The dental clinic "Klinik im Zentrum" was opened in Odessa in 2015 and from the very beginning has positioned itself as a modern clinic for the whole family.

Metal-ceramic crown 105 €
Ceramic veneer E-Max 175 €
Ceramic bracket system / ARTE / Werdenta / Germany (1 jaw) 335 €
Implantation B&B, AlphaDent 260 €
Dental treatment under general anesthesia (1 hour) 102 €
Self-ligating sapphire bracket system / PURE / Werdenta/ Germany (1 jaw) 785 €
Fabrication of a fixed retainer 80 €
Setting a self-ligating metal bracket system / WARTEX / Werdenta / Germany (1 jaw) 490 €
Installation of metal braces / DISCOVERY / Dentaurum / Germany (1 jaw) 275 €
Installation of a self-ligating ceramic bracket system / CRITEX / Werdenta / Germany (1 jaw) 665 €
B&B Abutment, AlphaDent (Individual: Angled) 60 €
B&B Abutment, AlphaDent (Multi Unit: Angled) 80 €
Bails on support clasps 305 €
Bugel on locks 560 €
All on 4. Fixed Hybrid Acrylic Bridge per jaw 4000 €
Dentistry 100 €
Dental implants 260 €
Veneers placement 175 €
Teeth whitening 50 €
Decorations for teeth 20 €
Dental crowns 100 €
Dental implantation All on 6 10000 €
Dental treatment under general anesthesia 200 €
Dental Implants All on 4 4500 €

Our doctors

Purlo Yana Igorevna
Dentist therapist
Daas Yasser
Orthodontist Dentist

Feedback from our clients

The doctor is a real professional and a wonderful person
The doctor is a real professional and a wonderful person! I want to sincerely express my gratitude for his golden hands, maximum sensitivity and attentiveness to the smallest detail! I am terribly afraid of dentists. Every trip to the doctor, before this visit, was accompanied by fear and panic. I came to him when there was terrible pain and there was nowhere to delay this visit .. I was delighted that a visit to the dentist can bring pleasant memories)) On the next visit, I went with peace and confidence that I was in good hands and everything will be as high quality and professional as possible!
Klinik im Zentrum
Evan White (Dresden)

Clinic overview “Dental clinic "Klinik im Zentrum"”

We offer a full range of dental services: therapy, orthopedics, prosthetics, orthodontics, surgery and implants.

"Klinik im Zentrum" has a special and unique team of highly specialized doctors, guaranteeing you the highest quality of treatment. Each of them is focusing on their own personal development as a specialist and regularly attends trainings and refresher courses. Among our clients are politicians, businessmen, cultural figures and those for whom a beautiful smile is an essential part of their image.

The best advertising of our clinic is the trust of thousands of patients who have got rid of pain and found their smile and confidence. Our best references are hundreds of surgeries, thousands of braces and implants, veneers and ceramic crowns.

Hotel and transfer reservations are available for patients from other cities and for dental tourists.

We take out-of-ordinary patients with acute pain.

Trust us and make the world smile!

Clinic contacts “Dental clinic "Klinik im Zentrum"”

Uspenskaya 17, Odessa, Ukraine

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