In vitro fertilization, natural cycle 1210 €
Endometrial aspiration (cytological examination) 690 €
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis, comparative genomic hybridization, 24 chromosomes, number of embryos no more than 8 1490 €
DNA diagnosis of microstructural chromosomal anomalies by comparative genomic hybridization 1190 €
Pregnancy Care: "Maximum Care" package, for post-ART patients (6 to 40 weeks), multiple pregnancies 1620 €

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Baranenko Alla Leonidovna
Borisov Maxim Viktorovich
Golovatenko Andrey Valerievich
Physician of ultrasonic diagnostics
Masliyy Yulia Vladimirovna
Mikitenko Dmitry Alexandrovich
Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Diagnostics
Molchanova Elena Aleksandrovna
Plakhotnaya Oksana Valeryevna
Ryabenko Elena  Pavlovna
The Chief of the Women's Clinic
Solovyov Alexey Ivanovich
Head of Fetal Medicine Department
Sholomitskaya Victoria Alexandrovna
Physician in ultrasound diagnostics
Miroshnichenko Natalya Alexandrovna
Prenatal Psychologist, Family Counselor.
Borovik Olga Viktorovna
Laboratory technician of the embryological laboratory
Panus Lyudmila Vladimirovna
Physician-laborator of the embryological laboratory
Petrenko Yaroslava Vladislavovna
Laboratory technician in the embryological laboratory
Semenyuk Lyudmila Stanislavovna
Head of the Embryological Laboratory
Shcherbakova Victoria Grigorievna
Laboratory technician of the embryological laboratory.