Dentistry "Your Dental" has been successfully operating since 2017. We have experience working with all categories of the population and foreign tourists. We strive for the highest European quality standards and create the most comfortable environment for each of our patients.

Consultation 10.00 EUR
Dental implantation 215.00 EUR
Dental treatment 35.00 EUR
Prosthetics 95.00 EUR
Tooth extraction 25.00 EUR
Gum treatment 100.00 EUR
Aesthetic dentistry 185.00 EUR
Bite correction 415.00 EUR
Dental hygiene 35.00 EUR
Dentistry 100.00 EUR
Dental implants 300.00 EUR
Veneers placement 185.00 EUR
Teeth whitening 55.00 EUR
Decorations for teeth 20.00 EUR

Our doctors

Beda Andrey
Beda Andrey
Implantologist, dentist of the highest category
Vishnevskaya Anna
Vishnevskaya Anna
Dentist-parodontist, surgeon-dentist of the highest category, candidate of medical sciences
Beda Maria
Beda Maria
Orthopedic Dentist
Gaidukova Tamara
Gaidukova Tamara
Orthodontic Dentist
Maksimenko Oleg
Maksimenko Oleg
Dentist general practitioner category I
Boychuk Taras
Boychuk Taras
Arnautova Zoya
Arnautova Zoya
General Dentist, Surgeon-Dentist

Our certificates

Clinic overview “Dentistry "Your Dentist"”

Our clinic is staffed only by highly qualified specialists. Our team consists of maxillofacial surgeon, implantologist, dental surgeon, therapist, orthopedist, orthodontist and pediatric dentist. There is also a dental diagnostics department. 

Our clinic features a 24/7 operation mode. Emergency dental service is always ready to help. We pay great attention to the safety of our patients - we have a sterilization room to ensure three-step sterilization of instruments.
Your Dental Clinic performs - dental preserving surgery, implantation, bone restoration surgery, aesthetic soft tissue surgery on mucous membranes.

Our clinic is chosen for several reasons:

  • Our doctors are always friendly and responsive
  • We provide quality anesthesia and guarantee our work
  • We use only cutting-edge technology
  • The patient's safety is most important
  • We work around the clock
  • We treat all age groups
  • We receive patients from abroad

We look forward to seeing you every day!

Clinic contacts “Dentistry "Your Dentist"”

Lyustdorfskaya road 55/2, Residential Complex "Altair", 7 section, code 223. Odessa, Ukraine

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