Teeth whitening with lamp and Beyond system (one jaw) (smile area) 78 €
Metal-ceramic crown 81 €
Dental implants 800 €
Veneers placement 260 €
Decorations for teeth 15 €

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Savchuk Oksana Petrovna
General Dentist, Periodontist
Khomin Olga Vladimirovna
General Dentist, Children's Dentist
Sidorchuk Sergii Georgievich
Candidate of Medical Sciences, Implantologist, Surgeon, Orthopedist
Koleda Galina Yurievna
General Dentist, Periodontist
Nagornyak Julia Borisovna
General Dentist, Endodontist
Shulyuk Andrey Mykhailovych
Surgeon, Orthopedist, Gnathologist, Implantologist