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When choosing a dental clinic, patients always focus on the professionalism of the dentist. Our main advantage and pride is our highly qualified and talented specialists who are constantly developing, improving their skills, using modern scientific methods in diagnosis and treatment, finding an approach to each patient and doing everything to ensure that the result will exceed your expectations.


Open osteoplasty at tooth extraction site (including cost of osteoplastic material) 295.00 EUR
Sinus elevator closed (including the cost of osteoplastic material) 295.00 EUR
Sinus elevator open (including the cost of osteoplastic material) 915.00 EUR
Installation of MIS system implant (Israel) + standard abutment (without taking into account the cost of the orthopedic structure) 390.00 EUR
Shtrauman system implant placement (Switzerland) + standard abutment (without taking into account the cost of orthopedic structure) 720.00 EUR
Metal-free zirconium dioxide ceramic crown with E.mah ceramic, on screw-retained implant 360.00 EUR
Full removable acrylic denture with implant fixation (on ball attachments, locator-type retainers, equator-type retainers) 555.00 EUR
Dentures 460.00 EUR
Dentures with fixation on attachments, beams 555.00 EUR
Auger denture of increased complexity (two arches, lancet clasp, more than 4 clasps) 525.00 EUR
Fixation of self-adjusting bracket system (metal) 750.00 EUR
A course of orthodontic treatment using the Maxillator functional apparatus 245.00 EUR
Forsus treatment course 280.00 EUR
Course of orthodontic treatment with an orthodontic trainer 165.00 EUR
Сourse of orthodontic treatment with the Twin block apparatus 230.00 EUR
Dentistry 100.00 EUR
Dental implants 800.00 EUR
Veneers placement 260.00 EUR
Teeth whitening 100.00 EUR
Decorations for teeth 20.00 EUR

Our doctors

Dentist-surgeon, implantologist
Orthopedic Dentist
Periodontist Dentist
Dentist-surgeon, implantologist
Dentist-therapist, microscopist

Clinic overview “Dental clinic "TrioDent"”

Our team provides a full range of dental services: comprehensive diagnosis, aesthetic dentistry, implantation, surgical dentistry, all types of prosthetics, orthodontics, periodontal treatment, teeth whitening.

Trio Dent Clinic is created by successful and famous dentists of Odessa who set the bar high of quality of medical services and daily help patients in solving their problems.

We work with the most difficult cases of surgical dentistry, prosthetics and therapy. Always ready to take on a challenge and solve difficult problems using our hands-on experience, state-of-the-art equipment, certified materials and safety protocols.

Clinic Services

Our dental clinic offers all treatments for adults and children:

  • Caries treatment, professional teeth cleaning and whitening
  • Computerized tomography and X-rays
  • Removal of teeth and tumors in the mouth
  • Implantation and restoration of teeth
  • Crown application
  • Fabrication of removable and fixed dentures, denture repair
  • Bite alignment, placement and correction of braces

Unique Vatech PaX-i3D: high diagnostic value for doctors, safety and comfort for patients.

Our Triodent Dental Center uses a state-of-the-art Vatech PaX-i3D cone-beam CT scanner, which allows for maximum precision in diagnosing teeth and jaws, intelligently planning treatment and monitoring its results.


Clinic contacts “Dental clinic "TrioDent"”

Starobazarny Square, 3. Odessa, Ukraine

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