Visit an ophthalmologist in Excimer Clinic Odessa
Ophthalmology Center "Excimer" in Odessa, Odessa
The "Excimer" Eye Center is a state-of-the-art clinic with highly qualified doctors, state-of-the-art equipment, and a desire to help everyone. Thousands of grateful patients, hundreds of surgeries performed, and countless lives made better by our doctors!
The receptionist's desk at the Ophthalmology Center Excimer Kiev
Ophthalmology Center "Excimer", Kyiv
The "Excimer" Eye Clinic in Kiev is a recognized leader in the field of high-technology ophthalmic services in Ukraine. Since 1999, the clinic has been introducing international standards of ophthalmology into Ukrainian medicine and advocating caring and attentive approach to the treatment of one of the most precious gifts - vision. The "Excimer" Eye Correction Center aims at achieving best results, in other words, ...
Hall of the Ophthalmology Center Novy Zir in Kiev
Ophthalmology Center "Novy Zir", Kyiv
"Novy Zir" is one of the largest ophthalmologic structures in Ukraine, which has absorbed all the latest achievements of the world medicine. This is 7 modern centers, which are ready to provide services of the highest quality from vision diagnostics to solution of the most complicated problems of eye diseases treatment. The main peculiarity of "Novy Zir"centers is the professionalism of the medical personnel. Here are consu...
The facade of the Ophthalmic Clinic building in Kharkov
International Medical Center "Ophthalmica", Kharkiv
"Ophthalmica" is an international center of advanced ophthalmic technologies. It is the only center for people with vision problems in Ukraine, where the main principles of qualitative and effective medicine are united: Doctors. Our doctors attend annual advanced training courses and trainings abroad, gain new theoretical and practical experience. The newest and multifunctional equipment. This allows us not only to perform opera...
Reception at the Eye Centers "Novy Zir"  in Kharkov
Eye Centers "Novy Zir" in Kharkov, Kharkiv
The "Novy Zir" Eye Center in Kharkov began its work in 2010.   Today our ophthalmology center in Kharkov offers you almost all modern types of diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. Treatment regimen is individualized and the quality of services is regulated by European protocols. Laser correction is performed on the most modern EX500 (Alcon, USA) laser unit.   The staff at Kharkov Ophthalmology Center consists of specia...
Dokart Medical Center Kharkiv Ukraine
Medical Center "Dokart", Kharkiv
"Docart" Medical Center is one of the most popular and qualified clinics in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Since its establishment in 2015, the clinic has established itself as an institution that provides its patients with high-quality medical care at the highest level. We are always responsible in recruiting staff for our center; each of them has to correspond to at least three qualifications: professionalism, love for their work, and empathy....

How do we choose the best treatment?

1. Leave a request on the site (preferably with all tests, images and statements)
2. Have an online meeting with a leading therapist for initial diagnosis
3. Have your arrival, accommodation, food, stay and treatment arranged according to your preferences
4. Get the invoice and have your tickets, appointments with a doctor, a hotel room, etc reserved
5. Have transfers to the hotel and other visits: medical institution, hotel, restaurants, etc. arranged
6. After successful treatment get your bill and transfer to the airport


Ophthalmology in Ukraine is developing rapidly. More and more modern and innovative methods of diagnosing complex diseases of the visual organ are being introduced, and effective therapy is being developed. Ophthalmology clinics apply laser methods of visual acuity correction and practice partial or full eyeball prosthetics.

Ophthalmology in Ukraine

The main reasons for seeking help from a specialist include:

  • inflammatory processes of the visual organ;
  • traumatic injuries;
  • myopia;
  • cataract;
  • glaucoma.


The clinical manifestations of eye disease are varied. It is necessary to seek help in the clinic of modern ophthalmology when you have:Eye exam with an ophthalmologist

  • sensation of a foreign body or small grains of sand on the mucosa of the eye;
  • a narrowing of the fields of vision;
  • increased ocular pressure;
  • soreness in the eyeball;
  • fever, flickers, lightning, or fog in front of the eyes;
  • redness of the conjunctiva;
  • double vision;
  • changes in the shape, diameter, asymmetry of the pupils;
  • edema;
  • decreased visual acuity;
  • purulent discharge from the eye. 


The best diagnostics which an ophthalmology clinic can offer is carried out by experienced specialists with high-tech equipment of domestic and foreign production. Each center of ophthalmology selects individual tactics of examination for a patient with pathology of the visual organ, which depends on complaints and includes: 

  • standard assessment of visual acuity, examination of the fundus and measurement of intraocular pressure.
  • optical coherence tomography - an ultramodern method of examination, which gives an opportunity to evaluate the condition of the retina and optic nerve. 3.
  • aberrometry - used to diagnose short sightedness, farsightedness and the type of lens curvature changes seen with astigmatism.
  • ultrasound biomicroscopy - an innovative method of examination, which uses ultrasound waves to assess the condition of the structures of the eye: lens, cornea, iris, ciliary muscles, optic nerve.
  • retinal vascular dopplerography - examination of blood flow in the central retinal artery and its small branches.
  • computer perimetry - assessment of visual fields, which may be altered by glaucoma, dystrophic retinal diseases, optic nerve atrophy.


The Clinic of Ophthalmology offers a full range of medical services that allow patients to restore vision, improve the outflow of intraocular fluid, prevent further cellular detachment, and eliminate cosmetic defects in the eye cavity. 

