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Fertility clinic V.I. Gryshchenko Lviv, Lviv
In April 2022, the Academician V. Gryshchenko Clinic opened a branch in the city of Lviv, Ukraine. The opening of such a comprehensive reproductive medical center opens up many opportunities for Lviv residents and guests of the city. Gryshchenko Clinic is considered one of the strongest and most advanced medical institutions in Ukraine, which deals with the problems of conception and infertility. The history of the clinic began in the 80s o...

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1. Leave a request on the site (preferably with all tests, images and statements)
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3. Have your arrival, accommodation, food, stay and treatment arranged according to your preferences
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Egg (Oocyte) Donation in Lviv

What is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is a process where a woman (the donor) gives her eggs to another person or couple (the recipient(s)) to allow them to conceive a child. This is typically done through in-vitro fertilization (IVF), a medical procedure where the egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body.

Why Consider Egg Donation?

Egg donation is a viable option for individuals or couples who struggle with infertility, particularly those related to the quality or quantity of the woman's eggs. It also serves as a lifeline for women who have undergone medical treatments that reduce their fertility and other conditions that affect their ability to get pregnant naturally.

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Alipova Elena Konstantinovna
Alipova Elena Konstantinovna, Lviv
Obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductologist, ultrasound doctor
Fertility clinic V.I. Gryshchenko Lviv

Specialization: treatment of all types of female infertility, ultrasound of pelvic organs.

Lutskaya Lyudmila Ivanovna
Lutskaya Lyudmila Ivanovna, Lviv
Obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductologist, ultrasound doctor
Fertility clinic V.I. Gryshchenko Lviv

Specialization: treatment of all types of female infertility, ultrasound diagnostics of the female genitalia, all methods of assisted reproductive technologies.

Lutsky Andrei Sergeevich
Lutsky Andrei Sergeevich, Lviv
Obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductologist.
Fertility clinic V.I. Gryshchenko Lviv

Specialization: treatment of all types of female infertility, ultrasonic diagnostics of female genitalia.

The Process of Egg Donation in Lviv

  • Initial Consultation

The journey begins with an initial consultation at a reputable clinic, where potential donors and recipients discuss their needs, concerns, and expectations with a fertility specialist.

  • Medical Evaluation

Donors undergo rigorous medical evaluations to ensure they are physically and psychologically fit for the process. These tests include, but are not limited to, hormonal checks, genetic screening, and psychological assessments.

  • Ovarian Stimulation

Once approved, the donor undergoes a process of ovarian stimulation. This involves taking fertility drugs to boost the production of eggs, which are monitored through regular scans.

  • Egg Retrieval

The matured eggs are then retrieved via a minor surgical procedure. The eggs are then fertilized in the lab with the recipient's or donor's sperm to create embryos.

Egg (Oocyte) Donation in Lviv

Legal Aspects of Egg Donation in Lviv

Ukraine, including Lviv, has a well-regulated framework for egg donation. Anonymous donation is the norm, and all donors and recipients sign consent forms acknowledging understanding and agreement of the process.

The Role of Egg Donation Clinics

  • Quality and Success Rates

Lviv's clinics boast high-quality medical facilities and experienced professionals, translating into high success rates for egg donation procedures.

  • Patient Support and Counseling

Clinics provide comprehensive support, including counseling to help donors and recipients navigate the emotional aspects of the process.

The Impact of Egg Donation

  • On Donors

Egg donation can be a rewarding experience for donors, knowing they've played a crucial role in helping someone start a family. However, it's important to acknowledge the physical and emotional challenges they may encounter, such as the side effects of hormonal stimulation and the emotional attachment to the donated eggs.

  • On Recipients

For recipients, receiving donated eggs can make the dream of parenthood a reality. The joy of conceiving and bearing a child can be immense, but it's also essential to consider potential psychological implications, such as feelings of guilt, anxiety, or concerns about the child's future curiosity about their genetic heritage.

What affects the success of an egg donation pregnancy in Lviv

What affects the success of an egg donation pregnancy?

Undoubtedly, a successful pregnancy is the main goal for couples who come to Lviv for donor oocytes and they always want to get guarantees of the result.

We have more than five years of experience in helping people from abroad to obtain donor eggs in Lviv and have made several conclusions about the success of the procedure.

Unfortunately, no clinic in the world can guarantee you a 100% result, but certain factors can affect its performance. For example:

  • State of health of the donor.
  • State of health of the couple.
  • The professionalism of the doctor.
  • Compliance with all IVF protocols.
  • Adherence to the doctor's recommendations.
  • Emotional readiness of the woman to become pregnant.

As you can see, some of these factors depend on you, and some on the qualification of the doctor and the clinic you cooperate with. To avoid possible problems with low quality of service we recommend you pay special attention to the choice of the clinic, and read the reviews and the prices of the services. You can also get help in choosing a proven oocyte donation clinic by contacting the managers of «UAmedTOURS».

Egg donation in Lviv offers a beacon of hope for those who face fertility challenges. From the comprehensive and empathetic patient support to the regulated legal environment and high-quality medical facilities, Lviv stands out as a reputable destination for egg donation. However, it's vital for all parties involved to understand the intricacies of the process, from medical procedures to the potential emotional and ethical implications.

FAQ more

Generally, healthy women between the ages of 18 and 35 can become egg donors. However, they must undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure they are suitable.

Success rates vary depending on various factors, including the age and health of the donor. However, Lviv's clinics have reported high success rates due to their advanced technologies and experienced professionals.

Yes, in Ukraine, egg donation is typically anonymous. Both donors and recipients sign an agreement that preserves the anonymity of the donor.

Ukrainian law permits and regulates egg donation. It mandates informed consent, anonymity, and sets age limits for donors.

Lviv boasts several renowned clinics with high-quality equipment, experienced specialists, and comprehensive support systems. For example, Fertility clinic V.I. Gryshchenko.