"Parodent" Dentistry
"Parodent" Dentistry, Lviv
Parodent Dental Clinic Network is one of the most reputable and qualified dental clinics not only in Lviv, but throughout Ukraine. 22 years of experience allows us to speak about the clinic "Parodent" as a center of dental excellence in the country. Over the years, the clinic has created the necessary devices for the aesthetics of teeth. It is about a number of requirements that the clinic makes to the work in general and to the doct...
  • Dental treatment under the microscope
    130 €
  • Dental treatment under general anesthesia (1 hour)
    108 €
  • "Connect Star" Abutment (straight, angled, customized)
    166 €
  • "Connect Star" Zirconia Abutment
    176 €
  • Placement of 1 "Osstem" implant (Korea) (first stage)
    250 €
Reception in My Dentistry in Lviv
"My Dentistry" clinic, Lviv
In the heart of Lviv, where historical traditions and modern quality are combined, My Dentistry Clinic offers first-class service in accordance with international quality standards. Forget old stereotypes about dental procedures: our clinic is equipped according to the latest innovations in dentistry, which makes treatment as comfortable and safe as possible. Advantages for our patients: Convenient location. Our clinic is located in a co...
  • Dental treatment under the microscope
    230 €
  • Consultation
    10 €
  • Dental implantation All on 6
    2300 €
  • Dental treatment under general anesthesia (1 hour)
    138 €
  • Prosthetics with Cercon crown (taking impressions, making a crown, cementation. Anesthesia is paid separately)
    155 €
Gum treatment training in Ukraine
"Perio Center" – center of periodontology, Lviv
"Perio Center" is the only periodontal center in Ukraine! The main focus is on the treatment of periodontal tissue diseases. The dental clinic successfully diagnoses and treats: periodontitis, periodontal disease, gum recession, peri-implantitis. The clinic has its own microsurgical department. If necessary, treatment can be carried out during sleep (sedation). "PerioCenter - Periodontology Center" is the only dental cli...
  • Dental treatment under the microscope
    200 €
  • Consultation/online consultation with a periodontist
    18 €
  • Primary periodontal diagnostics (includes consultation, filling out a periodontal chart, analysis of X-ray diagnostics, drawing up a treatment plan and a treatment prognosis for each tooth)
    48 €
  • Dental treatment under general anesthesia (1 hour)
    88 €
  • Treatment of gingivitis (including consultation, determination of hygiene indices, filling out a periodontal chart, periodontal cleaning, air-abrasive polishing and deep fluoridation of teeth)
    363 €

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1. Leave a request on the site (preferably with all tests, images and statements)
2. Have an online meeting with a leading therapist for initial diagnosis
3. Have your arrival, accommodation, food, stay and treatment arranged according to your preferences
4. Get the invoice and have your tickets, appointments with a doctor, a hotel room, etc reserved
5. Have transfers to the hotel and other visits: medical institution, hotel, restaurants, etc. arranged
6. After successful treatment get your bill and transfer to the airport

Dental treatment under a microscope in Lviv

Tooth treatment under a microscope – is a modern and effective method of dental practice, which is used in clinics in Lviv. This approach allows dentists to perform more accurate diagnosis and endodontic treatment using a microscope to magnify the image of the tooth.

The main objective of microscope treatment is to ensure high precision in various procedures. Microscopic magnification allows specialists to see more detail in the anatomical features of the tooth, such as root canals, and to identify and treat subtle problems that might not be visible on a normal examination.

Microscopic treatment in Lviv is used in various cases, such as complex endodontic procedures, revision of previous treatment, or work with teeth that have non-standard anatomy. This approach improves the quality of treatment, reduces the risk of complications, and provides patients with a high level of dental care.

An appointment with a dentist for dental treatment under the microscope in Lviv, you can on the website «UAmedTOURS». Fill out the form or contact us by phone at +38 (068) 770-61-77 (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp). 

Doctors See all doctors

Nagornyak Julia Borisovna
Nagornyak Julia Borisovna, Lviv
General Dentist, Endodontist
"Parodent" Dentistry

Yulia Borysovna Nagornyak is the head of the therapeutic department of the Parodent Clinic in Lviv.


  • Dental treatment under the microscope
    140 €
  • Teeth whitening with lamp and Beyond system (one jaw) (smile area)
    78 €
  • Decorations for teeth
    15 €
  • Veneers placement
    260 €
  • Metal-ceramic crown
    81 €
Kurylyak Roman
Kurylyak Roman, Lviv
Surgeon / Implantologist
"My Dentistry" clinic

Specialization: Surgeon/implantologist

2020 - D. Galitsky LNMU

  • Dental treatment under the microscope
    150 €
  • Dental implantation All on 6
    2300 €
  • Osstem implantation with a metal-ceramic crown
    510 €
  • Osstem implantation with a metal-plastic crown
    450 €
  • Dental treatment under general anesthesia (1 hour)
    138 €
Boyko Nikolay Andreevich
Boyko Nikolay Andreevich, Lviv
  • Specialization: periodontal surgeon
  • Treatment of diseases: peri-implantitis, gingival recession, adentia
  • Treats: adults and children from 6 years old
  • Dental treatment under the microscope
    170 €
  • Basic periodontitis treatment (including consultation, determination of hygiene indices, filling out a periodontal chart, periodontal cleaning, subgingival cleaning (scaling), air-abrasive polishing and deep fluoridation of teeth)
    451 €
  • Treatment of gingivitis (including consultation, determination of hygiene indices, filling out a periodontal chart, periodontal cleaning, air-abrasive polishing and deep fluoridation of teeth)
    363 €
  • Treatment of periodontitis with the VECTOR system
    65 €
  • Dental treatment under general anesthesia (1 hour)
    88 €
Sidorchuk Sergii Georgievich
Sidorchuk Sergii Georgievich, Lviv
Candidate of Medical Sciences, Implantologist, Surgeon, Orthopedist
"Parodent" Dentistry

After completing his studies in Lviv in 1999, followed by internship and practicum, Sidorchuk S.G. started working at the Parodent Clinic. For many years he has been helping his patients to regain self-confidence, because he is an implantologist. He has no equal in this field.

