Treatment of degenerative joint diseases (osteoarthritis) 1000 €
Treatment of female and male infertility 1000 €
Treatment of lower limb ischemia 1000 €
Autoimmune diseases 1000 €
Treatment of metabolic syndrome 1000 €

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The Institute of Cell Therapy is one of the best stem cell treatment centers in Ukraine. For more than a year specialists of this medical center have been engag...

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Galina Lobintseva
Director of the Cryobank of the Institute of Cell Therapy
Gladkikh Yury
First chief physician and scientific advisor of the Clinical Therapy Institute
Gazda Maria Vitalievna
Medical therapist
Shabliy Vladimir Anatolievich
Deputy Director of the Cryobank
Spivak Zhanna Vladimirovna
Head of the Therapy Department, Clinical Therapy Clinic
Bukreeva Tatiana Vasilyevna
Head of the Cell Culture Laboratory of the Institute of Cell Therapy