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What you should know about surrogacy

Surrogacy is the only way for women who have no uterus or suffer from serious illnesses to get a genetically native child. With this method of infertility treatment, the embryo obtained as a result of the fertilization of the egg of the genetic mother with the sperm of the genetic father is transferred to the body of the surrogate mother. Within 9 months, a surrogate mother carries a child with whom she does not have a genetic relationship. A newborn is genetically and legally considered the child of a married couple whose embryo was transferred to the uterus of the surrogate mother in the clinic.

Indications for surrogacy

The surrogacy program in Kyiv and our other centers is carried out only with the following medical indications:

  • absence of the uterus;
  • deformation of the cavity or cervix;
  • diseases in which pregnancy and childbirth can threaten a woman's life;
  • numerous failed IVF attempts;
  • structural-morphological or anatomical changes in the uterine endometrium;
  • severe somatic diseases.

Surrogacy in Ukraine requires a thorough examination and observation to increase the chances of having a healthy baby.

Who can help make a baby?

A physically and mentally healthy woman from the age of 18 can become a surrogate mother. A surrogate mother must have a healthy child or several children. If the potential surrogate mother is married, then the written consent of the spouse is necessary for the IVF program, which is issued at the medical center.

Surrogacy: Ethical issues

Pros and cons of surrogacy
The European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) considers surrogacy to be a morally acceptable method of treating infertility. Surrogacy is permitted by Ukrainian law. And, according to reviews, it is more and more often resorted to.

For many couples, surrogacy is the only way to give birth to a genetically native child. To resort to the help of a surrogate mother or not is only your decision. You must weigh the pros and cons of surrogate motherhood in Ukraine and make the most appropriate decision for your family.

The surrogacy program includes:

  • examination of a surrogate mother;
  • carrying out an IVF program;
  • medicines for a surrogate mother;
  • monitoring and maintaining pregnancy.

The price of surrogate motherhood seems insignificant in comparison with the ability to have your own child and feel the joy of motherhood. The issues of cost and principles of payment of remuneration to the surrogate mother, as well as help during pregnancy, the prospective parents discuss with the surrogate mother individually.

To conclude an agreement on the Surrogacy program in Ukraine, the following documents are required:

For customers:

The originals of passports and identification codes of spouses, marriage certificate;

a notarized copy of the written joint agreement between the surrogate mother, wife (husband) or spouses.

For a surrogate mother:


  • original passport and identification code;
  • original certificate of marriage or divorce (except for single women);
  • the original birth certificate of the child(ren);
  • the application of the husband of the surrogate mother to her participation in the surrogacy program, which he signs at the medical center before the surrogacy program.

Parents with a child and a surrogate motherIn the CIS, the method of surrogate motherhood was first applied in Ukraine - in Kharkiv in 1995. Today, however, centers or clinics where surrogacy services can be found at an affordable price are available in many cities of Ukraine, including Kyiv, Lviv, etc.

You can find out how much surrogate motherhood costs and get additional information from the specialists of our center. Contact us, we will be happy to help!

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