Reception in the Gryshchenko Clinic Lviv Ukraine
Fertility clinic V.I. Gryshchenko Lviv, Lviv
In April 2022, the Academician V. Gryshchenko Clinic opened a branch in the city of Lviv, Ukraine. The opening of such a comprehensive reproductive medical center opens up many opportunities for Lviv residents and guests of the city. Gryshchenko Clinic is considered one of the strongest and most advanced medical institutions in Ukraine, which deals with the problems of conception and infertility. The history of the clinic began in the 80s o...

How do we choose the best treatment?

1. Leave a request on the site (preferably with all tests, images and statements)
2. Have an online meeting with a leading therapist for initial diagnosis
3. Have your arrival, accommodation, food, stay and treatment arranged according to your preferences
4. Get the invoice and have your tickets, appointments with a doctor, a hotel room, etc reserved
5. Have transfers to the hotel and other visits: medical institution, hotel, restaurants, etc. arranged
6. After successful treatment get your bill and transfer to the airport

Reproductologist Appointment in Lviv

A reproductologist is a doctor who plays a key role in a person's reproductive health. This specialist deals with issues related to infertility, sexual dysfunction, and associated disorders. From hormonal imbalances to genetic problems, its scope is vast.

How Can a Reproductologist Help?

A Reproductologist can guide you through the complex journey of conception, offering solutions tailored to your unique situation. Their services extend beyond treating infertility, encompassing overall reproductive health.

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Alipova Elena Konstantinovna
Alipova Elena Konstantinovna, Lviv
Obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductologist, ultrasound doctor
Fertility clinic V.I. Gryshchenko Lviv

Specialization: treatment of all types of female infertility, ultrasound of pelvic organs.

Lutskaya Lyudmila Ivanovna
Lutskaya Lyudmila Ivanovna, Lviv
Obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductologist, ultrasound doctor
Fertility clinic V.I. Gryshchenko Lviv

Specialization: treatment of all types of female infertility, ultrasound diagnostics of the female genitalia, all methods of assisted reproductive technologies.

Lutsky Andrei Sergeevich
Lutsky Andrei Sergeevich, Lviv
Obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductologist.
Fertility clinic V.I. Gryshchenko Lviv

Specialization: treatment of all types of female infertility, ultrasonic diagnostics of female genitalia.

Why Lviv for Reproductology Services?

  • Quality Medical Care

Lviv is well-known for its exceptional healthcare services, particularly in reproductology. The city's clinics offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic and treatment options for various reproductive issues.

  • Cutting-edge Technology

Lviv's medical centers are equipped with the latest technology, offering innovative procedures to improve reproductive health. Lviv is at the top of the best places for infertility treatment, IVF procedures, and other problems with the reproductive system in Ukraine. Here you will find everything from advanced diagnostic tools to new methods of fertility treatment.

  • Skilled and Compassionate Staff

Reproductologists in Lviv not only know their job well, but also know how to create a comfortable atmosphere for patients. They strive to provide a personalized approach, ensuring that each patient feels listened to, understood, and not neglected and supported throughout their journey.

Appointment with a reproductologist in Lviv

Preparing for Your Appointment

  • What to Expect

Your first reproductologist appointment can be intimidating. However, being prepared can ease your anxieties. You might undergo physical examinations, diagnostic tests, and thorough discussions about your medical history.

  • Questions to Ask

It's important to come prepared with questions. These may include questions about possible treatments, success rates, and any risks or side effects related to your medical condition.

During the Appointment

  • Understanding the Process

Your reproductologist will assess your overall health and delve deeper into your specific reproductive issues. This might include lab tests, imaging studies, or even minor surgical procedures.

  • Next Steps

Based on your test results and discussions, your reproductologist will suggest a treatment plan. This could range from medication to lifestyle changes or even assisted reproductive technologies like IVF or IUI.

Post-Appointment and Follow-Up

  • Understanding Your Treatment Plan

Post-appointment, it's crucial to understand your treatment plan. Your reproductologist will explain the procedure, potential outcomes, and any precautions you need to take. Remember, it's okay to ask for clarification or further information.

Lviv reproductive clinics are known for their patient-centered approach, advanced technology and qualified staff. An appointment with such a specialist can be your first step to solving reproductive problems and realizing your dream of motherhood.

Make an appointment with a reproductologist in Lviv

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  • Consultation on the rules of entry into Ukraine.
  • Selection of a qualified reproductive clinic and doctor.
  • Assistance in renting accommodation close to the clinic and in good condition.
  • Support of an interpreter.

These are just a few items that can help you to have treatment in Lviv as comfortably as possible and with the highest guarantees of success.

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FAQ more

A reproductologist specializes in diagnosing and treating reproductive disorders, including infertility and sexual dysfunction.

Lviv offers top-tier medical care, employing cutting-edge technology and highly skilled staff in the field of reproductology.

You can expect a thorough review of your medical history, physical examinations, diagnostic tests, and an in-depth discussion about potential treatment options.

A reproductologist can offer various treatments ranging from medication, lifestyle changes, to assisted reproductive technologies like IVF or IUI.

After your appointment, your reproductologist will propose a treatment plan based on your unique needs. They will also schedule follow-up visits to monitor your progress.