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Ophthalmology Center "Excimer" in Odessa, Odessa
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Odessa Clinics

Odessa is one of the most often visited by tourists in Ukraine. The city on the Black Sea can not help but attract attention. Add to this fascinating architecture, unique atmosphere and unique color of Odessa. Indeed - it is a pearl of the Black Sea, as they burn about Odessa in Ukraine.

But in addition to the fact that Odessa is a great place to spend a vacation and get to know Ukraine for the first time, it is also one of the centers of Ukrainian medicine.

Along with Kiev and Kharkov it is here that the leading Ukrainian clinics are concentrated. Ophthalmology, dentistry, gynecology are all branches of medicine developed here at the highest level.

Choosing to undergo treatment in Odessa, you get:

  • Low prices. Prices for treatment in Ukraine is one of the lowest in Europe. For example, dental implants or IVF treatment will cost several times cheaper here than in other European countries.
  • High qualification. Ukrainian doctors constantly undergo advanced training, participate in international workshops and conferences, exchange experiences with foreign colleagues and monitor all the developments in their fields. The same is true for the service in Ukrainian clinics. Greeting staff, high level of comfort, no language barrier.
  • Comfort and convenience. In addition to the fact that to get to Ukraine itself is not difficult - planes, trains, buses, private transport - no visa regime. Accommodation in Odessa itself is the most comfortable for foreign tourists. Public transport, cab, shuttle service. Many historical sites, cafes, restaurants and hotels. Excursions in English, German, French, you will not be bored in this city.
  • Sea. This is one of the most important points when choosing a place for treatment. What can be better than sea air while recovering after a treatment or surgery. Just a couple of weeks and you will forget that the purpose of your visit was not a vacation.

Medical tourism in Ukraine is a relatively new area of activity, but every year the flow of foreign nationals coming to us for treatment is only increasing. These indicators show that thousands of people are satisfied with our medicine and will use our services many times.

Be treated in Ukraine. Have a rest in Ukraine. Turn your treatment into a real rest!