €
Reproductology 100 €
Gynecology 100 €
Medical abortion 100 €
Vacuum Aspiration Abortion 140 €

Our doctors

Prasol Natalia Oleksandrivna

Clinic overview “Medical Center "A-Medical.Pro"”

Modern technologies, high professionalism of specialists and an individual approach to each patient are what make our clinic special. Regardless of whether you need a consultation with a gynecologist or the help of a proctologist, we guarantee that your health will be in good hands.

Contact the medical center "A-Medical.Pro" and entrust the care of your health to our team of gynecologists, proctologists and endoscopists. We are here to help you be healthy and happy.

Benefits of contacting the medical center "A-Medical.Pro" in Kharkiv

In search of medical care, everyone strives to find not only quality treatment, but also a careful attitude to their health. Medical Center «A-Medical.Pro» offers unique advantages that make our facility an ideal choice for patients, both local and foreign.

  • Experienced staff and multilingualism

Our doctors have not only in-depth knowledge of medicine, but also several languages, including English. This ensures that every foreign patient will understand and feel comfortable during their visit to our clinic.

  • Personalized approach

At the A-Medical.Pro Medical Center, we understand that each patient is unique and their health requires an individualized approach. Our specialists carefully study and analyze the medical history of each patient to provide optimal and personalized treatment, taking into account their needs and characteristics.

  • Pricing system

We value your trust, so our center has a transparent and understandable pricing system. You will not have any unpleasant surprises or hidden surcharges - you will always know the exact cost of the services provided.

  • Convenience and accessibility

We strive to make access to medical care as convenient as possible for our patients. In addition to a personal visit to our center, you can get advice and treatment online or by phone, which saves you time and effort, especially if you are far from Kharkiv.

  • Work with cases of varying complexity

We are not afraid of working with patients who have been abandoned by other doctors. We understand that there are no hopeless situations in medicine. If one method does not work, something else will definitely help. Our concept is to help all patients, without exception.

Our areas of work:

Treatment of hemorrhoids.

Technologies our doctors work with:

  • Laser treatment.
  • Colposcopy.
  • Radio wave treatment.
  • High Resolution Anoscopy (HRA).
  • FIXcision.
  • Comfort Drain.
  • Prolapse Procedure for hemorrhoids (PPH).
  • DG HAL-RAR (Trilogy).
  • Latex ligation.
  • Rectoscopy.
  • Anoscopy.
  • Endoscopy.

We invite patients to contact "A-Medical.Pro" for high quality medical care in the field of gynecology and proctology. Our experienced staff is ready to give you caring and personalized attention, providing a high level of medical service.

Don't put your health on hold - contact us today to schedule a consultation or procedure. We guarantee that you will receive professional treatment and care that meets the highest quality standards. We are ready to help you return to health and a comfortable life.

Clinic contacts “Medical Center "A-Medical.Pro"”

Kharkiv, 3 Klochkivska Street; 5th floor