"Granddent" Dental Clinic is a comprehensive approach to dental treatment and care. A top-class clinic, with real professionals, individual approach to each client and the most modern equipment. We take care of our clients and give them stunning smiles!

Laser whitening 185 €
Cold bleaching by the system Beyond Pdlus 225 €
Metal-ceramic crown (not including abutment) 265 €
Ceramic crown ( excluding abutment) 465 €
Bracket system Self-ligating 1445 €
Bracket system Sapphire 1325 €
Bracket system lingual 2370 €
Implantation NeoCMIimplant (Korea) 445 €
Implantation B&B Dental (Italy) 590 €
Implantation Mis (Israel) 640 €
Implantation Straumann (Switzerland) 950 €
Sinuslift 440 €
Pre-orthodontic Trainer 190 €
Retainer fixed+ removable 195 €
Removable orthodontic appliance 145 €
Dentistry 200 €
Dental implants 445 €
Veneers placement 300 €
Teeth whitening 185 €
Decorations for teeth 100 €
Dental crowns 100 €

Our doctors

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Clinic overview “Dental clinic "Granddent"”

Several quality criteria ensure the success of our clinic. 

  • A professional team
  • Latest technology and equipment
  • Painless treatment
  • Comfort and convenience
  • Quality control

Clinic "Granddent" one of the few dentists in Odessa, marked with the International Certificate of quality medical services ISO 9001:2015.
ISO 9001:2015 certificate proves that the clinic has implemented and operates a quality management system, which guarantees consistently high quality of services, regardless of changing external or internal conditions.

The basic principles of quality management in the dental clinic "Granddent" are:

  • Patient orientation,
  • Motivation and involvement of the top management,
  • A process approach and continual improvement.

The main objective of our dental clinic is the formation of trust in the dentist and an individual approach to each patient.

Each of our patients receives dental care according to high European standards and is immersed in a comfortable and safe world for treatment.

We are sympathetic to people who have a fear of treatment, and we do everything possible to make treatment as painless and comfortable as possible.

We offer:

  • Protection from infection in our clinic;
  • Painless professional treatment;
  • Watching movies and clips through DVD glasses during the treatment;
  • Listening to music;
  • Comfortable headrests to prevent neck pain during treatment;
  • Refreshments.

For several years, dental clinic "Granddent" welcomes foreign patients who come to Ukraine for medical tourism.  The latest techniques in the field of therapeutic, aesthetic, surgical and orthopedic dentistry allows the clinic to compete with foreign colleagues and remain attractive to foreign nationals.

Dental clinic "Granddent" offers:

  • Metal-free prosthetics;
  • Dental treatment, filling of root canals, aesthetic restoration;
  • Correction of bite, alignment of teeth, bracket systems;
  • Implantation, sinus lifting;
  • Laser technologies;
  • Vector therapy, Cavo profyflex, airflow cleaning, cavitron ultrasonic cleaning;
  • Dental treatment for pregnant women and children;
  • Laser whitening, dental jewelry;
  • Densitization of teeth, prevention of caries.

Clinic contacts “Dental clinic "Granddent"”

Genuezka street, 24b, Kadorr City Mall, Оffice 511. Odessa, Ukraine

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