Initial appointment with an orthopedist (examination, consultation, treatment plan) 16 €
Ceramic crown Master 283 €
E-max ceramic veneer - framework with subsequent veneering 236 €
Ceramic crown made of zirconium oxide with subsequent veneering with Multi Layered technology 249 €
Tooth restoration level 2, with microscope (precise restoration of the lost anatomical shape of the tooth) 90 €

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Aristov Nikita Evgenievich
Implant surgeon
Boyko Dmytro Volodymyrovych
Therapist, Endodontist
Ptychkina Yulia Olegovna
Surgeon, implant surgeon, maxillofacial surgeon
Vasiliev Yegor Dmytrovych
General practitioner, surgeon, endodontist
Panurina Ekaterina Dmitrievna
Periodontist, therapist, endodontist
Khoruzhenko Sergey Sergeevich
Gnathologist, orthopedist