  • laser techniques are used to correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and keratoconus. The treatment is absolutely painless, atraumatic, fast and permanently eliminates the need for lenses or glasses. Laser beams are used to destroy the intraocular blocks which interfere with the normal outflow of fluid in glaucoma. Surgical intervention normalizes the intraocular pressure and reduces degenerative processes in the retina.
  • microsurgical treatment is performed for cataract, with the aim of removing the crystalline lens and implanting its prosthesis, which does not make the patient uncomfortable and does not require a long rehabilitation period.
  • cross-linking is a combined therapeutic and laser treatment of the cornea, stimulating the formation of collagen fibers and blocking the progression of keratoconus. Today, this method is one of the best options that ophthalmology clinics can offer for the treatment of this disease.
  • plastic surgery is successfully performed for drooping upper eyelids and strabismus in children.

Cure vision disorders in Ukraine is a reliable way to once and for all regain the ability to see, forget about glasses and painful feelings. Contact us, and we will help you find the best eye clinic for you.

Vision Therapy in Ukraine

Doctors See all doctors

Kachanova Alyona Igorevna
Kachanova Alyona Igorevna, Kharkiv
Physician in the Department of Aesthetic Surgery
International Medical Center "Ophthalmica"

Physician in the Department of Aesthetic Surgery

Seniority: 4 years

Parkhomenko Georgy Yakovlevich
Parkhomenko Georgy Yakovlevich, Kyiv
Chief physician of the Noviy Zir network of medical centers, ophthalmic surgeon
Ophthalmology Center "Novy Zir"

Chief physician of the Noviy Zir network of medical centers, ophthalmic surgeon

  • Candidate of Medical Sciences.
  • Highest-category doctor.
  • Member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO).
  • Member of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS).
  • Member of American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS).
Manoilo Tatiana Vladimirovna
Manoilo Tatiana Vladimirovna, Kyiv
Deputy chief physician of "Noviy Zir" Medical Center, ophthalmic surgeon
Ophthalmology Center "Novy Zir"
  • Candidate of Medical Sciences
  • Doctor of the highest category


  • Refractive surgery (laser vision correction)
  • Keratoconus treatment
  • Combined interventions in high ametropia

Work experience - 21 years

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The clinics in our catalog were chosen based on the principle of the highest possible level of service, modern equipment and the opinion of independent doctors.

We tried to choose hotels that were in convenient locations so that it was easy to get to the airport or the clinic. But the first most important factor was, of course, comfort and the highest level of service.

There are many treatment centers in Ukraine where you can be treated for chronic care. The treatment period is about two or four weeks. Areas of treatment: osteopathy, gastroenterology, systemic diseases (including children), cardiology and many others.

Feedback from our clients

The doctor clearly explained the situation to me
I want to express my sincere gratitude to the doctor for his competence, professionalism and goodwill. The doctor clearly explained the situation to me, the operation (laser) was successful and the recovery is fast. Communication is comfortable, which is very important to me. Thanks to other clinic staff for understanding and caring for patients. Everyone clearly fulfills their duties, friendly and energetic. The impression of the whole clinic is the best (organization, convenience, cleanliness and order).
Ophthalmology Center "Excimer"
Villads Olesen (Randers, Denmark)
Thx to You
I want to thank the staff at uamedtours for their excellent service. I was asked to write a review, so I am writing it. At first I was afraid to go from Antwerpen to a country where there is a war and they say that it is in complete disrepair. I was assured that this does not correspond to the truth. I decided to take the risk, the purpose of the trip - medical care, and no barriers at the border at the airport. I flew to Boryspil, was met by Dmitry and took me to Kiev to the pre-agreed hotel. He took care of all organizational matters. I arrived in the morning and had time in the afternoon for an appointment at the clinic. My companion waited for me there and after the appointment he drove me to my hotel. He left me a telephone with a possibility to call him in Ukraine and if it was necessary. After the treatment at the clinic all that was left was to fly home.
Ophthalmology Center "Excimer"
Elise Peeters (Belgium)
It could have been better
I flew to Kiev for vision treatment at the Novy Zir Clinic. We discussed everything in advance with the girl Olga. I was met at the airport and escorted to the hotel, I don't even remember the name, but not a bad budget option. The hospital was literally just a few steps away. Therefore there was no problem. The problem was the language. The doctor spoke mediocre English, and if it were not for the receptionist I am not sure that we understood each other. I had to call Olga and solve this issue, because I was promised that the doctor speaks perfect English. At my next appointment I was met by Mr. Parkhomenko who continued my treatment. Three days later I was operated on for my glaucoma. Although I hoped to do without it, but the doctor convinced me. I recovered at home, but I really feel better. Had it not been for the incident with my first doctor, I would have said everything was fine, but now I have to check and recheck the work of the staff. Keep that in mind!
Novy Zir
Jacob (Toronto, Canada)
Lekarz jasno wyjaśnił mi sytuację
Chcę wyrazić moją szczerą wdzięczność lekarzowi za jego kompetencje, profesjonalizm i życzliwość. Lekarz jasno wyjaśnił mi sytuację, operacja (laser) zakończyła się sukcesem, a powrót do zdrowia jest szybki. Komunikacja jest komfortowa, co jest dla mnie bardzo ważne. Dziękuję pozostałym pracownikom kliniki za zrozumienie i troskę o pacjentów. Każdy wyraźnie wypełnia swoje obowiązki, jest przyjazny i energiczny. Wrażenie z całej kliniki jest jak najlepsze (organizacja, wygoda, czystość i porządek).
Ophthalmology Center "Excimer"
Villads Olesen (Randers, Dania)


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