  • Dental treatment under the microscope
    130 €
  • Consultation
    14 €
  • All-ceramic crown based on zirconium oxide
    173 €
  • Dental treatment under general anesthesia (1 hour)
    108 €
  • Installation of 1 "Straumann" SLactive (Switzerland) hydrophilic implant; NOBEL Replace (USA) (first stage)
    527 €
Sprinskij Ruslan Igorevich
Sprinskij Ruslan Igorevich, Lviv
"My Dentistry" clinic

Specialization: root canal treatment
An endodontist specializes in the treatment of root canals, which allows you to save a tooth even in difficult cases.

In their work, endodontists use a microscope and special dental instruments that make it possible to find and treat the most difficult root canals (narrow, branched, curved, etc.).

Due to their special knowledge and experience, the skills of an endodontist are far superior to those of a general dentist.

This method of treatment raises many questions, so let's look at the answers of a practicing dentist, endodontist with more than a decade of experience, and head of the therapeutic department – Nagornyak Yuliya Borisovna

Why is it better to treat teeth under a microscope?

When it comes to dental treatment, I always recommend looking at microscope treatment technology. Here's why:

  • More visibility. A microscope gives the dentist the ability to see everything down to the smallest detail. This is especially important in root canal treatment, where every detail counts.
  • More accurate diagnosis. With a microscope, you can identify problems that might have been missed without it. Small cracks, defects - everything becomes visible.
  • Cleanliness and safety. The microscope helps maintain high standards of cleanliness and prevents infection risks.
  • Effective root canal treatment. It can be used to clean and fill root canals more accurately, reducing the risk of re-infection.
  • Preservation of healthy tissue. Thanks to the microscope, more healthy tooth tissue can be preserved, which is especially important.

So if given the choice, microscope treatment – is not just a novelty, but a guarantee of a better and more comfortable experience at the dentist.

How much does microscopic dental treatment cost?"

The cost of microscopic dental treatment depends on several factors. First and foremost is the number of teeth that need to be treated and the complexity of the procedure. Also, the cost may vary from clinic to clinic, even in Lviv the treatment of teeth under the microscope may differ significantly. The experience and qualification of the dentist can also affect the price of services. The materials used play a role – quality and modern materials can increase the overall cost. 

Recommend familiarizing yourself with the average prices for microscope treatment in Lviv on the platform «UAmedTOURS». Here are collected the best clinics in Lviv, which provide this service, as well as its cost. To learn more detailed information, you can call +38 (068) 770-61-77 (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp). 

Besides this, in Lviv dentists, you can undergo other types of treatment, for example:

When should a tooth be treated under a microscope?

There are a few specific instances where microscopic treatment is recommended and this method can make a significant difference in the outcome. For example:

  • Complex caries. If decay affects areas of the tooth that are difficult to access, such as between the tooth sides or in the peri-root space, the microscope provides an enhanced view, allowing for more thorough removal of the affected tissue.
  • Endodontic treatment. When treating root canals, especially if they are complex or have anomalies, the microscope provides a high degree of precision in cleaning and filling the canals.
  • Surgical intervention. In surgical procedures such as apical resection (root tip removal), the microscope provides a clearer visualization, which is important for preserving the surrounding tissue.
  • Restorative surgery. When tooth structure needs to be restored using implants or other techniques, the microscope provides greater precision when performing these procedures.
  • Preparation for dentures. When preparing teeth for prosthetics, especially when working with bridges or crowns, the microscope allows a more detailed treatment of the dental tissues.

The microscope is not a mandatory element of dental treatment, but it can significantly increase its efficiency, safety, and visual results.

Can canals be treated without a microscope?

Yes, root canals can be treated without the use of a microscope. Doctors successfully perform endodontic treatment using traditional techniques and instruments. Here are some pros and cons of root canal treatment without a microscope:



Accessibility. Traditional root canal treatments are more widely available and require less specialized equipment.

Less visibility. The lack of magnified visibility afforded by a microscope can make it difficult to visualize fine details, especially in complex channels.

Physician Experience. Doctors working without a microscope usually have extensive experience in endodontic treatment and can achieve successful results.

Less precise tissue removal. Without a microscope, the physician may experience limited precision when removing diseased tissue.

Effectiveness. In many cases, especially with standard procedures, treatment without a microscope can be effective.

Limited control during canal filling. Filling root canals with root canal material may require a higher degree of precision than the microscope provides.


Complex cases. In cases with root canal anomalies or complex structures, the lack of a microscope can make the clinician's job more difficult.

The choice between treatment with or without a microscope depends on the experience and preference of the physician, as well as the complexity of your particular root canal treatment case. But ultimately, the final choice is up to you.

To get dental treatment under the microscope in Lviv, you can in one of the clinics on the site «UAmedTOURS». All clinics and dentists have been carefully selected and are the best in their fields. By choosing them, you can be sure of high professionalism and quality of dental services.